Is this called love? (Episode 4)


The attack of love….

Is she really married? How can she even do that? So she married him? I need to check that out! I know how to do that!

He called up Purab, ” Purab! I need your help! I want you to check on someone!” Purab ” Pragya di right? The someone you are referring to!” Abhi ” How do you know that I am going to ask about her?” Purab ” You have nobody else to think about and that’s why I know that you will ask about her!”

Abhi ” So u know right? Help me check out about her! I want all the details about her by today!” Purab ” By today? What’s the hurry for that?” Abhi ” Just do as I said! It’s an order and not request Purab!” Purab ” Ok! I will try!”

Abhi reached his music studio and practised with his band members half heartedly. His mind was constantly thinking about Pragya. And all kinds of questions about her was running in his mind.

After his practice, he called Purab again. Abhi ” Any news of her?” Purab ” I am actually following Pragya di now in disguise!” Abhi ” That’s great! Where are u now?” Purab ” You want to come here also ah?” Abhi ” Nothing like that….Actually yes!” Purab ” Ok come opposite xyz restaurant!” Abhi ” Ok I will be there in a while…It’s very near to the place I am!”

Abhi managed to figure out Purab was and said ” Purab! So what did u find out?” Purab ” She came along with her friend and a baby…I assume she is very attached to her friend’s baby” Abhi ” Huh? It’s not her baby? She is married right?” Purab ” Have u gone crazy or what?” Abhi ” No! But…I thought she is married as she was carrying the baby!” Purab ” You both love each other and that is something for sure but the pain u are causing to each other is what had seperated both of u all! And I know very well about Pragya di that she can’t forget u!” Abhi ” Ok fine! I shall follow her from here! U just leave!” Purab ” U are always like that Abhi! Jumping into conclusions without even thinking twice!”

Purab left from there and Abhi was keep on staring at Pragya talking to her friend in the restaurant. Abhi, she look so sad. I can see that in her eyes. The sadness of love…Is it for me?

Pragya felt his presence and she looked around to see whether he was around. As for Abhi he quickly went inside his car knowing that she is looking around. She felt disappointed when he can’t find her. Abhi, Is he looking for me? Does she still feels my presence?

After a while Pragya left the restaurant and Abhi followed her in his car. Once she reached a narrow street where he can’t drive his car. He got down from his car and slowly followed her. All the while, Pragya was feeling that someone was following her. Abhi made sure he was not visible to her as he hide behind either trees or pillars whenever she looked behind. It was very dark at night. So she also could’nt see properly.

Finally, Pragya managed to see his figure, she didn’t realise it was Abhi. She panicked and told herself to be brave to save herself from the stranger. She walked swiftly and managed to hide behind a pillar there. Abhi, where did she disappeared now? He also walked in the direction that she walked and that’s when Pragya hit him on his head with a rod that was present there. She hit him from the back so she was unable to see his face.

Pragya was totally shocked that she had hit Abhi when he turned around. Abhi ” You are always giving me pain!” Pragya ” Is it painful? I didn’t mean to do that! I thought someone was following me! I didn’t know that it was u!” Abhi ” Of course its painful and it’s always easy for you to give pain right?” Pragya tried to touch his head but he moved away and Pragya ” Let me see where u got hurt! Please Abhi!” Abhi ” This is not even a pain compared to what you have given me…especially to my heart….” Pragya ” I have said many times that I am sorry for what I have done but why are u not understanding it! What you expect me to do?”

Abhi ” Prove yourself that you have realized your mistake!” Pragya ” Prove myself? How?”

How Abhi wants Pragya to prove herself? For that pls wait for the upcoming updates….

Sorry for not updating ytd….I couldn’t think much ytd so I could only update this today. Hope u all liked it! So how was it?

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  1. Lovely dii???waiting to knw their past☺

  2. Very bad Abhi, always thinking Pragya is wrong now she has to prove herself.. Good ?

  3. Y pragya want prove herself…wtever hpn pragya only suffering all pain…anyway ur ff is gud..

  4. Nice episode yaar

  5. nice…………….

  6. It was awesome I loved it waiting for next episode

  7. It’s really awesome..

  8. This is a way toooooooo best! ??????????? it’s so much…….. Can’t even find words!

  9. Riyashri

    Again this was a fantastic one !!!I told u already that your writings hav been bookmarked in My Heart so I wish u keep writing more and more !!!! Loving u Forever will give me the best feeling Sweetie !!!This line seems to be soooo filmy na…..But that’s true in my case…. Love u Loads MTMP !!!

  10. Reshma Pradeep


  11. Cutiepie Achu


  12. Maahi

    arey yaar IB it is allll soooo best pain of love is really crystal clear to feel frm thm but abhi jumping into conclusions nd askd her to prove herself haaa fr wat nd yyyy kkk I dont want to guess as I always go wrong but ur UNPREDICTABLE there vil b sme crazy reason behind tht bcoz ur CB naaa sooo nly but loved it a lotttttttttttttttttt keep rocking dr

  13. Its really really awesome dr i lovd it to the core dr n haan guys love also gives a lot of pain so dont thnk tht only abi or pragya is suffrng a lot of pain whoever may b the person if he or she is in love they will suffr a lot of pain n guys this is the real fact

  14. Maya

    Love u all for the lovely comments! Unable to reply everyone of u all as I am having some issues with my internet connection! Thank u Saranya, Monesha, Prathi, Rajesh, Durga, Nannu, Abhigya, Riyashri, Cutiepie Achu, Maahi, Reshma Pradeep, Pavi, Somiya! Keep supporting Suga! haha

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