Is this called love? episode 38


Thoughts all the way….

I am not sure why is this happening again…

May be its our fate that makes it happen again….

Even though now we are far away from each other….even though the moon is miles away from us….but our memories of each other is not miles away from us…it is clearly visible in the moon that we are seeing now at different places…..

Different places, different environment but there is no difference in our feelings for each other….Why? As this is called love….

If this is called love then why do we have to be at different places again? Why our love is making us to face differences in our lives?

Living life with love is pleasant but living for love in our lives is even more pleasant and divine…….

The only thing that we now face in common is the moon in night which I feel that we are talking to each other….

Moon never gives off light but why do I feel it gives the light of hope in this darkness?

Moon does not look always the same…the same goes for my feelings…sometimes I feel my feelings are incomplete with what I have now…..

Do I deserve love again? What if it ends up in heart break again?

Hearts don’t break by love…it only gets weaker by love….Sometimes getting weaker gives more strength to make our heart stronger….

If love happens and it happens again with another person….then how to believe love is truth enough?

Truth always remain and happens again and again to prove itself….It is impossible for truth to be hidden….the same goes for love….love will always prevail and will never be hidden from our loved ones…..

Whatever thoughts that all four of them are thinking about only ends up in one question….Is this called love? What kind of love is this which gives worries, pain, pleasure and many more feelings that they never expect at all……

Each and every thought belongs to either one of the four characters and may be u all can guess…. Some lines are very obvious as in who is telling that….I will reveal who told which line in upcoming updates one by one…..Let’s see how this love story takes a new turn now……

I just thought of uploading this as I am a bit restless today so sorry as it’s a short update!

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  1. take any twist & many twist but don’t seperate them kkkk………………………………..but it is superbbbbbb

  2. suga nee irukiya… u r in tesion so u made us to read the update…..
    waiting nxt one….

  3. Superb lines??don’t separate them ??❤

  4. Full of confusion I thk it’s noodle episode where to start n where to end nothing get it 4m today’s episode whatever I hope 4 the best bt one condition no separation of our abhigya tz s my wish that’s it…

  5. Filled with confusions…….. But the lines were really superb!….

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    THE LINES ARE JUST AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVED IT SOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHH?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Saranya24

    Awesome lines akka love u loads?????

  8. Trisha

    Super…the lines are simply wonderful???

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