Is this called love? episode 36

Love and its thoughts…..

Abhi climbed up to the terrace of Pragya’s house. He called her ” Pragya! Come up to the terrace!” Pragya ” Huh? When did u came here?” Abhi ” I need to tell u something important and u faster come up!” Bulbul ” Di! Go na…Jiju wants to romance before engagement! I will manage Ma and others and u go first!” Abhi in phone ” You don’t listen to her! Its not romance and its something important! Faster come up!” Pragya ” Okok! I am coming up!”

Bulbul ” U go first but don’t take too long as Ma will get suspicious!” Pragya ” Ok! I will bring my phone too and u call me if Ma is keep on calling me!”

Pragya went up and saw Abhi looking nervous. She came close to him and asked ” Why are u so nervous?” Abhi ” U look behind as I can’t face u and tell u the truth!” Pragya ” What truth?” Abhi ” Please Pragya! Turn behind and I have to tell u everything now!”

She did as what he asked to do. Abhi beginned to tell the truth…..

It happened right after my graduation. Priya was engaged with someone whom she loved. She was full of dreams with the life that she would live with her fiance…but fate played its games and on the day of wedding he went missing….To avoid the dishonour to family , Priya’s father pleaded me to marry her! I was shocked Pragya as I never in my life imagined Priya as my better half! She was my best friend…I know that she was also deeply shocked and I couldn’t say no to Priya’s dad. And that’s how I married her to save their family’s honour. I lived with her for a short period of time only as both of us knew the relation won’t work out. Then we got legally divorced. The time I lived with her….I could only see her as my friend and nothing else…The same goes for her! Even her dad was upset for making a sudden decision like that but he managed to understand that both of us did not have the love for each other…Love is the base of a relation for husband and wife…..but we had only respect for each other as friends…..

Everything happened so fast and now she is alone as her parents passed away…That is why I feel that I need to take the responsibility of her to make her life safe and secured. I know Pragya all this will be a shock to u now but I don’t want to hide this truth and start my relation with u….I am already related to u but if u think that I have hidden this all the while and now if u feel like leaving me for this….then it’s ok…I take it as a punishment for hiding the most important truth of my life….but without u my life will not have any truths!

He looked down in sadness and was taken aback when Pragya hugged him and placed butterfly kisses all over his face. Abhi looked very confused…Pragya ” How can u say that I will leave u? I love u for who u are now! I was waiting for u to tell all this to me! I know all these from Dadi but I was waiting for u to share all these to me! I want u to share your worries with me! U always said to me that I am silent and I am not that expressive but u are also like that! U don’t really share your worries or pain! U always kept silence when it comes to expressing your worries and pain…Not only happiness should be expressed but sadness too Abhi!” Abhi ” You know all this before? And u were not angry with me for hiding it?” Pragya ” No! As I strongly believed that one day u will tell everything to me!” Abhi ” How can u have that much of faith in me?” Pragya ” You are my faith of life! How can I not believe my faith itself?” Abhi ” I am your faith?” Pragya with tears in her eyes nodded her head…

Abhi hugged her to his chest and said ” I was so scared to tell u everything but u are not even upset for it but instead u are happy that I told u everything!” Pragya ” I will never be upset when u are with me! Your grip of me will never make me slip into the emotion of upset or sadness…” Abhi ” Grip? Am I hugging u that tightly?” Pragya ” Ya but I want this grip throughout my life! I don’t mind it to be tight!” Abhi smiled and said ” Pragya! Your words are just making me to turn crazy and I want to shower more love on u throughout my life! Actually now I feel blessed to love a novel writer as your words are filled with novelty too!” Pragya broke the hug and said ” So now u feel only blessed to love a novel writer? Not for loving Pragya?” Abhi ” Arrey! I love both but your profession is making you to be who you are…especially in the way u express!” Pragya ” Haan may be….but wait we were hugging right just now? Come we shall hug again and I like to be in your hug again!”

