Is this called love? episode 33


Plans in love…..

Abhi ” Priya! Please! Now he may not be as rude as yesterday!” Priya ” No way! He was so rude! U should have seen his face! He asked me as if he is a police officer asking a culprit! Don’t force me and I don’t want to meet him again to spoil my mood!” Abhi ” Ok fine! Then let him get the contract for fashion design and u keep on work for small events…” Priya ” What? He is there for the contract too!” Abhi “Yes and of course his designs should be good as well!” Priya “Why do u say like that?” Abhi “You were the one keep on saying that he wears stylishly! That means his designs should be good too!” Priya ” It was just a complement to his dressing style but that doesn’t mean he is talented enough to win over my designs!” Abhi ” Then prove it!” Priya ” I am going to prove it! And u will see who is going to win!” Abhi ” Priya! It would be better if u stop talking and get ready for it! Pragya and me will drop u at the venue!”Priya went off to her room giving a stern look to Abhi.

Pragya called Abhi ” You managed to make Priya agree to it?” Abhi ” Anything is possible by Abhi! Don’t u know that?” Pragya ” Don’t just boast for such a small thing that u have done!” Abhi ” Hey it’s not a small thing at all! Making Priya agree is like a mission with a lot of actions in it!” Pragya ” Huh? I don’t get you!” Abhi ” Very soon u will understand baby!” Pragya “Ok Abhoo baby!” Abhi ” Again that Abhoo thing! Can u just call me baby instead?” Pragya ” How can I? U are calling me baby then I should call u something different! And it’s Abhoo baby!” Abhi ” Ok I won’t call u baby anymore!” Pragya ” But I will call u Abhoo baby!” Abhi ” Who will save me from this Abhoo baby name?” Pragya chuckled and said ” No one can save u as u are my one and only Abhoo baby!” Abhi ended the call and smiled….Abhi, actually it’s kind of cute too…but only when she says it….when I say that it only reminds me of boo! Pragya, Again he ended the call but anyways I will be seeing him soon! I need to give something to my Abhoo baby too!

Abhi and Priya picked up Pragya from her home and drove off to the venue where the bid for contract was gg to take place.

Priya told everything to Pragya that happened on that day with Abhiram at the mandhir….

Pragya ” Priya! It happens na…I mean it’s just a misunderstanding!” Priya ” You also don’t talk like Abhi! He just made me lose face! And u know there were people around there thinking that we were lovers fighting with each other!” Pragya ” How can u think that they were thinking like that?” Priya ” I am not thinking that way! I heard a lady saying nowadays lovers are arguing even in mandhirs!” Pragya ” Priya! Don’t get angry for this! Now it’s your chance to prove that u can win him!” Priya ” Yes u are right! I will beat him with my talent!”

Abhigya dropped her at the venue and waited outside until the event got completed.

A few hours later…
Priya ran towards where Pragya was standing near a restaurant….

Pragya ” Why do u have to run like this?” Priya ” It’s because of him!” Pragya ” What did he do?” Priya ” I need water! Let’s go inside the restaurant!” Priya after drinking water and relaxed a bit told what happened to Pragya….

Pragya ” For this u ran like this?” Priya ” He was so rude! And I just want to run after talking to him as a way to divert my mind!” Pragya ” He was not rude na….He gave up the contract to u as he felt u deserve it more!” Priya ” No! It was just out of sympathy that I am a girl and there was not many lady fashion designers in the bid!” Pragya ” If u think like that then it’s up to u….Ok let me ask some questions and u see if he was rude to u or not?” Priya ” Ok fine!” Pragya ” Did he gave any stern looks like in mandhir?” Priya ” No….He was keep on smiling at me… But how can he give a stern look at a public event?” Pragya ” Wait! I haven’t finished asking u!” Priya ” Then move on to next question…” Pragya ” Did he came near u to talk?” Priya ” No! But I talked to him!” Pragya ” Why?” Priya ” That irritating organiser made me talk to him! But he talked politely to me….” Pragya ” Did he talked about that day?” Priya ” No! But he just mentioned that I am a fire cracker!” Pragya laughed and said ” That is true! And did he laughed while telling that?” Priya ” No! He didn’t…and it made me irritated!” Pragya ” You see Priya! I think he have forgotten and may be he had a good impression on your work and he also gave up the contract for u….” Priya ” I am so confused now! Why does he have to do that?” Pragya ” You ask him that…not me!” Abhi came there and winked at Pragya….

Priya ” I am leaving now….so confused with his behaviour….” Abhi ” Shall I drop u?” Priya ” It’s ok Abhi! I shall take a taxi! I want to leave alone….”

Abhigya stayed in the restaurant while looking at Priya leaving from there….

Abhi ” U know what I can’t imagine that he behaved that way!” Pragya ” It’s all because of ur pre-planning!” Abhi ” Do u think he might have feelings for Priya?” Pragga ” May be or may be not!” Abhi ” What kind of answer is this?” Pragya ” How would I know? U just made someone to tell him that this Priya’s last bid for contract ever! If she never gets then she will never ever take up any designing assignments….and he got disturbed by that fact and he just behaved politely towards her….” Abhi ” Ya true but this is the only way right? If not how to make him notice her?” Pragya ” But once again u are lying which is not good!” Abhi ” I am not lying….I am just covering up the truth with a fact….” Pragya ” How do u come up with this kind of lines?” Abhi ” It’s all your training baby!” Pragya ” Really? Then it’s ok Abhoo baby!” Abhi ” Oh I failed to realise the effect of calling u baby man!” Pragya ” It’s not only effect but is a form of affection!” Abhi ” Ok let’s leave now…we have a lot to do!” Abhigya left from there….so what’s their next plan? To know that wait for the nxt update!

Maahi and to others wondering who is Priya like….Imagine Priya’s character played by actress Ragini khanna….

Durga: Ok thanks for the understanding and I won’t tell like that!

And loads of thanks to all silent and non- silent readers!

Bye for now and have a nice day!

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