Is this called love? episode 31

The hidden truth….

Pragya was curious….
She knows that Abhi told her that Priya is his distant relative…but what she found curious is that why is she living alone…when she went to her house there was no sign of her other family members…not only that she was very much concerned about Dadi but Dadi never mentioned about her at all…why is that so? She decided to ask Abhi directly…

She met Abhi at a restaurant….
Pragya ” I am curious about something!” Abhi ” What?” Pragya ” Why is Priya staying alone? I mean where is her family?” Abhi ” Her parents have passed away and she prefers to live alone..” Pragya ” But you could have insisted her to stay with u all right? As your house is so big and after all she is your friend too!” Abhi ” I have told her many times but she just prefers to stay alone!” Pragya ” Oh I see…” Abhi ” We didn’t even mind when my uncle and aunty whom we don’t really like wanted to stay with us…but fortunately they are now staying in overseas now…then of course we don’t have any issues with Priya staying with us too!” Pragya ” Why is she like that?” Abhi ” I am also not sure about that! And Pragya! I have to leave now! I just remembered that I have a practise session with my band members!” Pragya ” Okok! U carry on! I am also leaving as I have to go to mandir later!”

Abhi, Pragya! How can I tell u that she is not my distant relative…she is not my friend…but she was my wife! That’s why she can’t stay in my house now! I want to bring happiness in her life and hopefully it happens through Abhiram…..I am also responsible for what she is facing now…..Whatever happened between us was totally unexpected! I am scared Pragya what if I tell u now that she was my wife? Will you leave me? I know it’s my past but still it will affect u right? I want to postpone our marriage as I have the responsibility to make her life filled with happiness…Until now I am not able to believe that how can a most important step in my life like marriage happened all of a sudden! She was also in shock and was unable to accept it….Both of us know that we are not made for each other….

Then why did all that happened? I feel whatever happened was to make me take the responsibility over her and make her life safe and secured! She is also like Abhiram…who had missed her love…especially at the day of her wedding….until now she have that pain in her and although she is trying her best to forget that pain…but I know she still feels it and once again it is my duty to get rid of her pain…I am very sorry Pragya for hiding this truth but I have no choice….Will u accept me after knowing the truth? I am really scared of the outcome of revealing the truth to u….I can’t leave her without giving her happiness and at the same time I can’t live without u as you are my happiness…..What can I do now? Am I doing the right thing? Who will I get answer for my questions that is only complicating our relation?

So how was the twist? In reality, marriages between lovers can occur quickly or slowly…It depends on their individual preferences or the kind of situations that they face…So in the case of Abhigya here, they will face the kind of situations that will not separate them but will make them find their way in life especially their way to marriage…..

Please try to accept my short updates from now on…as I am damn tired nowadays…So sorry for that!
I finally managed to reply to all in the previous update…so here is the link for that:

As for the OS it was very random from my side as the current track of kkb made my sweet memories of Abhigya to be lost! So this is the main reason for me to make Abhigya lose their memories! Haha…. I have replied to all too so here is the link for that :

The OS give me more time… I will continue it and end it in a single update itself…..Hope u all can wait for it! Thank u!

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  1. Oh my god super twist ….I think pragya will feel soo confused after hearing this

  2. Riyashri

    Kya ??????? Priya is Abhi’s wife ah ????? ?Bigggggggggggggggggggggggg Wala Twist ka !!?? U r truly Unbelievable !!!??? I did not even hav 1 percent of that kind of expectation !!! ??
    That’s really shocking !!!? And…….”I can’t leave her without giving her happiness at the same time I can’t live without u as u r my happiness “…… Amazingggggggg Thought !! ???Loved this line sooo much……???????????
    I am now totally shocked so right now I need time to recover as My Mind is not working !! ?
    U r tooo tired na….Take Good Rest !!? I can understand ! And thanq for updating !! ??I can surely wait for your Os ! ?Take Care Sweetie !!??? Love u Loads !!?

  3. Superb!! It was unexpectedly unexpected!! So now I am eagerly waiting for the next part!!

  4. OMGGGGGGG wat a twist???? really i didn’t expect ? lovely epi ???wat will be pragya’s reaction after knowing abhi’s truth and ur OS s just lovely and amazing try to update it and eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi ? keep rocking ????

  5. Sabeenia

    Oh god…….no….such a big twist……

  6. Really really really awesome episode n especially a big sorry yaar to not comment n say any opinion abt the song used by u in ff whether u expect my comment r not u don’t know bt I just want to say sry coz of health issue my mom taken my mobile NW my frd call me to ask abt my health so my mom gave bt she forgot to get back??? so I’m using tz time to read ff n to give comments thn yeah last episode s really awesome bt today’s episode sema shocking n really really unexpected one yaar thn song actually I don’t lk using full songs in between ff by writers sooo if I say anything abt song na plzzzz use only 2-5 lines yaar its my opinion if I say anything wrong sry…thn today’s episode s really awesome n interesting n eagerly waiting for next part

  7. Saranya24

    Great mayaji loved it a lot love u loads????

  8. Aditiroy

    Really super…..

  9. Hey Suga Sema epic.. both of them past in believable…. waiting for next update… and no problem if u can’t able to give long update wat matter is u r updating even in ur busy schedule also……

  10. Trisha

    Wow! What a twist!t???…Didnt see that one coming?
    Awesome epi dear…????…Awaiting the next epi…

  11. Nice episode .yr…!! Abhi is already married?? So that was the reason for postpone of their marriage?? OMG I hope the reason of Abhi’s past is genuine n pragya should not end up in misunderstanding him when she knows the truth.I also wish Abhigya’s plan should succeed coz its success will bring happiness in two lives.hoping for the only I read ur previous epi n also commented I hope u ll hav a look at it.its ok if u give short updates but plz try to give regular updates atleast.take care.

  12. It was awesome I loved it to the core

  13. Semma twist da.unexpected

  14. Maahi

    omg my four eyes had elaborated to 16 man!!! i was like haaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn????after cing dizzz twist my god no one can expect dizzz sia ur truly UNPREDICTABLE ND IMPOSSIBLE SIA my mind is nt working now but all the way dizz a best twist evr had nd wanna tell u tht

    And…….”I can’t leave her without giving her happiness at the same time I can’t live without u as u r my happiness

    in love with dizzz ur magical thoughts no one can think like uu sia u rock evry nano second lol physics came here as i am writing my notes now haha but reallllllllllyyyyyy cant wait more but u r awesome dr lv uuu fr ur dizzz magic tooo!!!awesome

  15. Nice episode with an unexpected twist… I thought priya was his lover like abhiram… I didn’t expected that she was his wife…. Real kkb lost its charm…

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