They were about to hug but Bulbul was there, ” What hug again? I am trying to call u so many times as Ma is keep on calling and u two want to hug again!!! Di! U can hug him all your life after getting married but now just come down!” Abhi ” Wait na…for the first time my baby is asking me to hug again…u go first and she will be back in a while…” Bulbul came in between them and said ” What baby? And No way! I know the last time when u two hugged it took so long and I had hard time breaking the hug!” Bulbul grabbed Pragya’ s hand dragged her from there as for Pragya she couldn’t say anything and gave a sad face with a pout….Abhi ” It’s ok Pragya! U can hug me in your dreams!” Pragya ” That’s the only way for now!” Bulbul ” Lower down your voice as u are getting down now! Ma can hear u!”

Bulbul, Oh my god! I am stuck between this love birds and these two are always hugging and get lost in their love! Is this called love?

The next day….

As for Priya she was busy preparing for her fashion design assignment that she had got the contract. But she didn’t know that there was something unexpected is expecting for her.

Priya reached the office of organisers and greeted them with a warm smile but after seeing him her smile vanished slowly….

Priya ” You?” Abhiram ” Ya me! Why I can’t be here is it?” Priya, is he like following me? Already i am so irritated with his letter and what if he is here to ask my response! Oh God! Pls save me from this! Abhiram ” Hi Sir! So why did u call me?” Organiser ” I want both of u to work together for this event!” Abhiram and Priya ” What? Why?” Priya ” Why? I mean u dont have confidence in my talent? I can do this all by myself!” Organiser ” I know u can do it and I have the confidence too but u see Abhiram is a well known fashion designer especially in abroad…His designs are very stylish so i want him to work together with u! Pls accept it!” Priya ” Ok sir…but what is his response!” Abhiram ” I am ready for this!” Priya, Ya ya ready to be after me! He is just acting very cool as if nothing happened!

Abhiram ” Priyaji! Can we start our work?” Priya ” Just Priya will do! No need for ji!” Organiser ” Before that i need to ask both of u a very important question!” Both of them looked at him in a look as a sign of him to go ahead with his question. Organiser ” What is love?” Both looked stunned of why is he asking about love now? Priya ” Sir! Why are u asking about love?” Organiser ” Simple! The theme of this event is love and all your designs have to be based on that too! So i want to know what u two feel about love….” Abhiram ” Oic…then let me tell first…Love is a very random feeling…Nobody knows the time when a flower blossoms…The same goes for love…Nobody knows the time when love blossoms in our hearts…
when it happens all the random things around u is like not random anymore….

Priya, What an explanation! This is so random but I felt this way when i was in love! Now what do I say? His thoughts are so different and I should also say something like that…

Priya ” Love is a bond…I don’t know what kind of bond is this but I know it is a bond that is very delicate as a thin string that can easily break at any moment….but the trust in love gives the strength to the string not to break.

Organiser ” Both of ur thoughts are impressive! What I can feel is that both of u understand the depth of love in different ways and that’s what i was expecting for!”

Both of them smiled and Organiser asked them to carry on with their work. Abhiram ” Priya! U were in love right?” Priya ” Ya vaguely and u too right?” Abhiram ” Haan the same vaguely here!” Both headed towards to the cabin to start their work with the thoughts of each other’s words…..

Abhiram, I thought she is a firecracker who is only cracking words like fire but she also have thoughtful thoughts about love….Very true of what she said but I know if i praise her for that then she would over react!

Priya, I am scared! Is he talking about love based on how he felt previously or now?? Shall I ask him?? Omg! What if I am overthinking! But he seems to be normal though…He don’t have any lovely looks towards me! Ok Priya! Calm down and relax! Don’t think about anything else! Just think about work!

Abhi ” You can’t do this to me Pragya!” Pragya ” I can do this Abhoo baby! Everything is fair in love and war!” Abhi ” Don’t use that line! It’s not at all fair to use that in this situation!”

What situation is that?Have to wait for the next update to know that and pls don’t assume I am like uploading my ff in alternate days as it is just a coincidence as I write usually when my mind is not working for studies….so its not a pre-planned decision!

I guess a lot of u were expecting for Abhiram and Priya’s love realisation but still there is time for it to happen. Very soon it will happen in a couple of episodes… So pls wait for it to happen, I won’t drag it as I don’t like dragging too.

