Is this called love? episode 34

Warning: The following update may be not up to any of your expectation as it was written in a mindset of tiredness! Read it at your own risk!

Funny love letter…

Pragya ” I totally forgot to pass u something! Can u come to my home to have it?” Abhi ” Are u sure? What will Auntyji think? I just dropped u and u are asking me to come again!” Pragya ” Ma is not at home so it’s ok!” Abhi ” Oh ok then I will be there soon!”

Abhi arrived at Pragya’s home and he saw Bulbul at the dining area. Abhi ” Where is your di?” Bulbul ” In the kitchen! You just wait here and I will call her!” Abhi ” Ok!” Pragya came and said ” There you go! Your favourite paneer masala!” Abhi ” You cooked for me?” Pragya ” Yes! It’s your favourite naa…Priya told me!” Abhi “Oh ok! Let me have it now!” Abhi ” Hmm…Kaapai!….” Pragya ” What did u say?” Abhi ” Kaapai….” He was still closing his eyes while enjoying the taste of food….Pragya ” What does it mean?” Abhi ” Delicious! In maouri language…I learned that from my friend…” Pragya ” Oh ok! I knew it but I want to hear it from u too!” Abhi ” Btw Thanks for this! It tastes just like the way Priya cooks!” Pragya ” Priya cook for u…but she said her mum usually cooks this and she shares this with u in college…” Abhi ” Ya ya u are correct! I had forgotten about it!” Pragya ” Ok…so now u can leave….” Abhi ” What is this? I want to stay here for a while! Let me finish the whole thing and then I need time for it to digest!” Pragya ” You can have your digestion process on ur way to home too!” Abhi ” No! I need to tell u something too!” Pragya ” What?” Abhi ” I had an idea! Why don’t we write letters to Abhiram and Priya!” Pragya ” Huh? Why we must write?” Abhi ” We write means we write as if they write to each other!” Pragya ” Who is writing letters nowadays! I don’t think this is a good idea!” Abhi ” Old is gold! So this is the traditional way that all lovers do!” Pragya ” If u want to do then u do! Don’t make me involve in this!” Abhi ” I need your help! U need to write it to Priya and I will write to Abhiram!” Pragya ” What?” Abhi ” Yes! Priya knows my handwriting so I can’t write…and if u write may be Abhiram will know ur handwriting! So that’s why I thought of this exchange position!” Pragya ” Like seriously? U have just decided this and u are telling me to do this!” Abhi ” Please Pragya! May be we just write to Priya first and then see her reaction…” Pragya ” Ok fine!”

Pragya took out a paper and pen…Abhi ” You write like what I say…I know u are a novel writer but u don’t know about a man’s feelings…so I will tell u and u write it down…” Abhi started to say…Pragya ” Huh? This is not like a love letter! What are u trying to say…and I don’t even understand!” Abhi ” I am saying na…u don’t understand a man’s feelings…just write like what I say…” Pragya finished writing and read whatever she have written….She only could laugh at what is written….

Abhi ” Don’t laugh! It’s very thoughtful!” Pragya ” Thoughtful? It’s so funny!” Abhi ” People like u who can’t feel a man’s thoughts will find it funny!” Pragya ” I seriously don’t know what to say! Abhoo baby u are so cute….but I think u would be in trouble after Priya reads this!” Abhi ” U are always kidding my talent! Give me the letter and I will post it to Priya!” Pragya ” Abhoo baby! Think again before sending it…” Abhi walked off in anger and never say anything to her….Pragya, He is so cute in anger…but seriosuly the letter is so funny….

Priya got the letter and was fuming with anger…She called Abhi and Pragya to her house….Priya ” What is he thinking of himself! We just met two times and now he is writing love letter to me!” Pragya ” May be its not written to u….by mistake it may have come to u…” Priya ” No! My name is written in it too! And in his so called poem too!” Priya ” Let me read it to u!”

Priya started to read….

Priya Oh my Priya! What maya have u done to me? You have become my life’s maya!

Priya! Oh Priya without u I feel like a bread without kaya (coconut jam)

Priya! Oh Priya! Now u have become my chaya!

Priya ” This is just one portion of the letter and after reading this I have no mood to read the other parts! Did he wrote it in hunger or what? What is thinking that I am Kaya and chaya! Like which idiot will write like this!” Pragya was trying her best to control her laughter while looking Abhi whose face was turning red in embarrassment….

