Is this called love? episode 40


On the basis of trust and thoughts….

After persuading a lot with Bulbul, finally Abhi knew where Pragya was. She just moved to one of her relatives’ house and she was still in Mumbai. He also got to know that Pragya will be going to a shopping mall to meet Bulbul. Abhi was sure there now he have to talk to Pragya and get things solved.

In the shopping mall….

It’s weekend so the shopping mall was very crowded. Pragya was waiting to meet Bulbul at the place that she had asked her to meet. Time passed….but Bulbul was still not coming instead she saw Abhi among crowd walking towards her….

Pragya, Oh god! How many times I told this Bulbul not to tell him about where I am! Its definitely her who told him! What do I do now? How to escape from him?

She was looking at all directions…Pragya, This is the only way….Pragya rushed towards the lift that just opened and went inside there….

Abhi, Baby! Very smart ah! If u took lift it doesn’t mean that u can escape from me!

Pragya reached first level and decided to move out from the shopping mall before he tries to meet her again! She tried calling Bulbul but was unreachable….

Pragya, That’s it! I shall just take an auto from here and leave!

Pragya sat inside an auto in a hurry and said ” Bhaiyya! I need to go to xyz place can u go there?”

The person, ” Hmm…”

She never really look at the person in front as she was keep on looking whether Abhi is coming after her.

Pragya was keep on using her phone to try to call Bulbul

The person, ” Are u trying to call someone?”

Pragya hearing the voice realised its a very familiar voice…She looked up and was shocked to see him!

Pragya ” You?” Abhi ” Haan! Its me baby!” Pragya ” Stop the auto now!” Abhi ” How can I stop baby when I never drop my baby at the place she wished for!” Pragya ” This is too much! And u don’t keep on turn behind to look at me! Look at the road!” Abhi ” Yes baby! I will do as per your order!” Pragya ” Stop this baby thing too!” Abhi ” No baby!” Pragya irked and decided to remain silent….Pragya ” Where are u going? This is not the direction to where i want to go!” Abhi ” Just stop shouting baby! I need to talk to u!”

Abhi stopped the auto at a deserted place and looked at Pragya who was still sitting inside the auto and was fuming with anger. Abhi ” Ouch! Ouch! Its so painful!” Pragya immediately rushed to him and asked ” Where u got hurt? Always like this! I told u many times na…Is it your hand or leg? Did u hit on something or what? Why are u not telling anything?” Abhi ” U worry for me so much! But never realise the pain is what u are causing to me!” He placed her hand on his chest and said ” The pain is here….Its very painful…” Pragya tried to remove her hand from there but his grip was very strong…

Abhi ” The only cure to this pain is when u are with me….” Pragya ” Abhi! Everything is over and u know right its your own….” Abhi ” Don’t tell he is my own! I have only two things that I consider as my own! Its only Dadi and u!” Pragya ” Try to understand if we get married then surely something bad will happen…and thats why the letter was sent as a warning to us!” Abhi ” Warning? U don’t trust me that I can save u from all dangers?” Pragya ” I trust u more than myself…its not about me! But its about u! If something happens to me then u will be the one mostly affected!” Abhi ” If u trust me and my love! Then surely we can overcome this problem!” Pragya ” Why can’t u understand that this is just risky?” Abhi ” Risky? To trust me and my love?” Pragya ” No! I mean…” Abhi ” Enough Pragya! U love me right?” Pragya ” No! I don’t!” Abhi ” Oh so now u have start lying too! Then why are u still wearing the engagement ring?” Pragya ” Its…just…I…forgot…” Abhi ” Forgot to what? Forgot that u still love me? Forgot that we are always there for each other?” Pragya couldn’t stand it anymore and broke down to tears….

Abhi wiped her tears and said ” No matter how much u try to avoid or move away from me…I am still yours and u are also always mine!” Pragya hugged him and said ” I know all these but…what if your…” Abhi ” He is not at all related to me…he is just interfering in our lives! And before that we should interfere in his life!”

Pragya ” What u mean?” Abhi ” We should go and meet him soon to clear all these!” Pragya ” Are u sure? What if it ends up dangerous?” Abhi ” Nothing is as dangerous as in falling in love baby!” Pragya ” What?” She pushed him away from his hug…Abhi ” I was just kidding! And u got angry for this?” Pragya ” U find it dangerous for falling in love or dangerous for falling in love with me?” Abhi smirked at her doubt and said ” Good doubt! I think its both!” Pragya tried to slap him but he managed to run away from there…Pragya was keep on chasing to beat him….That’s how they were keep on chasing each other with love and also with the trust that they can solve the problem which is in front of them….

In the working place of Abhiram and Priya…

Priya was keep on having hiccups and went to the pantry to have water. Abhiram who passed by her noticed that and came closer to her….

Priya, why is he coming close to me?

Abhiram ” I want to tell u something Priya!” Priya who was still having hiccups nodded her head as a sign of yes…

Abhiram ” I love you!” Priya ” What?” Abhiram laughed at her widened eye expression…Abhiram ” You see your hiccup had stopped! It was just a shock treatment and don’t think that I will love u!” Priya ” Thank god!” Abhiram ” Anyways love is also just like hiccup! Don’t know when it will come to bother us!” Priya ” Oh really? U have so much of experience in love that u always tell lines about love…” Abhi ” Not that much of experience but just that much I have lost!” Priya “Lost? In what?” Abhiram ” So now u are curious about all these? It would be better if we get back to work!” Priya ” Oh ya! Sorry about that! Anyway being lost doesn’t matter…it only matters what we lost doesn’t makes us lost again!” Abhiram asked in a confused look ” What u mean?” Priya ” I mean…we may have lost a lot of things in love…but after that we should have the mind to accept what we have lost and make sure we don’t get lost again! Not to get lost in terms of being confused or being weaker!” Abhiram remained silent and looked at Priya…Priya raised her eyebrow and said ” So now u are lost in my words right?” Abhiram ” I shouldn’t have started this at all…” He walked passed her and Priya was now lost for words….

Priya, Now I am totally lost what he is thinking of me! Its always like this…Let’s see how much I have to endure his lost looks….

Abhiram, What she said is right! One should not get lost after realising whatever is lost….but why do I feel whenever she talks like this it is like especially for me….Especially to console me…why?

Even if i had a fall…The fall is only for u


I told u all that I wont separate Abhigya haha its just for one epi and then they are united again! But there will be twists! I also hope that u all don’t get lost in the lines about lost….Sorry for the random timings of update! Its due to Exam fever! I am just waiting for August 17 when my exam fever gets over! One more thing pls don’t say sorry for not commenting or late comments as I understand u all may have work load or sometimes due to problems in TU….so no worries! I am more than happy that u all read whatever I have written so far….and thanks for the birthday wishes for Singapore!

My bak bak is short as my heart is having dhak dhak due to Exam fever!

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