Is this called love? Episode 6

What can I do if he is like this?

Abhigya went down to living room and Dadi saw Pragya looking very worried. Dadi “Pragya did Abhi tell you something? Why do u look so worried?” Pragya “Nothing Dadi! Just tired and nothing else” Abhi, in his mind Yes u should get tired of the pain that u are causing to me!
Pragya said that she have to leave and Abhi told Dadi that he will drop her.
Abhigya in car…..

Pragya went to sit in the front seat but Abhi stopped her from sitting there and asked her to sit at the back seat of the car. Pragya, Am I that bad Abhi? That I don’t even deserve to sit beside u?
Abhi “Pragya! Faster sit down and don’t think too much!” Pragya, so he knows that I am thinking too! But why can’t he think that I am thinking about him?

Pragya sat down and Abhi drove the car to her house. Abhi “Once we reach your house, I will talk to your Ma! So be prepared and think of how to convince her too!” Pragya, what does he expect me to think of? I seriously don’t know how to tell this to Ma!
They reached Pragya’s house. He saw her even more nervous and worried. Abhi went inside first and Pragya was very hesitant even to enter her house now. Abhi looked behind and signed her to come in. She also walked slowly and called out to her Ma. Sarla ma came there and was surprised to see Abhi. Sarla ma “Pragya where were u all this while? And who is this?” Pragya “Ma! I went out regarding work and this is Abhi! The popular guitarist now….” Sarla “Oh! Please have a seat and I will bring some drink for u to have” Abhi “No thanks Aunty! I am here to talk about something important!” Sarla “Ok! What’s that?” Abhi “Aunty….It’s just that Pragya will be staying in my house for a while….” Sarla “What??” Pragya “Ma! It’s nothing like u are thinking….It’s for my writing and I am writing a novel based on his life so I need to observe him as in his life….and it’s just for a while Ma….” Sarla “But for that u need to stay at his house? Have you gone mad or what? What will others think about u? And u are also an unmarried girl…” Abhi “Aunty it’s just for a month! And after that she will be back and I assure u that will be no complications! Wait u can even talk to my Dadi regarding this!” He called his Dadi and passed the phone to Sarla ma. After speaking to Dadi, Sarla ma was somehow convinced. Sarla ma “Abhi I need some time to reconsider about this. Give me a day to think about this” Abhi “Take your time Aunty but it’s only for Pragya’s work and if u allow for this it will really help her a lot!” He left from there and Pragya saw him leaving and went to talk to him before he entered the car. Pragya “I really don’t know what you are trying to do! But let me ask you something. Do you really think I deserve this?” Abhi in a stern voice, “You deserve more than this Pragya!” With that he left from there and Pragya was again in tears.
Abhi, I know you are in tears now Pragya but once u stay with me then I will show you how much of pain that I had went through all this while….
Pragya, what can I do if he is like this? I can’t leave him that lightly as he is my light of life……
Bulbul “What is all this di? U are going to stay at his house?” Pragya “Yes but I have no choice!” Bulbul “What u mean that you don’t have a choice? You definitely have a choice as it’s your life!” Pragya “My life is lifeless without him! And why can’t u understand that?” Bulbul “You are doing all this as Ma don’t know about the two of u right? Let me go and tell all that to her now!”
Pragya “Bulbul! This is the limit! This is my life and I get to decide what I want to do! I don’t want you to involve in this! If you involve then it means that you don’t consider me as your di!” Bulbul “Why are you giving so much of pain to yourself by doing all this? I really don’t get it di!” Pragya “Bulbul I want to know him more and this is the only way….and also make him understand that my love for him is still present!” Bulbul “Do what you want di…and I just hope nothing goes wrong” Pragya hugged Bulbul and said “ When you are always there for me to support, then nothing will go wrong”

Abhi called Pragya “Pragya! Did you manage to convince your Ma?” Pragya “Yes I did and Thank you for convincing her too!” Abhi “Ok that’s fine! And bye!” He ended the call by saying that and Pragya expected it that he will be like this. Pragya, I know you are like this but I also know that now you will be talking to me.

Abhi, Thank you? Like seriously? Is this all a favour that I am doing for her? Pragya, you are seriously unpredictable! What I am doing all is to find out whether you have really realized your mistake! This is not a vacation time for you by staying here!
He talked like that to Pragya’s wall size photo in his room and Pragya looking at his photo; very soon I can talk to you face to face…and almost every day….which I want to happen all this while! I am so excited for that!

