Is this called love? episode 30


For you my dear….

Abbigya reached her house….
Abhi ” Let’s do it!” Pragya ” Hmm have to do it!” They both entered the house and waited for her to arrive….

She arrived and from the kitchen and saw them with a surprised look…..
Abhi ” Hi! I am Abhi and she is Pragya!” She ” Are u kidding me? I know you and who is she?” Abhi ” Priya! I told u na…she is Pragya!” Priya ” Pragya! So sorry! I am very bad at remembering names!” Pragya ” It’s ok! Shall we talk for a while?” Priya “Sure! He had told me that both of u all want to talk to me about something! Please wait! I will be back after finishing my work in kitchen!”

Abhi ” Ok take your time Priya!” Priya ” Thank u! I will be back soon!”
Abhigya were waiting for Priya at the living room.

Priya arrived there with coffee for them…
Abhi ” I missed this coffee for so long man! It’s heavanly!” Pragya ” Yes it tastes very good!” Priya ” Thank u! But it’s just the normal way that everybody makes coffee!” Abhi ” I know you don’t like to accept compliments!” Priya ” Ok tell me why both of u all have come to meet me?” Abhigya were hesistant to tell….Abhi ” Hmm it’s actually about…” Pragya ” Faster tell her…” Abhi ” Wait! I am trying to tell…” Priya ” I am waiting guys! So take your time!” Abhi ” Ok I will tell everything and u tell me your opinion!” Priya ” Ok sure!” Abhi told everything that had happened so far…..Priya after listening to it was in deep thoughts…. Pragya ” Priyaji! What are u thinking about?” Priya ” Strange…as in both of u are very strange…Usually if someone does like this they would complain to police that he is disturbing u all! But both of u are thinking about him? How to help him? That’s strange…and something very different!” Abhi ” There is nothing strange Priya! We want to have our love life with everyone around us to be happy…and we can see clearly that he is unhappy because of our love….but he is not expressing it…that makes us understand how much of pain he is going thorugh…” Priya ” Yes u are right! Hey he really looks like u? Is it? Or u are just kidding me?” Abhi ” Why must I be kidding u? Wait I have his photo in my phone! I will show u that!” Abhi showed his image and Priya ” Oh ya he looks like exactly like u but only different is his dressing style…It looks more stylish!” Abhi ” Like seriously?” Priya “Ya u said he is fashion designer right? That’s why his dressing style is so good!” Pragya ” Yes Priyaji!” Abhi ” Hello! Both of u all stop admiring his dressing style and come back to the point!” Priya ” What point?” Pragya ” Priyaji! The point is….You must love him…” Priya ” What? How can I?” Abhi ” Please Priya! You are single na…you can give this a try!” Priya ” Hey love is not something to be planned…it have to happen naturally…” Pragya ” We know but u see we don’t have any other choice…” Priya ” I can try talking to him…may be he can take my advice! I can do that as I am also a fashion designer…so i can somehow try to meet him!” Abhi ” It’s not about that Priya!” Pragya ” Yes! It’s not about that! For him to forget me…something new must enter his life! Which can be u…” Priya “You see Pragya! I have my own dreams and I don’t want to get affected by this! I can help u in talking to him but apart from that I can’t do anything….” Abhigya “Ok thank u for that…” Priya ” Both of your face have turned so small! But who knows may be I will have feelings for him after talking to him?” Abhigya ” Really?” Priya ” You two can at least have that hope right?” Abhigya ” Ya sure we will have it!” Priya laughed at both of their reactions….

Priya ” His name is Abhiram right?” Abhi ” You see u remember his name! It means it’s love…u can finally remember names!” Priya ” Excuse me! It’s a very short name! And anyone can remember!” Pragya “Priyaji just ignore him! He is always like that!” Priya ” Pragya! U can just call me Priya! I am not that old!” Abhi ” Who said u are not that old? Until now u never find a love for yourself! I think u are too old already and also lost interest in love itself!” Priya ” Ya ya! I know why u are telling like this!” Pragya ” Abhi! It’s already late! Bulbul just texted me that Ma is asking us to come to home…” Abhi ” Ok Priya we need to leave and u try to talk to him as soon as possible…inform me before u are going to meet him…” Priya ” Sure! I will make it soon as possible to help both of u all! And…how is Dadi?” Abhi ” She is fine and she misses u! But as usual she is not expressing it!” Priya “I know that too…” Abhi ” Ok u don’t worry too much and everything will be fine soon….” Priya smiled in response and hugged Abhigya before they left….
Priya, I wish I can help both of u all….I am also interested to meet him as he reminds me of the pain that I have faced too…..

