Is this called love? Episode 5

Proving my love…..

Abhi “I will tell you how you have to prove yourself! It’s not today but I will tell u tomorrow! Now it’s late and let me drop you at your house” Pragya “Just tell me now!” Abhi “If you want to know that wait until tomorrow!” Pragya know that if she asked further then it will only increase his anger. Pragya “Ok fine!” Abhi “Now U just go to your home and I will call you tomorrow to tell about that!”
Pragya left from there with tears and Abhi was also in tears but never showed that when she was there.
Pragya, what do I need to prove now? Prove my love for him or prove the pain that he had given me?
Abhi, I know what I want you to prove is painful but do you know that I am also having that pain? I want you to feel my pain of love Pragya! And for that you have to prove me that you have realized your mistake. I don’t know what kind of pain you are having but if you are having any pain….then it means that both of us are having the pain of love. But is it the pain of our love? That’s what I want to find out!

Pragya was again sleepless after meeting him and all the while was thinking how he wants her to prove?

The next day…..
Abhi “Pragya! Come to my house!” Pragya “Your house? Are you sure?” Abhi “Yes I am sure of what I am telling and just come here!” Pragya was very puzzled as when they were loving each other he never even wanted her to come to his house. But now he is asking her to come to his house? What is running in his mind?

She went there and saw Abhi in the living room and also saw Dadi there. Dadi, “Pragya right? Abhi told about you and glad to meet you!” Pragya, what he told about me to Dadi! How can he do that? Abhi “Pragya! This is my Dadi and don’t need to be shocked! I have not told anything to Dadi that you are thinking of. I have just told that you are my friend who I am meeting after a long time” Dadi “Abhi! How you know what she is thinking of? Are you hiding anything?” Abhi “ Dadi! She will always think that I will tell whatever naughty things that she had done to me! That’s what I tell about her to my friends!” Dadi “Ok Abhi! Let me get coffee for Pragya!” Dadi left from there and Abhi “Pragya! Come and follow me!” Pragya followed him to his room and he locked the door. Pragya got scared and Abhi “No need to be scared as I am not like you who will give pain to others! And let me tell you what I want you to prove! You have to stay with me and your stay here will make me know whether you have realized your mistake!” Pragya “But how can I? What will I tell to Ma and Bulbul? And what will you tell to Dadi?”
Abhi “I have already thought about the reasons and I will manage that. Now you have to decide whether you are ready to prove yourself!” Pragya was in deep shock and was unable to absorb what he had said. Pragya, what will others think if I stay here and why does he want me to this?

Pragya “What is the reason that you have thought of?” Abhi “Simple! You are a novel writer and you are planning to write a novel on the life of a musician, which is me! So you have to stay here to observe me and it will be useful for your writing!” Pragya “But how can I make my Ma to accept this?” Abhi “Leave that to me! I will handle that with my Dadi’s help!”
Pragya “Ok!” Abhi “Ok for what?” Pragya “Ok for everything that you have said!” Abhi “Ok then. Now we shall go to the living room and I will tell you how to move this plan ahead later!”

Pragya looked at Abhi and said “Do you really think I deserve this?”

Ok guys just an opinion needed…Do you think the story is really interesting? I am really not sure so pls just tell as it will help me improve.

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  1. Riyashri

    Interesting….Interesting….interestingly interesting !!!! I hav never read a plot like this before……….To prove herself she should stay with him in his house…….Great thinking !!!
    This was something really UU!! Continue it for sure…….or else I would go to Police station and file a case on U – Be Careful!! Ok………..
    My Sweetieeee Rockzzzzz…….Love u …

  2. Riyashri

    Interesting….Interesting….interestingly interesting !!!! I hav never read a plot like this before……….To prove herself she should stay with him in his house…….Great thinking !!!
    This was something really UU!! Continue it for sure…….or else I would go to Police station and file a case on U – Be Careful!! Ok………..
    My Sweetieeee Rockzzzzz…….Love u ……Take Care !!!

    1. Maya

      Hehe! Ok but i have a to tell u smthg even if u file a case on me in Police station, I think it won’t work as I am not a Indian citizen…so u should come here to file a case on me! Haha btw to lessen ur trouble may be u can seek the help of my cousin as he is working in the Singapore Police Force (SPF) ??? btw tks for the compliments and u too Take care!??

      1. Maya

        I have to tell u*

      2. Riyashri

        Ha…Ha….U think I am that fool to file a case in India….I was referring to Singapore Police Force only !! I would take a straight flight to Singapore and complain a case on u seeking help from my cousin !!!

      3. Maya

        Hehe okok!??

  3. Interesting? It’s super interesting…ur ff is really a different one nd I love to read it…nd today’s episode was superb….

    1. Maya

      Ok Abhigya! I just ask to gain opinion!? Glad that u love to read it!

  4. It’s really interesting episode n interesting ff too yaar eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Maya

      Ok Durga! Thanks for wait too!

  5. nice…….

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nannu!

  6. Really its interesting yaar pls continue….love u?

    1. Maya

      Sure will continue! Just asked to check with u all!

      1. Maya

        Love u too Varsha?

  7. Really it was awesome I am pulling my hair to know about Precap I think god gave some special powers to your hand and brain you are a awesome writer I really loved it

    1. Maya

      Oh no! U don’t have to pull your hair! Just relax and chill! U will know that soon! ??

      1. Maya

        And ur comment is so sweet too!

  8. Again u made me speechless! This one is so much……. ??? i don’t have words and so i will straightly go with my standard Short form Brilliantly Brilliant! nd like always the pre recap had made me desperate for next epi!

    1. Maya

      Once again u made my day with ur lovely comment! Haha actually my day is almost ended here??

  9. Maahi

    yaar self analyzer stop ur analysing mode fr sometimes yaar u r askng whether its intrstng haa ani hw mean dr here I am dying fr dizz magic but uuu nvr understand it but their pain of love is soooooo awesome to feel UR AMAZING SPLENDID MARVELOUS STAR dr keep rocking superb move frm my sweetheart nd great reason too fr tht loved it to the core dru just rockzzzz

    1. Maya

      Okok! I try to stop that mode of mine! ??Omg u feel their pain of love is awesome to feel ah? Hmm then more is yet to come but with some pleasant feelings….

  10. Your ff are different with different plots it only makes us wonder how does she gets such ideas is she dream writing ? Jealous ? Anyway Episode was interesting different twist on plot ?

    1. Maya

      Hehe Prathi u are almost correct dr i am dream writing?? i love dreams ???
      U are jealous ah? So cute of u telling like that!?…Tks for finding the epi interesting!?

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    Interestinggggggg…………..Loved it…………

    1. Maya

      Love u for the lovely comment!?

  12. Really nice and interesting akka dnt evr ask tat but my head is breaking pls reveal their misundrstandngs soon love u???

    1. Maya

      Okok! I will reveal that in the right time! Pls wait! Hehe i just ask that for opinion..btw love u too for ur lovely comments??

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