Pragya “What is this?” Abhi “Why u can’t see clearly is it? Have you given pain to your chasma too? I really pity for your chasma!”

Pls do tell if it’s not nice at any point of time or u all find it like similar to any of the other ffs pls inform me as it will really help me to improve or even discontinue it as I don’t want u all to waste your precious time….and even if it’s a negative comment I am ready to accept as my self-analyzing mode will be activated to analyze why is it not good! Thank u so much!

So sweet of u all for the lovely support for what I wrote at yesterday….what we are doesn’t matters..SS?FF? Still I am not sure what is it but what I can say is what matters to Abhigya is the connection…Connection towards one of my prev ff…what is the connection is the suspense…and I have written 3 ffs so far which I myself found it unbelievable….so a crazy thought came in my mind…while typing this…I am asking u all to which ff do u all want the connection to be?

My 3 ffs so far:
Story of opposite attracts each other –S
Abhigya-Destiny and its games –A
Will you be without me? –W

For all your convenience just indicate the first letter like S for the story of opposite attracts each other if u all want to see the connection from this ff. It’s ok even if u all never indicate…

I am uploading this earlier today but don’t know when will this be uploaded! And that’s it….bye guys!
Oh I read your comment candyqueen…why not? you are also my friend!

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  1. Nice episode yaar thn bt tz 3 I love all three bt story of opposite tat one I love it sooooo I want s…

    1. Maya

      Thank u for ur suggestion Durga!?…

  2. wait let me tell u one thing that this is spectacular ab u know I am fan of akki so today one akki song for u specially

    eri Nazron Ne Jise Chuna Woh Ladki HainDeewaniMaine Pal Pal Jise Suna Woh Mujhse Hain AnjaaniMain Jitna Dekhu Utna Chahu Jaan Meri Woh Le JaayeShe Is A Rock Star Kuchh Bhi KahoBadi Mast Yaar Kuchh Bhi KahoMujhe Aaye Pyar Kuchh Bhi KahoShe Is A Rock StarDil Leke Uddi Jaadu Ki Pudi Karke Aankhen Do ChaarShe Is A Rock Star Kuchh Bhi KahoBadi Mast Yaar Kuchh Bhi KahoMujhe Aaye Pyar Kuchh Bhi Kaho She Is A Rock Star…
    yea u r a rockstar haan dil b leke udi likh k ff poore 4 love u…. kyu somu manti hai ki nahi 😉

    1. Maya

      Haha I like the movie Rockstar but that doesn’t mean I am rockstar! Haha again a song dedication…and some more its akki song…what can i say…just loved it Surbhi???????????????

  3. I love this story very much plz update soon

    1. Maya

      Thanks for loving it annu?..U have to wait for that tmrw!

  4. nice.
    update next part soon

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mukund Raj! ? pls wait until tmrw

  5. Nice…. Don’t mind ha I want SAW

    1. Maya

      Thank u Myna!? but let me see how I can involve SAW?

  6. Brilliant…this episode is so perfect….I loved it…

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Abhigya!?

  7. Filled up of Sugafection! Can’t get enough of it! I m so desperate for next one! You know right now there should be round of applause for you so here you go ????????? this was so much spectacular and the best thing in whole epi was that i could feel each and everything so much easily! and yeah surbhi m maanti hun, suga is a rockstar! ?

    1. Maya

      Easy pc thats the way of life so I will try to make u all feel Abhigya’s emotions as easy as possible???

  8. Arshifan

    Maya whatever you write i should appreciate ur work…actually i didnt read ur s ff bt i read ur A ff and became a big fan of u..later ur w ff i just loved it bt didnt get tym to comment regularly…really i love the way u write ff…keep rocking..what ur going to write i will support u…

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Anjali! I am also a great fan of all your ffs but I am reading it very late and ending up not commenting it regularly? so sorry for that! U too just keep rocking with us with all ur ffs!?

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Its PERFECT!!! I Loved it……

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Reshma!?

