Is this called love? episode 32


Meetings at mandhir…..
Pragya at mandhir….
Pragya, I am very sure he will help me but why do I feel that something bad is going to happen? Or is it just my thoughts? I can’t tell him about this feeling as he is already making a lot of efforts…. I don’t want to make him worried….What can I do now? Oh God! Please don’t make anything bad to happen for now! As how he wishes where everybody around us to be filled with happiness, it’s also my wish! Please make this wish of ours to be true!
With that prayers she was about to leave and someone patted her back….
It was Priya, Pragya “Hi Priya! How are you?” Priya “I am fine! How are you? And how is the preparations of engagement is going on?” Pragya “Abhi informed you about that? It’s going fine but….” Priya “But what?” Pragya “Nothing Priya! You first go and do prayers!” Priya “Ok but you just wait for me…I want to tell you something about Abhi!” Pragya “Ok sure Priya!”
After doing her prayers, Priya sat beside where Pragya was sitting….

Priya “Now I will tell you something about Abhi and you have to tell about what you were about to tell but didn’t tell me!” Pragya “ Priya! What is this? You mean like give and take policy? You give me info about Abhi and Take from me what I was thinking!” Priya “Ya ya! you are absolutely correct!” Priya “Abhi loves to eat paneer masala….and every time after eating that he would tell one word!” Pragya “What word?” Priya “Kapai!” Pragya “What’s that?” Priya “I also don’t know the meaning too! You try asking him!” Pragya “Okok I will surely find what is behind the word! It means you cook for him paneer masala too?” Priya “Not really…My Ma used to cook that and whenever I bring it for lunch to college, I would share it with him!” Pragya “Oh I see!” Priya” Now you tell me what were u thinking just now!” Pragya “Nothing much Priya….I was just feeling something bad is going to happen for quite some time….but after coming here I am feeling better and of course hearing something about Abhi, it makes me feel better too!” Priya “Abhi, will always make you happy as his character is that he can’t see anyone around him to be sad and I am one of the example!” Pragya “I know that too!” Priya “What u know about me?” Pragya “That u are living alone and don’t want to live under anybody’s shelter….” Priya “Yes! That’s true! But still I am having his friendship as a big pillar of support!” Pragya “Ok Priya! Thanks for the info about him and I will catch up with u later as I am already late!” Priya “Ok bye Pragya and take care!” Priya saw Pragya going off….

Priya, It’s like they two are made for each other….and I can understand what is the bad thing that u are feeling would happen……but I won’t let it happen at any cost! Abhi suffered so much because of me! And I don’t want him to suffer again before anything like that happens I must do something! Only god should give me the courage to do that!
When Priya was leaving the mandhir, she saw Abhi there with his bike…..
Priya, when did he start to come to mandhir? She looked closely…Oh this is the other Abhi! He wears even very stylishly to mandhir….And the Abhi I knew never drives bike now….let me see how he prays….Priya was keep on looking at him and he noticed that too….
After doing his prayers….he came where Priya was sitting down….Abhiram “Do you know me?” Priya “No!” Abhiram “ Then why were u keep on looking at me?” Priya “Excuse me! How can u say I was looking at u?” Abhiram “As I saw you looking at me!” Priya “Then I also can say that you were looking at me!” Abhiram “No! I was not keep on looking at you!” Priya “Really? You looked at me and that’s why u know that I was looking at u!” Panditji who was hearing their loud voices “ I think both of u are not here to look at the god! If u two want to look at each other then should have gone to some park or beach!” Both of them were lost for words to respond and walked past each other in opposite directions in anger…..
Priya, so rude! I will not leave him when I meet him next time! Yes I looked at him but for that he shouldn’t have asked me about it in this way! Is he thinking I am after him? Whatever it is next time I won’t spare him from my beating!
Abhiram, She just made my peace to be gone! If she is coming to this temple then next time, I won’t even come here! Who wants to look at this talkative person? Only she have to look at herself!

Pragya saw Priya running towards her…..Priya “ I saw him again! and he is so……”

I have seen all your comments and realise that u all find it unexpected of Priya was Abhi’s wife…Then it means you all have to expect even something that is unexpected too in this story as I felt that so far this has been establishing Abhigya’s love and it’s kind of very pleasant….. I felt that way but in reality it is not like that….haha I also don’t know why i am keep on repeating the word reality…may be because nowadays i am watching reality shows haha…But once again there will be no separation but there will be pain and how will the pain lead to a pleasant feeling is the crux of the story…..

Durga and actually to those who feel the songs are unnecessary: Take care of your health Durga! Rest well and there is no hurry to read my ffs, it’s always there and get well soon and read it with full of energy after u have recovered! About the songs part that you have said… It’s ok I can understand why u felt that way but all the songs that i have used is to express the situations or the character’s emotions to a next level…sometimes u know I am not that good in expressing in words so I just borrow the ideas from songs….Actually I want u all to see the English translation of the song more than the original language I used as that is what I want to express…Then u all may wonder why can’t I just use that but it’s not fair right? It’s not my lines…it’s not originally from my thoughts…so that’s why I add the original version of the song together with English translation…..In conclusion, it’s like half my burden is reduced in thinking of the words to express the emotions if i am using the songs… that’s why I am saying I am not that good at writing! May be what I will try is to use songs only in important situations from now onwards….That’s what I can do for now. Hope u all can understand my pathetic mind!

Rosy: No problem! I can understand as I am also busy with my studies too so that’s why I have only restricted myself to writing. Your queries and concerns regarding the story will be answered in the upcoming updates…I can’t reveal much for now….
To all the others who have commented: Thank u all for the support and understanding! Badly missing reading all ffs but ya I must do this sacrifice for now….And Tisha thanks for mentioning about my ff! You are fabulous actually I no need to mention about that…Everyone knows that! And if u are reading this…I just got to know that u are same age as me! Some may be wondering how did I know so many things without reading her ff? I have a kind hearted soul who told all about this to me! Thanks to her! Kind hearted souls like her please update me with what is happening in TU….Thank u for the continuous support

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  1. Maahi

    omg omg sia dizz was fabulous haha panditjii telling lookat god r else go to beach my god girl ur hilarious u just rocked itt nd wat is dizz kapai now i wonder hope u vil answer tht nd dont wrry abt anything dr u just write venever u hv time nd nvr dare again to say tht ur not a good writer keeep ur so calld self analyzing mode with uuu yaar u nvr change QOS nd yaar abhiriya love is also magical which gonna start as like abhigya my all rome fav love haha precap seeems to b sooo intrstng nd dr may i knw who is portraying priya role dr ur awesome magical keep rocking dr IB ROCKZZZZ!!!!

  2. Superb Maya very nice

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  4. Maya

    Will post today’s epi later as i am having clg until very late? there is mentor-mentee meeting today! ???

    1. Maya

      Lately* not later

  5. Riyashri

    Superbbbbbb!! Priya is so understanding! Love her character too…
    Take care Sweetie! Love u!

  6. Nice episode yaar really superb n awesome n now I’m fine yaar thn I can understand tat u want to express the feeling by the way of songs here after I vl try to read it thn don’t even say tat u r not good @ writing u r an extraordinary writer I really love ur way of writing soooo don’t say lk tat na…

  7. Superb!

  8. Saranya24

    Lovely akka waiting fr the twists love u???

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