Is this called love? Episode 7

The never ending brightness of our love…….

Pragya went to his house with her luggage and waited at the living room for his arrival. Abhi came down the stairs and saw her. Abhi “So you are here now! That’s very early!” Pragya “I am always punctual and I think you know that very well!” Abhi “Now it doesn’t matter! Come with me, I will show you where you will be staying!” Pragya “Ok!” Pragya followed him and Abhi “Pragya! This is the room that you will be staying and take care of this room and hope you will not give pain to it!” Pragya “Even if I am going to give pain to it, you are here to stop it right?” Abhi was stumbled and was not sure of what to reply. Abhi, why is she talking like this now? Abhi “ Haan! And look around the room and I will be back in a while to tell about my terms and conditions!” Pragya “Terms and conditions?” Abhi “Yes! And wait for it I will be back in a while!”

Pragya, He is always coming up with different ideas and what can I do for this now? I just have to face it! She was unpacking her stuff and was placing them in the wardrobe there. After a while, Abhi came there. Abhi “Pragya! I need your attention” Pragya stopped what she was doing and turned around to face him. Abhi “ Come nearer and I need to pass you something!” Pragya went closer to him and he passed her a paper. Pragya read the contents in the paper and was shocked. Pragya “What is this?” Abhi “Why you can’t see clearly is it? Have you given pain to your chasma too? I really pity on your chasma!” Pragya got irked “ What is this? I mean what is this condition that I need to report to you every morning and night? Then what is this again? I must have all my meals with you? The last one is worst! For weekends I am not supposed to go out of the house? Then how will I see my family?” Abhi “ Cool! Every morning and night U have to report to me as the beginning and ending of a day are the times where people’s mind are easier to be read. It’s scientifically proven! That’s when people won’t lie that much! And about having all your meals with me is to spend more time with u to know about you! Don’t worry all the meals will be your favourite home-cooked meals! Lastly for the part where weekends that you are not allowed to go out of the house as that’s when I am very free so I can observe you more! I have made arrangements for your family to visit here in weekends. I have already talked about that to Aunty….I mean to your Ma….” Pragya widened her eye and had nothing to say.

Abhi ” It will take some time to digest whatever I have said and by today u will be able to accept my conditions!” With that he left the room and Pragya holding onto the paper looked at him going off.

Pragya, what is he trying to do? This is not the way to prove myself! This is more like I am spending my time with him! I am confused and at the same time having a feeling of joy that he is spending time with me.. whatever he said seems to be logical… But what if I get used to his presence and after this I will still end up in pain…Pain again!! No way…I won’t let it happen….whatever it is I will prove myself and will also make him mine again!

It was evening time….
Pragya was writing something on a piece of paper in the room…Her room door was left open and Abhi who passed by saw her writing something with tears in her eyes… He was curious to know what she was writing…He knew what to do to find that out. Abhi called her up. Pragya picked up the call ” Hello!” Abhi ” Pragya! Go to the kitchen and Dadi wants to ask u something. Faster go now and don’t make her wait!”
Pragya” Ok sure!” Abhi ended the call not even saying bye and Pragya stopped what she was writing and rushed to the kitchen to see Dadi. Abhi in that moment went to her room. Abhi, she never kept the paper away. Its still on the table! Ok I have to read it as fast as possible…

Pain of love
Is it that light to leave u?
How can I leave you lightly when only your presence makes my feelings light….
You are the light of my life and love….If you are not with me then where will I get my light?
Where will I get the never ending brightness?
Will you be my never ending brightness of love?

After reading Abhi was in tears…and he felt is this feelings and pain of love are all for me?
He took the pen and wrote something on the same paper….

By then Pragya was back to her room and was shocked to see Abhi there. Pragya ” What are you doing here?” Abhi was stumbled by her sudden arrival and said ” Just checking on how you are maintaining the room! Ok bye! I have to leave now!” Pragya ” Wait! I need to ask u something!” Abhi ” I have no time for that! We shall talk about it later!”
Pragya, so rude! And she decided to continue her writing….She saw his handwriting on the paper…..

It was…

Our love was filled with never ending brightness and will it happen again?

Pragya, So he read and replied to what I have written! To cover up what he did he just walked off…
Abhi Our love is always is filled with never ending brightness even when there was no brightness around us…I will make you understand that soon!

Not all things in life are never ending but true friendship and love can be never ending……

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  1. Suha

    hi sissy..
    after a long time i am commenting.sorry yaar.but i rd all os and ff of yours…
    i love that poem. what a creativity.. keep rocking.. tc!!

    1. Maya

      Haha no need to be sorry for this Suha! Thank u for reading all my os and ff!? Tc too!?

  2. I m in love with your creativity rockstar! ? this whole part was spectacular! I loved this to core and the way you express content is so awesome and it always gets me like this ??????????? your each update makes me desperate for your next update! So desperation of your each update is directly proportional to next update! Haha i m not asking you to update today itself but update it when free ??