Abhigya reached Pragya’s home….
As they entered the house, they could feel the atmosphere was a bit intense…
Abhi ” Dadi…” Dadi ” Do u still remember that i am your Dadi?” Abhi ” Dadi! Why are u telling like that! I know I have made mistake of hiding the truth…but we were in such a situation and that’s we had to do like that….” Pragya “Yes Dadi! Don’t get angry for this!” Dadi ” You also remained silent that day…and poor Purab! I have scolded him so badly! Now I am going to give punishment to both of u all!” Abhigya ” We accept whatever it is!” Dadi ” Get married!” Abhigya ” No!” Dadi ” Again No!” Abhi ” No means not no…I mean no for now! Not so soon!” Dadi ” Why?” Pragya ” I will tell the reason!” Abhi ” No Pragya!” Pragya ” Enough of hiding the truth Abhi! It’s nothing wrong to tell the truth to our family!” Pragya explained everything leaving Sarla ma and Dadi to shock….
Sarla ma ” I seriously feel that u two are involving in unnecessary things! He is not at all disturbing us! He just silently came here and as time goes by he will know that Pragya is going to get married to u…and after that he will forget everything…” Dadi ” Yes I also agree with Sarlaji! Whatever u two are trying to do is just a waste of time….” Abhi ” No Dadi and Auntyji! What we are trying to do is not only to help him but also show him a way that he can still fall in love….” Dadi ” But what’s the use of doing all these?” Abhi ” Dadi! You are the one who told me that whenever we can we should help those who are around us…especially help them to be happy! It’s the most beautiful thing that a person can do…” Dadi who was now sitting down looked at Abhi….Abhi kneeled down to where Dadi was sitting and said ” We don’t want to start our love life with unhappiness around us…even if the unhappiness is from a person who don’t really affect our relation…” Dadi ” So what are u saying finally?” Abhi ” We are ok with engagement for now…but marriage is only after we find a solution to his problem which is helping him to find another love…” Dadi ” Ok fine! But don’t take too long! Saralji what do u say for this?” Sarla ma ” What can I say? I am totally surprised by their thoughts…and I am glad at least they agree for the engagement!” Dadi ” Me too! I never expected my Abhi will be so thoughtful…..and yes I will talk to panditji to fix an auspicious date for the engagemnent!” Dadi and Abhi were about to leave after all the discussion….

Pragya asked Dadi’s permission to talk to Abhi for a while…and Dadi agreed to that…Abhigya went to the terrace to talk…
Abhi ” Are u happy now?” Pragya ” Thank u!” Abhi ” You should say love u instead…It will be better!” Pragya ” Do I have to say that?” Abhi ” Why not?” Pragya ” You know that I love u!” Abhi ” I know! But it will be better if u tell it again and again…” Pragya ” I love u as I know whatever u are doing is all for me!” Abhi “Love u too! And it’s always for you my dear!” They hugged each other tightly to express their tight love…

Chinnadana neekosam plays as their imagination song….

Ho terebin jaana kuchu bhi nahii mai
ishq me mai deewanaa
O my dear, I’m nothing without you….
I’m mad in your love…..
aaile aaile aaile aailebaaa
nannanana aailebaa
nannanana aailebaa
nannanana nanana tandanatanana
nanana tandanatanana

ooo adire adiree ne nallani kaatuka kalladiree
adire adire na manase edure chuse chinnadana neekosam (x4)
Sensational! Your dark kohl laced eyes are sensational.
My heart is eagerly waiting for you, my dear…
For you my dear….

nachave nachave antondi manase nimisham
eedaina eemaina vechunna nenu chinnavada neekosam
chinnavada neekosammm
matalanni neekosam…mounam antha neekosam
My heart says I love you….
Come what so ever I’II wait for you, my love….
For you my love…
My words and my silence if for you only…

Ooo kuvane koiyila undade raayila kotha paata paaduthondilaaa
teeyani haiyilo teelani gaaliloo pellidaka parichayam elaa
Cukoo will not keep quiet and is singing new songs….
Let this flight in the world of bliss carry on till our marriage….

heyy etuvaipellina nee ninne cheeranaa
melipeduthu ela mudipadiponaa
oo jaji komme na chelli jaavalilee padenuroo
prema ante anthe roo anni vinthe roo
veekuvantha neekosam
vennelantha neekosamm
uusulanni neekosam
uupirundi neekosamm
Where ever I may go, I’II reach you only…
May I entangled with you forever…
My love is fragrant flower spreading fragrance around me….
Love is like that….
Everything is wonderful…
Mornings are for you…
Moonbeam is for you…
Sweet things is for you…
My life is for you….

