Is this called love? episode 39


Twist time……
Dadi “ Abhi and Pragya! Come to my room now with me! I need to tell something important!” Abhigya just followed Dadi’s instructions but they were not expecting for something unexpected!

In Dadi’s room….
Dadi “ I am very sad to tell this but this can’t happen Abhi!” Abhi “ What can’t happen?” Dadi “ Your marriage with Pragya!” Abhigya were shocked with Dadi’s words…. Pragya “ Why Dadi? We just got engaged and now u are saying we can’t get married?” Dadi “ Pragya! I am so sorry but this really can’t happen!” Abhi “ Dadi! You like her a lot and u also like us to be together! Then why suddenly u are telling that we can’t get married!”

Dadi passed a letter that was on the table to Abhi…..
After reading the letter, both of them were lost for words in shock… Abhi “ Dadi! Do u believe what is written in this?” Dadi “ Of course no! But if its written like that means that there will be surely danger to both of u when marriage happens!” Pragya “ Nothing will happen to us as long we are together!” Dadi “ No! I won’t listen to both of u in this matter as I know how serious is the letter!” Abhi “ But u don’t understand how serious we are about each other and how can we forget everything that had happened between us?” Dadi “ I don’t know but if u consider me as your Dadi and also value my words….then forget whatever that had between u and Pragya…..” Abhi “ Dadi! Please listen to me….Nothing like what u are thinking will happen…..” Pragya “ Abhi! Dadi is correct in what she is saying and I agree to this….” Abhi “ Pragya! How can u say like this?” Pragya left the room while crying as she don’t have the courage to face Abhi’s pleading…..

Dadi grabbed Abhi’s hand not allowing him to stop Pragya from leaving. Pragya came down the stairs crying profusely….Pragya “Ma! Bulbul! Let’s leave….” Sarla ma “ Why are u crying like this?” Pragya “ Everything is over Ma…Please let’s leave…” Sarla ma “ What u mean by everything is over?” Pragya “ Ma…There is no relation over here…all is over and if u are not leaving with me…then I leave by myself!” Pragya ran out of the house with tears. Sarla ma and Bulbul were puzzled and also followed her….And the people gathered over there were also shocked with the sudden turn of events…..

A few days later…….

Abhi “ I am not sure why is this happening again….” Pragya “May be its our fate that makes it happen again….” Abhi “Even though now we are far away from each other….even though the moon is miles away from us….but our memories of each other is not miles away from us…it is clearly visible in the moon that we are seeing now at different places…..”

Pragya “Different places, different environment but there is no difference in our feelings for each other….Why? As this is called love….”

Abhi “If this is called love then why do we have to be at different places again? Why our love is making us to face differences in our lives?”

Pragya “ Living life with love is pleasant but living for love in our lives is even more pleasant and divine…….

Abhi “The only thing that we now face in common is the moon in night which I feel that we are talking to each other….”

Abhigya were having these thoughts while looking at the moon in night at different places but in the same situation of pain…..The pain of missing each other….

Abhi tried to call her many times but she never picked up and she was also not in her house. He was lost of who to ask help. He even asked Bulbul but she too never responded…..He felt helpless and hopeless without Pragya.

As for Pragya, she was trying her best to forget Abhi and his memories. She couldn’t as his memories are her only memories that is close to her heart…..

Pragya, I know what I am doing is bothering u but this is the only precaution to the problem that can happen!

Abhi, No matter what problems happens…I won’t leave u that easily as u are living within me! U also know that and how can u just leave me like this even without leaving a sign of where u are now? I will never leave u and your thoughts! I will never leave my hopes of finding u too!

Precap Pragya saw Abhi coming towards her in the crowd and she was trying her best to find a way to move away from there!

What is written in that letter? Have to wait for upcoming updates to know that!

Note: Abhigya are not separated, it’s just part of the twist and slowly u all will get to know what I am trying to show….So no worries and very soon what u all expected so far and what is unexpected will also happen! And if u all read the previous episode then u can figure out who is telling which lines now….


