Is this called love? episode 37


Engagement day!

Everyone were busy in the last minute preparations of Engagement function of Abhigya! 

Abhi ” What time are you coming? I have been waiting for you for so long!” Pragya ” U just saw me and I am also at your house but its just that I am getting ready in of the room here! I need to look nice in front of everyone right?” Abhi “What? U are here! And nobody told me about this! No wonder they were all keep on smiling and telling that u will be here soon! I felt fishy as they were smiling more than usual…now I know the reason behind that smiles!” Pragya “Abhoo baby! Just wait for a while and I will be coming down soon!” Abhi ” You can’t do this to me Pragya! Tell me where are u now!” Pragya ” I can do this Abhoo! And after all everything is fair in love and war! So its fair to wait for me too!” Abhi ” This is not at all fair for this situation! U know how impatient I am since morning?”

Pragya “I know and I saw that too!” Abhi ” What u were in the morning too? When? How?” Pragya chuckled and said ” Calm down Abhoo! Just try to remember…Did u saw a girl wearing green saree and her face covered with a scarf?” Abhi ” Ya but…she was with a group of girls who were keep on asking for autograph! And I thought she was shy to show her face!” Pragya ” That was me Buddhu! I was trying to reach out to u but u were busy signing autographs and flirting with the girls!” Abhi ” So u were jealous of that and never stayed there!” 

Pragya ” Hmm…” Abhi ” Ok then I will wait for u and won’t come to look for u as a punishment for making my baby jealous!” Pragya ” I will come fast if we stop talking now!” Abhi ” Okok then bye!” 

It was time for Pragya to come down and Abhi was keep on staring at the staircase for her arrival…..

Pragya came down with Bulbul and other girls….Abhi, She is awesome! I never seen her before with make up and all before….more than that it seems that whatever she is wearing is all for me! 

Pragya came beside to Abhi to stand side by side with him…Pragya couldn’t control her wide smile as Abhi was keep on staring at her….Pragya ” Is this your first time seeing me?” Abhi still didn’t respond as he was mesmerized by the beauty in front of him….Pragya pinched his hand. Abhi ” Ouch! Why did u pinch me?” Pragya ” U are not responding and after all we are not alone here! Look around! There are so many people here and all are staring at u!” Abhi ” I don’t care…I only like to stare at u!” Pragya ” Really? Why?” Abhi ” As u are awesome!” Pragya ” I also like to stare at u as u are handsome!” They had an eyelock while Bulbul who was noticing all this came beside them…Bulbul” Love birds! Hugging was past and now its staring!” Abhigya came back to sense after hearing Bulbul’s loud voice and looked away from each other, blushing badly….

Bulbul ” Ok everyone! U all know that  love birds are going to get engaged today! So wish these love birds always to be in love..” Everyone gathered over there clapped and cheered for it. Then Abhi and Pragya exchanged rings….

Abhigya greeted everyone there with lot of joyness but they didn’t miss the chance of staring each other with love….

Abhi was quite far away from Pragya now as he was talking to some of his colleagues….as for Pragya, she was lost in happiness and was keep on looking at Abhi….Abhi too realised that and was also always looking at her while the others were keep on talking to him which he never really listen to…..

Sootigaa chudaku plays at the background to express their gaze of each other….
Sootigaa chudaku, Sudilaa navvaku
Do not point your gaze at me…do not pierce me with your smile

Eduruga nilabaduthu yedaneee tinaku
Standing in front of me do not devour my heart

Nadumuni melipeduthu usuree teeyakuu
By twisting your sensuous waistline, do not take my life away

Sogasee segalee pedithe chedaradaa kunuku
Wouldn’t my sleep be disturbed in the flames of your beauty?

|| Sootigaa chudaku ||

Ningilo merupalle takinadi e kalaa
Like a lightening spark of the sky…a dream touched me

Neelapai maharani chesinadi nannilaa
It has transformed me into a queen on earth

Anthapuram santhoshamai veligindigaa
This magnificent palace is glowing with happiness

Andalane minche andam adugeyadaaa
Your charm would step beyond the beauty present here

Antha nevalle nimisham lo marindanta
Everything has changed in a moment…and the reason is you

Banthi puvalle na chupee virisindanta
My glance has bloomed like a flower

|| Sootigaa chudaku ||

Ghantalo modalaindi kadu e bhavanaa
This feeling is not something that has started instantaneously

Gatha janma lo kadilindo emo mana madhyana
It might have started between us in our previous births

Undundi na gundello ee aduremitoo
There is an unknown shiver in my heart

Indakila unda mari epudendukoo
It wasn’t like this before…why now?

Nelo ee ashe kalakalam jeeevinchali
The desire of yours should be alive forever in you

Netho janmantha e rojalle undaliee
All my life with you should be like today

Abhi, Its enough! Its high time that I need to be alone with Pragya now!

Abhi walked towards Pragya while Pragya was really nervous as she could feel that Abhi looked very mischieviously at her….Abhi grabbed her hand and somehow managed to escape from the crowd….

Pragya ” Where are u bringing me? And what will others think?” Abhi ” Did u think about me baby? How difficult it is to resist u? ” Very soothingly he touched her hand….Abhi ” Its just at the garden! I am bringing u to spent some moments of love with u!” Pragya smiled as he made her sit on the bench there….Abhi ” You know something?” Pragya ” What?” Abhi ” I always experience a feeling whenever u are beside me!” Pragya ” I know that….” Abhi ” How did u know?” Pragya “I also have the same feeling….” Abhi ” Why?” Pragya ” Because u are my darling!” Abhi gave a mischievous smile and said ” So now I am darling to u….” Pragya ” Yes u are always my darling!” Abhi ” Then darling will like to do something to get a feeling…..” Pragya ” Oh that something? Ok I also can do that….” Abhi in excitement “Really?” Pragya “Why not?” Abhi ” Ok then u do first!” Pragya ” U don’t look at me! Then i can’t concentrate and do!” Abhi ” Ok! Then I will look another direction and u have to do it!” Pragya tried to move closer to him but she saw Bulbul heading towards them and had no choice but just to whisper in his ears ” I love u!” 

Abhi ” Huh? I know that! I want action Pragya!” Bulbul ” U want action from Di? It means u have to wait for it many years as Di still haven’t learn any martial arts!” Abhi ” When did u came?” He murmured in irritation always spoiling our moments of love….

Pragya could only give a pathetic face and said ” May be next time for the something….” Abhi ” Its always like that when your sister is around!” Bulbul What something and why u two are always blaming me? Ok whatever it is come now! Dadi is calling both of u!” Abhigya followed Bulbul but were keep on smiling as they had just faced a step for the assurance of their relationship and also for what happened when they were alone…

Bulbul ” Di! U must tell me later what u did just now! I really want to know!” Pragya ” Nothing Bulbul! Once again u spoiled it!” Bulbul ” Again? Whatever it is tell me later as I need to go and see Purab now!” With that Bulbul moved from there Pragya, How bad! Just becoz I will not disturb her she is gg to meet Purab now! I have to tell this to him….only he can handle Bulbul!

Dadi looking at Abhigya ” I need to tell something important to both of u!” 

Even though the moon is miles away from us….our memories of each other is not miles away from us…


For the random OS, I seriously have nothing to say as it was written as an effect of excessive examination trauma (EET)! Ya so sorry for that very very random OS! And Angita may be it can be considered as tongue twister but if that’s so then read the following: 
Deciding decisions to decide decisions is decisive! Lolz this is what happens to me in exams period all crazy things will pop out!

Ok bye for now and have a nice day! I need to sleeeeeeeeeep to cure EET!

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