Ooo prema pusthakalalo lene leni poolika raayatam kadu teelika
maatale ravu ga mouname haayiga bhavamaithe booledundigaaa
It’s not easy to write a simile that’s not written in love stories…
Words have gone silent and silence is magical, feelings are plenty…

nee navve suutiga telipinde raayikaa
challe tikamaka alluku poovee
hoo galilone raasina mana prema ithe chedaradulee
alala aduguna munigina teeram cheerunulee
Your smile is saying it loudly, my dear…
Enough of confusion and be mine…
Even if our love is written in air, it won’t fade…
Though drowned in waves, it’ll reach the shore…

khadal ina neekosam neekosam
prema ina neekosam neekosam
love you ina nekosam neekosam
ishq ina neekosam neekosammm
My love is for you…
For you…

Bulbul ” Hmm…love birds! It’s time to end your hug as Dadi want to leave now…” Abhigya were still hugging each other lost in their love….Bulbul, You two can’t listen to me right? Ok I know what to do! Bulbul “Di! He is here! Abhiram is there!” Pragya immediately broke the hug and looked around everywhere…Bulbul laughed at them and said ” You two are so funny! Got scared right? Come down now! Dadi is calling both of u all!” Pragya” I am going to kill you Bulbul! You destroy our lovely moment!” Abhi ” I will join u too!” Bulbul ” Ya u two can kill me but before that you two must be alive as now Dadi can kill both of u!” Abhi ” Why? Did Dadi called us? Why u never tell us this before?” Bulbul ” I am telling this for so long but you two were deeply involved in the lovely hug!” Abhigya blushed and got embarrased hearing that. They quickly moved away from there…..

So what’s next? Something filled with…….Who is this Priya? It will be known in the upcoming updates!

Reflection time: This is episode 30 and what I feel is I am not sure what u all expect from here! If u all have the time…please do tell me, even if it is a single word to describe what u all expect will help me a lot! And one more thing if anything that u all like or dislike about this ff…please do tell me! It will also help me a lot to write according to all your preferences and also based on my imagination & thoughts! You all can take your time to tell me too…I will be waiting with the hopes that I will get answers…
The songs I use, I can’t avoid them but whenever u all feel it’s not apt or irritating, please do tell me as I can try to do something about it! Once again thank u for each and every person who spent their precious time in commenting to my ff so far…. It’s my priceless pleasure to read them and have the opportunity to feel all your support! And of course silent readers…some of u all messaged me and showed your appreciation! It means a lot to me! And I do understand that some of u all who used to comment regularly are busy now so no need to feel sorry for not commenting regularly!

Reshma: All the best for your exams and I saw your comment in previous update! I am really grateful to u as I know you are one of them like Durga…who comment not only now but right from my first ff! I do remember all the names of whoever commented in all my ffs……and I do feel bad when someone is missing in commenting but I will convince myself that may be they have turned silent readers or may be they are very busy or maybe they feel it’s not worth their time to read what I am writing….But to be positive I will always hope that it would be the first and second reasons…….But ya it can be the third one too…At times truth is bitter and is hard to accept so I have convinced myself with the reasons that I feel…My thoughts may be wrong but I feel it sounds right in my point of view.

Emmy: Glad that u are back! Yes I just messaged u to ask how are u now? And hope u are fine and of course it’s my pleasure that u are reading my ff! I also do read yours but from today onwards I won’t be able to read any ffs regularly as I am busy now in both studies and my household chores!

Yes guys! My exams are two weeks away and I have decided not to read any ffs for now! I can write as I mostly do that in my travels….Reading ffs and waiting for the next update is a very big addiction to me and I have to stop that for now if not it will kill me during my exams!

Maahi: Keep writing whenever u can and I have read your OS! Your creativity is at its peak now… Unable to express it in words but u said u were confused after writing it! I know it’s all your illusion haha…Will be waiting to be immersed in your next magical OS! Not now but after my exams! Do update me if u had written anything!

Prathi: Love the way u write too! And ya I am feeling bad that I can’t read your next part of OS for now! The title suits me for now…the enemy within me have decided not to read any ffs for now!

Surbhi: Oh u are just making me mad for your song dedications! Ya I am also a crazy person who listen to songs! So whatever songs u have dedicated it’s totally and truly mesmerizing! I will miss reading GOD and SOF….

Durga,Riya, Jessi, Abhigya, Sharaya, Trisha, Monesha, Saranya and Rosy: Thank u so much for the lovely comments and support!
Actually I tried to reply u all but very funny whenever I type and try to post , the website says you are typing it fast and slow down! Even when I had slow down too they say it’s too fast!! So I literally gave up on replying!

Basically, I am also a very big silent reader of the ffs here so to all those who support me silently, My sincere thanks to all of u all…….
That’s it and so sorry if the update is not long enough! I just hope it was enjoyable to u all!

May all your life be filled with happiness and love! And hopefully I can bring some happiness through my ff to u all!