Pragya ” Leave it Priya! May be he was hungry at that time….and he was keep on thinking of food and that is reflected in his letter….” Priya ” This is the worst love letter I have ever received! It’s so irritating!” Abhi ” U pass me the letter Priya!” Priya ” No! I will keep it and will throw at his face!” Abhi was shocked hearing that…Abhi, now u have to get that letter if not it will turn dangerous.. Pragya ” Priya! Can u show me the letter? I want to read it too…” Priya passed the paper to her in frustration and Pragya passed it to Abhi….Priya ” What Pragya! Why did u passed it to him! Now he will not give it back!” Abhi ” I am going to keep this so that u won’t trouble him!” Priya ” I will kill u if u tell about this letter to our friends!” Abhi ” That I will have to think about it!” Pragya ” Don’t worry Priya! I will make sure nothing like that happens!” Priya ” Ok ignore about this irritating letter! Come and have lunch with me! I am gg out! Do u all want to join?” Abhi ” Sorry Priya! Pragya and I need to do shopping for engagement! So we shall catch up later!” Priya said ” Ok sure no prob! And have fun in shopping!” Abhigya smiled and left from there….

Pragya in car was laughing continously which only irritated Abhi….Abhi ” Can u stop it! The lines were creative but u two don’t understand…” Pragya ” What creative? Just because u were keep on eating that day…u were keep on using food names in the letter! I think its the effect of my paneer masala that u had that day!” Abhi ” Then it means it’s your fault!” Pragya ” Excuse me?It’s your funny idea of writing letter and it irritated Priya until she was angry!” Abhi had no mood to argue and remained silent until they saw something shocking in front of them through the car!

Pragya ” That is Purab right?” Abhi ” Haan ya! But why is he talking to him?” Pragya ” May be he thought it was u! And he is talking to him instead!” Abhi ” You don’t make me scared! What if he is telling our plan to him?” Pragya ” When did u tell that to Purab?” Abhi ” Arrey now it is not the time for me to tell about it! Wait let me call Purab!” Abhi called Purab and he answered the call….Purab ” Abhi! I am talking to a important person and I will call u back later!”

Abhi ” Oh so Purab knows its not me…but why is he talking to him?” Pragya ” Just wait! We can ask Purab later about it!” Abhi ” Baby! I was so scared for a moment!” Pragya ” No need to be scared! And u drive in another route where they can’t see us!” Abhigya was drove off towards the shopping mall…Both were in the thoughts of what Purab and Abhiram were talking about….

Abhi ” U never realise that I also send something else to Priya in the name of Abhiram!” Pragya ” What?” Abhi ” Make a guess!” Pragya ” I am very bad at making guesses! Just tell me!” Abhi ” And she never mention about that too…it means she liked it….and don’t want to tell us…” Pragya ” So much of suspense! Can u just tell me what u send?”

What is the something? Pls wait for the nxt update to know that! Thank u for reading this update despite the warning given! I am not sure when I can upload the nxt update…Stuck in exam preparations and hope u all can understand! And ya I am surprised that many of u all like the OS following each other….I found it funny as I was keep on repeating the word follow but u all find it lovely and nice which is my pleasure……

To all those who commented on yesterday’s OS:

Nirmal: Thank you for the nice comment
Riya: Take care cutie! And glad that u find it good!
Asmithaa: Oh that’s very sweet of u tell its beautiful like my name! It’s so nice and thank u!
Trisha: Thank u for finding it wonderful!
Mokshi: Thank u for finding it lovely
Lakshmi: Thank u too for finding it nice!
Angita: Thank u for finding it great!
Durga: Thank u for finding it nice!
Nivethita: Haha no it’s not OS time! Don’t have that expectation as I am totally busy with my boyfriends (studies). They won’t leave me that easily!
Saranya: Glad that u are able to understand but I still don’t understand why I wrote the OS! Haha
Ashitha: Thank you for finding it nice and complimenting my writing!
Maahi: I am making u crazy ah? Haha ok fine I don’t how to reply to that! No! My brain cannot be under maintenance now! It needs to work at this crucial point of time!
Somiya and Prathi: You two don’t mind following me ah? It’s my pleasure that u two don’t mind following me (as in my writings) haha

Once again thank u for the wonderful appreciation for Direction of love OS! All the comments given were truly amazing and overwhelming to me! To Pinky no need to be so angry until u want to kill! haha but ya what to do? A student’s life is like that but after this it will be even more difficult so have to enjoy this phase to the fullest!