    1. Maya

      I am also like this???????? after seeing ur comment…Lol ur proportionality equation is very nice???…Be in desperation! ??

  3. fana fana ye dil hua fana ab ye jaan le.le ya rab ya iman le.le ya rab bakhuda woah rockstar rocked it again spectacular suga u know I am crazy about songs so I have bought one perfect as whenever ur story I get shocked as everytime something new so here we go
    dil mera jaise.koi dish antenna tha free kabhi koi channel chalta hi na tha jude na.they wire kahi signal bhi na tha dilli mere liye argentina tha dil.ko mere hai tune jane.kaisi di direction ab me dikhta is love story ka reflection kaun jane kaisa tera mera hai connection lag gaye lag gaye 440 volt padhne se isey lag gaye 440 volt teresa.

    1. Maya

      I also have 440 volt current passing thr whenever i read ur comment???…I am also crazy abt songs thats y all my ffs have a lot of songs??? ur comment today…esp the song dedication????

  4. It’s brilliant suga..loved this episode to the core?????…eagerly waiting for the next part…

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting! I hope ur eagerness will be fulfilled by my nxt update??

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE…….. That Songggggggggg is Amazingggggggg……….Your Writings are Killing me YAAR……….Loved it a lotttttttttt……….

    1. Maya

      It seems like a song to u ah? So sweet of u! ???? Love u too for ur lovely comment!??

  6. Awesome lines ??loved to the core ???waiting for ur nxt epi ????

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Mokshi!????

  7. Super epic suga….. and the poem is awesome….. and eagerly waiting for nxt one…

    1. Maya

      I cant take it as a poem but still thank u so much for the compliment!?? Keep waiting for the nxt one Lakshmi!?

  8. Hi I’m a silent reader of all the ff and this one is seem to be real plz upload the next epi soon

    1. Maya

      Hi Sarah, Glad that u find my ff to be real! Thank u so much! ?? Nxt update will make its way today!?

  9. It was awesome I loved it to the core

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Monesha!??

  10. Krish

    Awesomeeeeeee diiiiii awesome to te core i loved tat linesss diiii egarlyyy waitng fr te nxt epiiiiiiii soooon………..

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much for loving that lines and Keep waiting for it will make its way….??

  11. superbb yarrrrr

    1. Maya

      Thank u yarrr…??

  12. Riyashri

    I am toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Happy that U rocked this update without any lines that would dissappoint me !!! Loved it soo much !! AbhiGya’s pain of Love ……………. No Words to tell !!!
    Your Ending Lines ………… Wow ……U r such a Great Writer Sweetie……Loved the last line ….
    Something is for sure…. My Love and Friendship Towards My Sweetie would also be a Never Ending in My Life !!!! I won’t even think to lose Such A Precious Gem in My Life !!
    MTMP ROCKZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!! LUFE !!(Love u Forever and Ever)

    1. Maya

      Hehe not a great writer! I just a simple person who writes simple things?? Same here cutie! LUFE and always be cheerful in the way u are now!??

  13. Gud lines..2day ff is gud..

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Rajesh!?

  14. Prathi

    Maya Maya, Kya hai yes Maya… Loved it yaar.. Simply awesome poem ? Hope both understands their feeling towards each other soon…

      1. Maya

        Haha its like a poem to u too? I don’t what to say now…anyways thank u so much for the compliment! ??I also hope so that they understand that!??

      2. Maya

        I dont know*

  15. Sharaya

    Its so lovely and awesome you got me like this ???? seriously I was so so so awesome!

    1. Maya

      You also got me like this ???? after reading ur comment Sharaya!??

  16. Awwww it’s really superb yaar tat lines I really loved it a lotttttttttttt

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Durga for loving it! ??

  17. Hi I am a silent reader. I love all ffs written I am a Abhigya fan.

    1. Maya

      Hi Elinor! Thank u and I am also Abhigya fan and thats y I am here!

  18. Wowww diii mind blowing atlast both knew theur love lovely diii love u loads????

    1. Maya

      They already know their love but something is stopping them…Love u Saranya for ur support!????

  19. Maahi

    will you be the never ending magic of my life??????? ur reply fr dizzz vil lessen my pain of missing uuu in boring nd irritating lectures in clg in a hope tht as soon as I arrive home my magic vil b ready to shower magic on me girlllllllllllllllll really hw did god made uuuuu dizzzz is soo perfect man hw could uu evn get dizz ideas yaar teach me also may b I vil apply it in my physics nd yaar abhi terms nd conditions lol vrry funny nd he is tooo smart enough but evry word is killing me I am desperste again keep rocking dr I vil b waiting IB ROCKZZZ

    1. Maya

      Hehe this is too much MM! I am not that magical enough to help u in ur physics ??? I myself need some magical power to tackle my engineering modules!???
      Keep waiting! Ur desperation will be answered…??

  20. Superbbb… But sad..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nirmal! ?But sadness is also a emotion that everybody face but it wont stay for too long….

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