Is this called love? episode 41

Announcement: I will end this ff soon! Thank u for the support so far!

Love and its realization….

Abhiram, Why did I did like that today? Why was I so angry when someone talked bad about her to the extent that I beat him?

After finishing their work, someone in the office said while Abhiram and Priya passing that Priya is always after men and that’s why she is very easily working with Abhiram. After hearing that he couldn’t stand it and started to beat him harshly!

Priya, He beat that guy for me? Why was he so angry? Is it for me? She blushed at the thought he beat for her. Why does it feel nice when he speaks up for me? She looked at the sky….and saw his face on it! She blinked her eyes many times but no matter how much she blinks and tries to clear her vision, she could only see his face! Is this called love?

Abhiram, May be this is the hiccup! Love? Oh no! No wonder I am always avoiding her eye contact nowadays! But what does she feel about me?

Suddenly he hears a voice….Its his mind voice….
If u want to know what she feels about u then close your eyes and think about her smile!

Abhiram, What think about her smile? Ok let me try!

He closed his eyes and tried to remember her smile at various occasions. He too smiled thinking of that! Her smile is so beautiful as her! It feels like it expresses love to me! This time i don’t want to be silent! What shall I do now?

The next day…..
Abhiram called Priya ” Priya! I am not feeling well today…Is it possible for u to come to my house to collect my designs?” Priya ” You should rest well today right? U can pass it to me once u are feeling better!” Abhiram ” Yes but….this is important and pls come to my home to collect it as our organiser wants to look at it too!” Priya ” Oh really? Ok then I am coming!” Abhiram ” Thank you so much Priya!” Priya, why is he like talking to me very sweetly? Whatever it is….just don’t overthink and focus on work!

Priya reached his house and found it to be open. Priya, Such a big house! And he lives alone….where is he? He just left the house open like this? So careless!

Priya received a text message from Abhiram.

Abhiram: Welcome to my home and I will be sending u some messages once u reach the staircase. At every two steps u take, u will receive a msg from me!

Priya, huh? Just becoz he is not feeling well, his mind is also not feeling well! What is he trying to do? Ok let me just do what he is says.

She reached the staircase and took the first two steps.

Abhiram: I

Priya, I? What is he trying to say?

After the next two steps another message comes from him

Abhriam: Am

Priya, I am? Ok he is just testing my patience….

After the next two steps, she another message….

Abhiram: resting

Priya, I am resting? Of course I know that as he said he is not feeling well! What is so special about this that he wants to send me this kind of messages! He is just wasting my time! Let me just call him and ask where he is?

At the moment, he got another message.

Abhiram: Don’t try to call me! Just finish this! Last two steps and then u will know something….

Priya, why is he doing like this? Fine! Last two steps and after that i will just stop this game of his!

She took the last two steps of the staircase.

She looked at the phone for his message but he never messaged anything. Instead she saw something in front of her that was totally unexpected. She saw a mirror and there was something written in it….It was In your heart….

Priya, I am resting in your heart! Is this what he is trying to tell? Am i just imagining this?

Abhiram ” You are not imagining!” Priya looked at the direction where his voice came….Priya ” How did u know what I was thinking?” Abhiram ” I know very well what u think and what u feel about me!” Priya ” What are u trying to tell?” Abhiram ” For that u have to come with me!” He grabbed her hands and brought her to his balcony.

Abhiram ” Do u see that moon?” Priya ” Yes! Why?” Abhiram ” Nowadays when I look at it I feel it is giving me light of hope in this darkness…Do u know why?” Priya ” Why?” Abhiram ” As I feel that I love u!!” Priya ” What?” Abhiram ” I don’t know whether u will accept my love or not but i dont want to make the same mistake again! I have already lost a lot before in love…It feels bad losing even without expressing your love….and I really don’t want it to happen again!” Priya tried to understand his words and said ” I…am not sure…its all very sudden!” Abhiram ” I know Priya but I am scared, the last time when I delayed…I lost my love!” Priya too looked at the sky and ” Do I deserve love again? What if it ends up in heart break again?” Abhiram ” Hearts don’t break by love…it only gets weaker by love….Sometimes getting weaker gives more strength to make our heart stronger. Just like how you are strong which always reflects in your words!” Priya ” If love happens and it happens again with another person….then how to believe love is truth enough?” Abhiram ” Truth always remain and happens again and again to prove itself….It is impossible for truth to be hidden….the same goes for love….love will always prevail and will never be hidden from our loved ones…..” Abhiram ” I hope I have answered to your doubts!” Priya ” Now I don’t have any doubts!” Abhiram ” Don’t have any doubts on?” Priya ” To love u!” Abhiram with a confused face ” Really?” Priya with tears of happiness ” Really! Truly! I love u!” Abhiram hugged her and kissed her forehead.

Abhiram ” I also don’t have any doubt that your beautiful smile is the reason for these happiness in the air!” Priya ” I don’t have any doubts that this hug of yours is completing my life!” Abhiram ” I feel even if I had a fall now…the fall is only for u!” Priya looking up at him ” Why do u have to think about fall when we should think about the rise? The rise of our love!” He tightened his hug ” This is what I love u for! Always making me feel positive with your words!” He once again kissed her forehead and they remained in the hug for sometime…..

How will Abhigya react to Abhiram and Priya ‘s love? What will happen next? Pls wait for the nxt update to know that! I know today there is no Abhigya scenes so sorry for that! Will include that in my next update!

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  1. super suga

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      Nandri Lakshmi!??

  2. sabeta peters

    This show is a psck of shit

    1. Maya

      If u are talking abt the real kkb show here then i have nothing to say abt that too but if u are talking abt what i have written then sorry for giving this pack of shit

  3. Superrr duperrr episode ❤❤❤loved to the core ❤ ??ur wrds abt truth and love r amzng lovely?❤ no wrds to xprss??keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi ?

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      Thank u so much mokshi!

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  5. Superb!! Loved it!!

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    1. Maya

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    Rocking you are a rock star kuchh b kahi badi mast yaar kuchh b kaho Fantastic hai yr kuchh b kaho actually kuchh kaho hi mat kyuki baby ko sab pata hai aur ek baat baby ko juhi pasand hai so Juhi style fantastic ????????

    1. Maya

      Main kya karoon as there is so many kuch b kaho! Ok no prob I will go by ur words of kuch b kaho! haha!

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    Super duper loved it but gonna miss it as u end but u r awesome akka love u loads????

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  9. Tz s a shocking news with a rocking episode yaar

  10. I mean shocking news s u r going to end tz ff. Y yaar its really going nice n also superb so wat s the need to end yaar n rocking news s thy realized their love it’s really superb proposal

    1. Maya

      Due to major breakdown of mind I am thinking of ending this ff soon! But I dont know how soon will it be! Thank u for considering it as superb proposal!

  11. This is so best! Truly awesome! And the words, they are always getting me like this: ????????

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      Haha always write cliche lines lol and u like those words which is my pleasure!

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