Is this called love? (Episode 3)

The pain of love to the pain of meeting her….

Bulbul entered Pragya’s room, ” Di! How many times do i have to say to u! Just forget him! He left u but why are u not leaving the thoughts about him? And this photo is the one right that makes u always remember him!! Wait let me throw that away!”

Pragya ” Bulbul! No it’s not this photo but it’s my memories with him! And don’t u dare to throw it!” Bulbul ” I will! If not I will tell Ma about everything!” Pragya was helpless when Bulbul mentioned about Ma…..She saw her taking away the photo and want to stop her but couldn’t.

Pragya was restless for the whole night, she knew Bulbul would have thrown it outside her house. When all were asleep she went out of her house to find the photo in the dustbin.

She was that much obessed of him and his memories. She frantically searched the dustbin and when she finally found that, she felt that as if her soul has come back to her.

Bulbul was looking all this from the house window and she was also very helpless and really don’t know how to help her di to forget him.

As for Abhi he had managed to divert his mind for the time being and slept but even in his dreams she was appearing.

The next day….

Abhi was as usual getting ready and he was a guitarist in a popular musical band. As usual, he left his house after getting the blessings of Dadi. He drove to the music studio to meet his band members.

On the way, he saw her….in the streets and she was carrying a baby. He was shocked and felt even more cheated! So she is even married now and is having a baby! It’s so easy for her to forget me and why do I keep on dwell on her memories? Fine this is enough! And I will never ever think about her from today onwards!


Pragya accidentally hits Abhi with a rod!

I will try to have precap for this ff whenever i feel it is needed.

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    sorry Maya… I don’t knew that there is An ff which is similar to the name of my one episode story. I am really sorry for that…

    1. Maya

      Hey Haritha! Why do u feel sorry for this? I mean it happens sometimes! But wait I am a bit confused now….Is it the title or the content that i similar to ur one day epi? Sorry for the silly qn…but I am not sure of ur one day epi…I am kind of busy nowadays so I read very selective ffs and OS…

  2. Vaishali

    awesome dii superb episode could feel the pain of both abhi and pragya loved it dii waiting fr ur next update dii

    1. Maya

      Glad that u are able to feel the pain of abhigya! Its meant to be that way! But of course there is more compared to pain where u will able to realise in upcoming epis….

  3. Superb…abhi thinking pragya is married..really he is so dumb?… Waiting for the next part….

    1. Maya

      Haha ya he is dumb! Glad that u find it superb and keep waiting!

  4. Awesome!! And abhi ???? okay he alrdy thought pragya is married, this is a way too good and that makes me desperate for next epi! Pre recap is fantastic! Even my short forms aren’t enough to describe how much lovely was your epi! ?????????

    1. Maya

      Haha ???? I also feel ur comment is very lovely??????

  5. It was awesome I loved it plz update next episode soon

    1. Maya

      U have to wait for tat tmrw Monesha! I am damn tired today!?? glad that u loved it!

      1. Its ok I can understand really you are a awesome writer

  6. Pragya hitting Abhi with rod… Am waiting ? painful epi?

    1. Maya

      Not always painful but pain is a integral part of this ff! Tat i cant i help it…Keep waiting for the hitting!??

  7. Omg… Wat vl hpn NXT??? eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Maya

      U will know wht happens nxt update!???

  8. ?????????????????????????????????. Late comment for both your writings….,…Gomen’nasai !!!!! U should accept my sorry and apologies me sweetie ……Teeke !!!! If u again EB ( emotionally blackmail ) that if I ask sorry I do not consider u as your sis…..bla…..bla…..bla…..Then I am soooooo sorry !!! This time it’s my turn …If u take my sorry then I would take that u really consider me as your Cutie …..or else then your wish !!! It depends upon your reply !!! I really feel very bad as I am commenting late……So please do not hurt my feelings….Hope u don’t do so……?

    1. And in my EB I forgot to tell about your update…….That was tooooooo good and different too…..???? And My Crazble is absolutely right!!! I think It was a very small step that we can do to appreciate my sweetie and her thoughts…..But u deserve more than that !!!

    2. Do not get confused I am your cutie sis ….I am facing some problem in login …… commented like before….

      1. Maya

        Not confused and not hurt for ur late comment! So why there is a need for sorry? Haha but if u wanna me to accept sorry then its ok sorry is accepted! Take care and again hope u had a Happy training! ????

  9. Maahi

    yaar literally flt sad fr prags in first half but abhi thinking prags hv a baby is soooo hilarious nd precap is damnnnnnnnnn intrstng y did they aparted I am desperate to knw nd today was a longggggg day fr me sooo nly late to njoy ur magic dont knw wat vil b tmrw but u just rules many hearts keep rocking dr I vil b waiting muaahhhhh

    1. Maya

      Haha rule many hearts ah? I dont believe that though! ?? ya long day for me too…keep waiting for the nxt update hope ur desperation is fulfilled in that!??

  10. Akka its really superb but precap is freaking waiting fr nxt part???

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting! Hope the nxt update is also freaking!????

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