Is this called love? episode 42

First of all let me just give a short recap what happened so far as i am updating this after a long time….Abhiram and Priya have accepted the love for each other and Abhigya had also patched up and now, Abhigya are on a mission to clear the interference in their life! Who is this interference? It will be revealed in the next episode! Then what is this episode about? Please read this to know that….

Pragya was still living at her uncle’s house and had not shifted to her house yet as she previously moved there to avoid Abhi. Abhi somehow managed to know the address and he again went to meet Pragya in his regular way. His regular way of climbing up the pipes to meet Pragya!

Pragya was in her room continuing to write her novel that she started sometime back….In between writing that she was smiling silently and it was reflected in the mirror in front of her….

Abhi ” Baby! How come u are smiling even when writing?” Pragya was taken aback by his sudden voice. Pragya stood up from where she was sitting. Pragya ” Abhi! When did you come here? How did u came? What if anyone see u here!” Abhi ” Wait! Wait! So many questions at one time! How can u expect me to answer everything?” Pragya ” One more thing Wake up! Don’t sit on my bed!” Abhi ” Your bed? U are just staying here for a while and this had become your bed!” Pragya ” Whatever it is…this is not even my house and what if my uncle comes here?” Abhi ” Sssh! If u talk like this then he will surely come here baby!”

Someone knocked her door….

Pragya ” You see na it should be my uncle or aunty now! I am super dead!” Abhi ” Can u just keep quiet! You go and open the door and I will hide inside the wadrobe there….” Pragya ” Are u sure? I mean its so small!” Abhi ” Then u are telling that I look big to u ah?” Pragya ” Not like that…” Uncle ” Pragya! Can u open the door? I need to pass u something!” Abhi ” Just shut your mouth and open the door and nothing is impossible for this Abhi to do!” Abhi managed to squeeze himself inside the wadrobe….

Abhi, Actually its really very small and I feel like I will be squeezed to lemon if i stay a bit longer….how long is she talking to him? Wait! I heard they were talking something just now but after sometime it was silent….but why I never heard anything else after that? Did he went off? Or Pragya also left the room? What is this? How long I have to squeeze myself like this? There is no AC here also…they should install AC even in wadrobes. I feel now its getting even more hot….I know I am hot but I don’t want to feel hot in this way! Shall i just open and see? Ya Abhi take the risk man! Be a man! Go for it anyway we are already engaged na so what’s the big deal in coming to meet her in night!

He came out from the wadrobe and was shocked to see the sight in front of him….

Abhi ” Pragya! Why are you crying like this?” Pragya ” No…I am not crying…its just….” Abhi ” Don’t say dust enter your eyes and all! I know u very well! Did your uncle say something? Where is he? Let me go and talk to him….” He was about to leave the room and Pragya stopped him….Pragya ” Its not him….you see this letter….” Abhi read the letter that he fumed with anger seeing that…..Pragya ” He really don’t want us to be together….Then why should we be together?” Abhi ” Because we want to be together! Its not him who have to decide!” Pragya ” But….” Abhi wiped her tears and hugged her….Abhi ” Enough Pragya! I came here to tell you how we will stop his interference but since he is one step ahead of us to the extent that he even send a letter to u….Then Now I will show him who Abhi is!” Pragya worriedly asked ” Are u sure?” Abhi placed a kiss on her forehead and said ” I am very well sure about your love for me and that is enough for me to get rid of him!” Pragya ” Don’t leave me now….I want to be in your embrace for a while….” Abhi ” For that your tears have to stop…..” Abhigya remained in hug until they want to see each other….Abhi ” Pragya! Let me tell you my plan now and u have to be with me throughout this if not…..” Pragya ” I will there is no need for if not and all!” Abhi made her sit down on the bed and he too sat beside her to tell about his plan…..

Abhi explained everything clearly to her….Pragya got worried after listening to it…..Abhi ” Pragya! I am telling u that I need your support if not…..” Pragya hugged him back and said ” I am worried but I will still be with u… I know you are there for me!” Abhi ” Then let’s do this baby! Don’t worry! I am here for u always…even if u don’t want me!” Pragya slapped his back, ” How can u say I don’t want u! I only want my Abhoo baby always!” Abhi ” Finally! Abhoo baby is back from your mouth! U know i was dying to hear that!” Pragya giggled hearing that….

Abhi ” How can I do this?” Pragya ” Do it with your hands then with what else?” Abhi ” Is this a joke? Its so scary!”

Very sorry for not updating this ff! My mind just missed it! I hope i can update this regularly from now onwards….

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  1. Maahi

    omg omg omg well the breath taking magic is on its way now feel like flying in sky by cing dizzz nd i knw u vil say “too much dr”nd u knw tht i vil say “infinity much my IB”abhoooo baby is backkkkk now who is tht person nd i nvr dare to guess sia bcoz i knw i am wrong nd ur Splendid hot ……..yes my sweeetheart is realllyyyyyy freaking hot so need a AC fr sure but funny precap waiting eagerly keep rockinggggg sia ur Awsome in all means

  2. really nice epic… but who is the interference in their life…
    waiting for next update.

  3. nice

  4. Trisha


  5. Wow u have updated?? missed to the coreeee ?AC in wardrobe LOL ???cuteness overloaded ❤??abhigya rockzz ??awsm lovely episode❤?? reveal the suspense soonnnn keep rocking ????eagerly waiting for ur nxt update??????

  6. Superb episode yaar thn tat wadrobe scene really soooooo cute abhi…. I’m eagerly waiting for next part n also eagerly waiting for the suspence n also who s interfering between thm

  7. Awesome episode!! Eagerly waiting for the next part….

  8. Reshma Pradeep


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