Is this called love? Episode 8

Lighter moments of love….

Abhigya couldn’t speak that much during dinner as Dadi was with them but Abhi had his own plans for the next day.

The next day….
Pragya woke up and saw the time. It was 7 am in the morning and remebered that she need to report to Abhi. She decided to report to him after freshening up.

She went outside his room. How to call him now? What if he is still sleeping? Let me give a call to him and can know whether he is awake! She called but there was no answer. So is he still sleeping? But I need to go out and what do I do now?

Inside Abhi’s room…
Abhi is awake and was sitting on the couch. Abhi, I know you are outside Pragya! But you have to wait for me to come out! I want you to wait for me!

Pragya was getting more impatient and she did try to knock the door and still there was no response. Pragya, ok fine I think I just text him that I waited for him for so long. She texted him and he saw the message. Abhi, What? She is leaving without seeing me? Now I have to go out!

He came out of the room and saw Pragya about to take the stairs down. Abhi ” Pragya wait! I am here and I need to tell u something!” Pragya ” Finally you are awake! Do you know how long I waited for u outside your room? This is too much!” Abhi ” You just waited for an hour and for that you no need to be so angry!” Pragya ” So you know that I am waiting outside for one hour! How can you make me wait like this!” Abhi looked at different directions and was thinking how to respond to her now!

Pragya ” Stop thinking of how to escape with a lame excuse! And I know you very well!” Abhi ” Oh really? U know me very well? Then tell me what else you know about me?” Pragya with a smile ” I am going to stay here right? Slowly slowly i will tell what are the things that I know about you….” Abhi ” Haan ok and where are u going? U forgot about the second condition? Meals with me?” Pragya ” I didn’t forget that but today I am fasting. So today I don’t need to fulfill that condition!” Abhi ” Oh ya today is Thursday right? You always fast for Sai baba…”

Pragya ” You still remember that I fast for Sai baba ?” Abhi, why am I blabbering so much? I am caught again! Abhi ” Not really…My Dadi also used to do that and that’s y I know…” Pragya ” Oh I see! Ok bye!”

Abhi saw her walking down the stairs…Abhi, why I am not able to forget anything that relates to her? And she also said she knows me very well…why is that so?

Pragya, Abhi I know you can’t forget anything related to me…as you never even forget me….I know you very well as knowing you and being with u is my only prayer for now…

Pragya ” Is this a place to eat?” Abhi ” I myself don’t know how I ended up here!”

I know this is very short but I am super tired today so my brain is not working…I am uploading this for all those who wait to read and thank u for all your support again…I have replied u all and I am glad that some of my silent readers are also commenting….Thank u again…and I have thought a special episode for silent readers….hope it works out and make u all happy….It will be my humble dedication to the silent readers…very soon it will makes it way…..

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  1. Going ff very well….2day ff is gud…

  2. Honey

    Nice dear

  3. Krish

    suprrrrrrrbbbbb diii waitng fr te nxt epiiiiiii………….

  4. Krishnani

    Superb. I liked Abhi making her v wait

  5. Nice episode ??waiting for ur nxt epi ? ? ?

  6. Nice episode…

  7. Maahi

    haha ba ba black sheep caught by itself lol himself blabbered I laughed a lotttttttttttttttttt but y is he dng sooooo nw I am soooooooooo much wala desperate nd tht last two lines yaar I am repeating again nd again I really dont knw yyyy but u just killed it u rockkk dr keep rocking nd sia superb chapter name its sooo magical fr me I vil b waiting

  8. Prathi

    Abhi I can’t stop smiling.. I am smiling like an idiot.. Oh my God Abhi grow up.. Nice Epi Maya though it’s short

  9. It was awesome I loved it to the core

  10. Awesome episode suga…loved it to the core??❤️…….

  11. Hey suga superb epic… and thanks to in this tiered also u wrote ff or us thank u so much suga. … and coming to the epic itsl was awesome…… we can far from our lives one’s but can’t forgot abt there likes and dislikes…… Super suga … U such a great writter ….

  12. Hey suga superb epic… and thanks to u in this tiered also u wrote ff for us thank u so much suga. … and coming to the epic its was awesome…… we can far from our loved one’s but can’t forgot abt there likes and dislikes…… Super suga … U such a great writter ….

  13. Arshifan

    Superb maya…love this ff so much but not getting time to read and comment regularly..still i love ur work…keep going..

  14. Sharaya

    It’s so awesome

  15. Riyashri

    Awesome To The Core !!

  16. Awesome epi girl n abi makng pragya wait 4 an hour haha n suga u r very busy now a days na girl

  17. Superb akka loved it and love u loads?????

  18. Reshma Pradeep


  19. SURBHI

    afgan jalebi mashook farebi kehti hai teri deewani bhai waaah bhai waah dekh darazi banda nawabi khel ke baji kham kahn aj thehra na kisi kaam ka meer ka koi sher suna ke ghoot laga ke jaam ka mera ah khan mehej naam ka
    haye … again killed me with fantastic juhi style writing and that scene which Abhi knows that Pragya is out superb………… ok now i am thinking to sing one more song uhm
    teekhi teekhi teri writing hosh hosh le jati hai dekh dekh na yun mujhko ishq wishq sa lagta hai deewana dil kahi ho jaye na hum se khata kahi ho jaye na just dont stop just dont stop maya 🙂

  20. It’s good

  21. Awesome episode yaar sooooooooo cute abhi…

  22. Trisha

    Awesome epi… ???

  23. This is a late comment! So no sorry for that! And this part was so cutest! Just loved it to core! ?????? this is actually driving me crazy!

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