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  1. Riyashri

    U know what U r someone who is Uniquly Unique with such Wonderful Thoughts !!??????? Abhi is thoughtful only becoz My Sweetie is sooooo Thoughtful !! ????????Whenever we can we need to make others Happy !! And I am doing it to my level best till now as I get immense happiness by making others truly happy …… And I would continue to do so !!???
    And no need to mention abt how your update was …… It was Awesomazinggggly ??????>>>>>>>Superb To the Core !! ????The song was seriously an apt one & It was tooo nice to listen !!! ??Your Reflection Time >>>> ?????That’s really sooo sooo even more Sweet of U !!???? And I enjoyed it to the fullest !!!??? May U hav the Happiest Life in which U rock with your Magical Thoughts and rule your world being The Magical Princess Forever and Ever !!!????? U r Giving me Unexpressable Happiness in My Life so far and Hope U continue to do so !!! ???Love u Loads Sweetie !! ????Take Care !!? All the Very Best for your Exams !!?

    1. Riyashri

      A Bigggg Hugieee & Congrats for your Successfull 30 th Update of another Magical FF of yours !! LUFE Sweetie !! ?? Once again Best Of Luck for your upcoming Exams !?

      1. Maya

        Ok I am trying if again the website says I am posting comments fast! Then that’s about it I won’t try this again! ??? ok coming back to ur comment….I am overwhelmed that u are getting happiness from my writings??? really very touched by every single word of ur comment????LUFE! And I am grateful for ur wishes to my exam too????

  2. Superb episode…. U are a fabulous writer…. Really loved ur all ffs, oss whatever it is I loved ur writing a lot…..

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Nirmal! ??! It really feels great to be appreciated! Thank u for that!??

  3. Saranya24

    No one can say a mistake in tis akka its great loved it its totally diff than othr ffs love u akka????

    1. Maya

      Not totally different Saranya! It’s just a simple story…Aww so sweet of your compliments! Loved it! And of course love your ff too! ??????

  4. Trisha

    Happy 30th Episode!!!
    Awesome update as usual….I have no complaints or suggestions as your episodes are always superb???
    All the best for your exams my dear….Take care???

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much for the wishes!?????? but if u have any complaints u should tell??! Love your ff too! I forgot to mention about it! But I am totally in love with your writing! Sadly I won’t be able to read for the time being????

    2. Trisha

      Thats ok my dear…exams come first?…You can always catch up later…thank you so much for your lovely compliment???
      All the best…take care???

  5. Hey Suga really awesome epic yaar…. and ya u know now a days I struck with my works that’s y i can’t able to comment u… but I am reading all ur update without fail…. I know now a days u r very busy in studies & household works but for that don’t take too stress… stop getting tension abt ur studies.. u r the best… I totally trust u r the best in everthing…

    1. Maya

      I can’t agree to your last line…but apart from that I understand that u are busy! Take care ??and no worries about not being able to comment…haha i will try not to get tension abt studies? It’s more than enough to me that u are reading what I am writing?????

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    1. Maya

      Thank u so much!???? U are also giving a great support from the beginning! It’s really heart touching too! Ya I will try to rock??

  7. Maahi

    frstly huge congrats fr 30 magical updates Dr nd dizzz one was sooo awsome trying to make the ppl happy around us is smthng divine lvd it a lottt nw who is priya wats nxt i cant predict bcoz i knw ur unpredictable nd i dont hv any expectations frm uuu bcoz IB magic vil nvr hv any expectations dr its smthng miraculous sooo i cant tell uu man nd tht song was superb loved it a lottttt u rocked ittt nd e thnxx fr reading my stupid thoughts creativity haa??lol dr u vry well knw tht i dont hv brain haha thn how cme creativity exists sia welll thnx again ns ALL THE VERY BEST FR UR XAMS ND I KNOW U VIL ROCKK IT lv uuuuuu nd dont take much stress

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      Who said u don’t have brain? Don’t ever say like that!?? Apart from that grateful for your comments and creative OS! It’s always a pleasure to read whatever u are telling???????? Love u for that…and hope your questions will be answered in th upcoming updates!???

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      Ya I will miss reading your writings too! But I have to take this decision to overcome the hurdle later???Sure will keep posting my updates if everything goes well!??Thank u for the wishes too!????

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    1. Maya

      No worries! I am glad that u are reading it daily!?? About the solving part, u will get to see how the story moves in the upcoming updates! And hopefully it happens as u wish!??

  10. Superb episode.Abhi’s concern on Abhiram is just making me to have more respect on his character.Pragya is very lucky to have Abhi as her love.ya yr whose that priya??.n I also accept that priya is right ,love cannot be planned but how Abhigya is expecting that to happen I don’t know!! May be they also can be correct?? These doubts can be cleared only by u in ur nxt updates so plzzz update the nxt part asap dr.n ya dr iam also lil busy with my studies nowadays so I may not be able to comment regularly but iam damn sure that will surely read ur ff during my travel n I’ll try to comment atleast one word so don’t take me wrong when I do so??take care .All the best for ur exams.

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