Replies to comments:

Varsha: No need to be sorry for not commenting…I am glad that u are reading my ff regularly which is more than enough… So no worries! And ya glad that u enjoyed it!

Mokshi: Thanks for the understanding and appreciation! And also thanks for the wishes for my exam!

Riya: As usual a cute and lovely comment from cutie! Hope u get ur answers for the precap part!

Maahi : As usual ur comment is also a pleasure to me.I dont know whether is it magical…I just hope its logical!

Mukund raj : Thank u for the understanding

Uma: So sorry for confusing u! I just meant that there will be misunderstanding btw Abhigya but not becoz of Priya. Thanks for the appreciation and I am not great enough to write books so I am not writing any books

Somiya: Sense of humour? It’s not that humorous but if u say so then its my pleasure!

Surbhi: I should write poems? U have to be kidding me! I always write lines with rhyming sound lol and all is so funny not that poetic enough! U see today’s one have grip and slip haha.

Sugan: Thank u!

Abhigya: Nice comment from a nice person

Saranya : Always giving me lovely comment! Love u loads sissy!

Prathi: Okok i won’t judge my episodes and will be silent for that from now onwards! Hehe btw thanks for the comment too!

Karthi srithi: Thanks for ur craziness!

Durga: Thank u for your interesting comment too!

Trisha: Thank u for ur appreciation!

Nivetitha: Haha ennakum antha paathu thaan mindla vantichu but it was after reading the epi when it was out in tu! Hehe! No worries for not commenting regularly and its my pleasure that u are reading it even in ur busy schedule! Ur dialogue makes me have mayakkam!

Jessi: Thank u for the wonderful comment

Warning was not given but I will come up with something else to warn u all if my upcoming episodes have something chaotic! This update is also somewhat like……. ok I won’t tell anything just imagine or ignore what I would tell!

Badly missing reading all ffs and Ashinipatel! I don’t know whether u read my ff or not but I used to read yours in india forums! I read it at all at one go! Your writing is what makes me so addicted to your ffs at that time! Now I want to read it again as u are making some changes to the plot but I don’t have the time now! Will surely read it when my exams are over and will also try to comment for each and every episode!

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    ????? I said u to write poetry like the way you wrote I didn’t said that suga please turn into a genuine poet ???? because it gives a smile reading such poems anyways the episode was …..let me tell u wait
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  3. Reshma Pradeep

    PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Dont think that I am Blabbering Something……..YOU R JUST AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&YOUR FF TOO……………..&Todays is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!Especially Pragya’s FAITH on Abhi……..& Abhiram&Priya’s CONCEPT OF LOVE………That just Wowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! & ALL THE VERY BEST FOR UR EXAMS…….DO WELL……..

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  6. Prathi

    Waiting for Abhiram and Priya’s love to blossom as Abhiram said!! And their feel about love its awesome poet Maya !! Guys can anyone tell me why TU is not uploading what I uploaded !? I uploaded twice still no reaction!

    1. Maya

      May be they will upload it later or if not u can drop a message at the contact us section to enquire about this!

      1. Prathi

        Maya, I sent them a query and got a reply too, TU is saying it has been posted earlier. Have you seen it!?Or anybody else!?

      2. Maya

        I went to see the link that u have stated. Did they uploaded under other serial names as u have not mentioned that it is kkb? it happened to me before if i never mention its kkb!

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    U knw just dont knw wats really hppng around me after gng through these lines i feel like Zeeman effect turned out into Spectral effect haha ur confused right lol me too bcoz i am cing nly these linss in my physics book to which i am hvng right now infront of me evrything around me seemed to be soo RANDOM!!!!IN UR MAGIC!!!!nd i was wrong again its abhiram who said the dialgues but i thought priya lol all time i go wrong but nvr expected tht pragz would already knw the truth ur UNEXPECTED ALL THE TIME THEIR LOVE THEIR FAITH OHHH GOD GIRL I CANT TELL THEM I WORDS UR BEYOND AWESOMENESSSS ITS A SPECTACULAR UPDATE nd wats again in precap lol i vil nt guess man nd haha bulbul’s reaction fr their hug its sooo funny keeeep Rocking gggggg sia!!!!!

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