  10. Riyashri

    Now again she started …… What ever I tell ….how much ever times I repeat….She wouldn’t change herself !!!! This author named Maya…..She now really became My Buddhu Sis !!! Seriously I don’t know what All my di’s think of themselves after writing their story………Always making me upset with their ending lines !! Giving Amazing and Rocking updates and end with a so called sorry note ……telling that sorry if i had wasted your precious time……..Bla Bla Bla……………..
    It’s My kind request to All My Dear Sis and Frnds who update your writings …. Not to add such lines….Instead u can add nice quotes or thought for the day making us learn something and that would surely make me happier !!! Hope all My Lovely Sis would take this request into consideration……Especially to My Dear Buddhu Sweetie !!! It’s just My Request so sorry if I had hurt anyone !!
    Today’s update was toooooooo goood !!! Being your Crazy Fan cum sis I wanted the connection with SAW !!! So it’s up to u …I would still love reading all your wonderful thoughts !!! And sorry if I had hurt u too……

    1. Maya

      Oh so sorry! Ok from now onwards i will have some quotes for u at the end of my ff ? haha i will do that ok? And u no need to be sorry dr! Its my crazy mind that tells like that…hehe i will control that…and some more u know brain faced technical problem yesterday so its taking time to recover from it? but now due to ur advice it has completely recovered!??

      1. Maya

        Haha u want the connection to be SAW? Hmm ok I will see how SAW can be used! But not now…that’s for sure!?

      2. Riyashri

        Again ah !!! This should be your last sorry ok!! No sorries here after to your cutie …..I am very happy now ….So u r gonna rock your updates from now on and end it with inspiring Quotes…… And Hope I can reveal u from all the technical problems that your brain is facing …through My comments everyday !!! So Keep Rocking !!! Take care Sweetie !!

      3. Riyashri

        I wou;d wait for u ….U take your own time !!! But don’t forget about it……I know u won’t but still as nowadays your brain is facing…..So I would remember u abt it…..Don’t Take too much stress Sweetie !!! Once again Take Care !!!!
        Love u !!!!!

  11. Sorry for late comment I went to school so only I am late today episode was awesome I loved it waiting for next episode

    1. Maya

      No need to be sorry for this! Its ok dont ever say sorry for commenting late…btw i am also glad that u love the epi!?

  12. Sharaya

    ??why you giving this much hard question? I’m so confused what to choose even in my maths test I’m not this much confused because I like all the ff so so so much okay now the answer is I was S A W connection now coming to the episode its s so so awesome I’m so bored of telling awesome I think I have to search a new word daily so adjust with these words this episode is just amazing excellent!! And yeah you didn’t waste our time but you wasted your time by writing that sorry note so don’t ever waste time in that! And you didn’t waste any of our time.

    1. Maya

      Okok! I wont say like that anymore!?? and ya suggestion is noted…after seeing all ur suggestions I am a bit confused now…i think i shall just think abt the other ff later?? Also glad with ur amazing and excellent comment!???

  13. Akka rockng as usual???and i want to be like A..but its ur wish☺

    1. Maya

      Ok Saranya! Thank u so much for ur suggestion!?????I Always appreciate ur comment???

  14. Maahi

    dizzz was a way tooooo awesome loved evry line a lotttttttttttttttttt nd dr the light of life just strike my heart I lvd it a lottttt nd yaar I am really excited to knw wat prags hv done so tht abhi is tht much anger with her nd yaar his dialogues rrrr a way to awesome nd both of thm talking to each other photo was really lovely nd funny precap nd yaar I agree with riyuuuu yyy u always say srry buddhu tht too saying tht is boring haha joke of the decade nd yaar cmng to connection I lvd each of ur magic frm the bottom of my heart soo I too want SAW but uuu knw A is soooo spcl to me bcoz nly frm tht I got a precious gem in my life, a CB, a IB, a SOC, a QOE, a EB nd many more nd my life around uu turned tooo crazzzyyy yaar keep rocking dr lv uuu a lotttt but I am waiting to knw the reason desperately nd I vil b waiting dr

    1. Maya

      Hehe ok I wont say like that anymore and the reason behind u will know that for sure but not now….ya i know u love A a lot…???? As usual love u for ur lovely comment???

  15. Maya I want W, I enjoyed it to the core.. And painful epi?

    1. Maya

      Ok Prathi thanks a lot for ur suggestion and the next epi will be a lighter one?

  16. Superb episode yaar… How can I select one when I love all your ffs..

    1. Maya

      Okok Nirmal then I just take it as SAW then…btw glad that u find it as a Superb epi??

  17. Awesome epi da sweetu n haan i love all ur three ffs s a w so whtever u do i will like it no no love it so do it as ur wish my dr

    1. Maya

      Seri da…let me see what i can do haha…magizhchi for finding it as awesome epi da??

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