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  1. Really unexpected update???? so cute and funny love letter???❤❤??such an lovely epi????as usual rocking ???and rock ur xamss too ???All the best ????

  2. Hey 2day I realised whenever writer saying some warning r anythg lk tz episode s not up to ur expectations thn I shd read tat episode 1st coz really today’s episode s awesome n amazing n funny I just laughed a lotttttttttttt my mom sitting near me while reading tat poem lyrics thought tat o got mad even she kept viputhi(tilak) tat somethg happened to me coz while reading ff I won’t sit next to her so she dint saw my reaction till now when I saw ur warning thn today’s episode will b somewhat OK so I sat next to her while reading I can’t control my laugh so she reacted lk tz way really yaar its really funny n I just enjoyed to the core…???

  3. Superb ya…i have doubt.Priya know everything about this will create misunderstanding b/w abhigya

  4. Riyashri

    Hilariously Hilarious !! Funny Love Letter is Awesomagingggly Awesomaginggg !
    Abhi is Superbbbbbbb yaar ! Kya kya Ideas u r getting that too in your tiredness …. Hats off to your Wonderful Talent !! Seriously I Loved this very very very sooooo sooo sooo much !!!
    The Whole Update was Just Superbbbbly Written ! LUFE Sweetie ! Take Care ! Rest Well ! Enjoy

    1. Riyashri

      Enjoy and Hav a Great Time with your Boyfriends !???? And if they trouble u then warn them telling abt Your IB !???? Well u know wat it means ! But seriously Your IB can’t do anything ! As she is also in the same situation dealing with soo many Bff ! Just Take Care !? Do well in Your Exams !! ??
      Waiting eagerly for the next post to know the thing that he gave !! ?

  5. Saranya24

    Lol akka abhi’s lettr was???but lpved it love u akka???

  6. Very funny dr. I was keep on laughing superb

  7. Prathi

    Poor Abhi, Pragya just don’t understand his hunger!! Feed him more good food Yaar !! Hilarious letter enjoyed it Maya

  8. Super..funny..

  9. super suga

  10. Awesome episode??! Enjoyed it a lot! Especially abhi’s letter!????lol it was hilariously hilarious!??

  11. I took the risk yaar…. ?????. It’s really nice and interesting… That part of letter u described is really funny… ?????

  12. let me decide whether to laugh or to appreciate so let me tell you I appreciate u daily but today let me laugh ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? kaya maya chhaya ???????????????????????? warning ???????????????? maar dala re ……..
    I need a massage of my cheeks now as they are paining laughing this much but believe me episode was ???????????????

  13. Now i wanna say o maya what maya have you done to me lol ??????????????????????????????? the letter lol! Abhi must be hungry ??? and your warning was more funnier than letter, read at your own risk ?????? seriously you made me laugh so much! This was amazing update and now my curiosity has increased for the pre recap so let’s wait ?

  14. Maahi

    ya ya yaya ya ya maya chaya kaya ohhhh ya Its cmlptly aaa yaaainnngggg update lol funny me blabbering stupidly but afte tht poem i am seriously remembering one song chal chayyya chayya chayyya my fav song dr my sweetheart reaction fr priya expression omg its sooo funnny to imagine ur hilariously hilarious velll ur direction of love is a direction to magical world so dont wonder abt tht cmnts bcoz Woh tho ana hii ha kyuki meri IB jho likhi hei Seriously didnt expected tht u vil update but u made my exhausted night to a rocking yaya one now nly ya ya maya dreamzzzz my IB rockzzzz awsome girl inrstnh precap!!!

  15. nice episode please make.abhigya merraige and give some romance abhigya

  16. nice episode please make.abhigya merraige and give some romance seane of abhigya

  17. Trisha

    Wow! This epi was awesome…n so funny?????….I loved it???
    Keep up the brilliant writing my dear…take care.

  18. Pinky15

    The warning must be like this ‘warning: if u read this update u will fell in love with it’ really this epi is awesome and that letter is so funny ???

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