One more thing I am uploading this on a very special day to me…which is my nation’s birthday! Happy Birthday Singapore! Happy National day! What can I say about my country? 51 years and whatever we have achieved so far is incredible and unbelievable….All I wish is to always be a good citizen of this lion city! Ya Singapore means Lion city….It’s originally Singapura and the English version is Singapore! I am a proud Singaporean and I always wish to be that throughout my life! One line that I would like to share with my friends here…It’s a song actually…we have national day songs so we used to sing it during this period in schools…and one song that always makes me emotional or makes me cry is This is home…I love the following lines, This is home truly, where I know I must be, where my dreams wait for me…and then another line would be This is home surely, as my senses tell me and I know I won’t be alone here…. One more is a tamil song…pala innangal sera orumai kondhaada….yen veedu, yenthan thaai naadu endru sollu (its about the different races here that are united and also telling my home is my homeland (Singapore).

Ya the only regret I have is I was not fortunate enough to meet one of the best leaders, Mr Lee Kuan Yew (first prime minister of Singapore), he passed away last year. It was my dream from a very small age to meet him but my dream is completely a dream now…A person who spent all his life to build this nation, always thinking about the country’s progress…I think if he was not present then whatever achievements we got so far would be impossible.. What I wish as a Singaporean, is I hope to do my small part in continuing his legacy as that’s what he expected from the younger generation. Ok that’s all for sharing my Singaporean thoughts! Sorry for disturbing u all with this but I really mean it when I consider everyone here as my friends….Ya I wanted to dedicate something to all my friends here….in tamil, its a thirukural as I always felt it is very apt here! It is: muganaga natpadu natpandru nenjathu aganaga natpadu natpu. What it means is… It is not the smile on the face that proves a friendship, but the internal joy that fills the whole heart. Ya so that’s how I always feel here! Ok bye for now! And pls forgive me if i am like blabbering too much!

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  1. Prathi

    I kind of hate this twist! I know you won’t separate them so it’s ok. Happy National day! You aren’t blabbering it’s your right to speak.

  2. what is this yaar

  3. U r from Singapore? i love Singapore❤ 1 of my favourite country ❤iam feeling content 4 ur wishes ????? all the best for ur wishes ???surely u can and u will do it ???feeling pity for abhigya ???unite them soon?? interesting precap??waiting for ur suspense????All the best ? ? ? ?

  4. Happy Birthday Singapore! Happy National Day! Proud of you Friend… ?? ur ff was awesome

  5. epic was tooo good suga

  6. What a twist?you r writing a story like real kkb..pls don’t seperate abhigya

  7. This is best! see now i m trying to comment at every update of yours but i think TU doesn’t wants it , but i hope this time TU posts my comment! well Maya seriously your all updates are always the best one! i m always so desperate about your next update! and this time i m more yeah yeah my so called desperation won’t ever end and i don’t want it to have an end! well Happy Birthday Singapore 🙂 i wanna visit it soon as its one of my dream and yeah may be this year i would complete my dream but who knows what will happen and not very sure! But your words in abhigya’s dialougues are best seriously! And yeah about Twist then I loved it 😀 i always wanted this twist , lol 😛 i m just kidding well amazingly amazing it was!

  8. Nice episode yaar bt soooooo sad twist

  9. VarshaVenkat

    Im sry if I havnt replied for d past 2 months…’s juz dat hectic schedule n now only I came to page 1 from page 11…….d ff n OS u hav written so far has deeper meaning in it…..u write many things based on it…..really it is different….keep going….also belated happy friendship day

  10. Saranya24

    Of course we r frnds and u can share evrythng loved today eli a lot emotional and halpy national day fr ur country akka????

  11. First of all happy birthday to Singapore… And then coming to the twist I loved it! The lines spoken by abhigya were awesome! Waiting for the next update…

  12. SURBHI

    hhahhahah is separation if u will ask me I will say that separate them forever ??????????? I will enjoy even if u will kill of them or kill both of them that will be much better ?????????? or kick them out of earth
    anyways coming to the point the fact is every updates of yours is mind blowing fantastic but this TU ugh what to say just an irritating personality sometimes that my mind also starts showing 404error well I already said u r fantastic in juhi style ????

  13. Superb yaar..

  14. Trisha

    Amazing twist…love it?

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