Is this called love? episode 27

Complicated day…..

Pragya was sleeping peacefully as now she knew that abhi and her will surely be able to help him (lookalike Abhi).

The next day morning….

Wake up!! Its already 10 am! And u are still sleeping!! What is this Pragya? This is very bad!

Pragya ” Let me sleep! Why am I hearing your voice even in my dream? Go away Abhi! Don’t disturb me!”

Abhi ” Hey Pragya! Its not dream and lower down your voice.. I am here for real!”

Pragya ” What??” She opened her eyes and looked shock at Abhi who was standing beside her bed! Pragya ” How come u are here? What if Ma or Bulbul see u?” Abhi ” Just relax! They know that I am here! See to your right side….” Bulbul and Ma was there and they were laughing at her. Bulbul ” So di! U were dreaming about him na…” Sarla ma ” Pragya! U shouldn’t have done this! Abhi told us everything and how can u do like this?” Pragya ” Huh? What have I done?” Abhi ” Auntyji! Let her freshen up first and I will tell her everything!” Sarla ma ” Yes! Let’s go and let her freshen up first! Nowadays she is turning very bad!” Pragya was still confused and didn’t know how to respond.

Pragya, what have I done? And why Ma is saying I am turning bad? Why is he here? Oh my god! Early in the morning I am asking myself so many questions! Now I feel my head is like moving in a roller coaster! Calm down Pragya! He is planning something again! And thats y its happening like this! Ok let me go and freshen up first and then I will face whatever he is planning to do!

Pragya came down to the living room and saw them talking happily….Abhi “Ok u are ready right? Let’s go Pragya!” Pragya ” Huh? To where? Why I must come with u?” Sarla ma ” Just go and don’t ask too many questions!” Abhi and Bulbul ” Yes! A daughter must obey her mother’s words!”

Pragya was still looking very confused with all their behaviour and had nothing to say in response. Pragya ” Ok!” She silently went out of the house and Abhi followed her. Sarla ma and Bulbul were smiling widely at them. Pragya sat inside his car and he too sat and he drove the car….

Pragya ” What did u tell them?” Abhi ” The truth!” Pragya ” What truth?” Abhi ” The truth that never disappears or dissipates!” Pragya ” Huh? Can u just say it directly! What’s the truth? I am already having a headache with whatever is happening!” Abhi ” Try to recall! The line that I have told u have the clue!” Pragya ” U are just testing my patience!” Abhi ” U can think it patiently too!” Pragya was so irritated and decided not to talk to him…but she was silently thinking about his words…

Pragya, It means he told about our love! Ya its the same line he have written in the letter!

Pragya ” I know what u have told them!” Abhi ” What did I told them?” Pragya ” About Our love!” Abhi ” Smart girl! Ya u are correct! Ok now I will give u my prize for that!” Pragya ” What prize?” Abhi ” It is there in the seat behind! Take it urself!” She took a small box and was about to open it but Abhi stopped her! Abhi ” I just asked u to take but not to open it! U open it when u reach home! Not now dear!” Pragya ” Why?” Abhi ” Because I am shy!” Pragya ” What? U are shy?” Abhi ” Just do as I say!” Pragya ” Ok but then why u suddenly tell about our love to Ma and Bulbul! U mean u tell everything to them?” Abhi ” Yes I have told everything to them as I felt there is no point in hiding the truth…but I don’t have the courage to tell Dadi! U should help me in that…She will surely kill me if I tell her everything!” Pragya ” That’s why I said u shouldn’t do this!” Abhi ” Will u help me or not?” Pragya ” Of course I will! But wait u haven’t finish about ur plan to help him..” Abhi ” Oh that one ah? Ok I will tell u once we reach shopping mall! I need to buy something!” Pragya ” I can’t wait! Can u faster drive to the shopping mall?” Abhi ” Wait we are reaching soon!”

Abhigya reached the shopping mall…..

Abhi ” Let me park the car and u go in first! Wait for me at the lift lobby!” Pragya ” Ok sure!”

Pragya was waiting for him to arrive and that’s when a lady with a baby was approaching her…..

Lady ” Mam! Can u help me? I need to go washroom and I came alone! Can u help me take care of my baby for a while?” Pragya ” Oh sure no problem!” She passed her baby to Pragya…..Pragya was carrying the baby now and was having fun with the baby….

A random person approached her now….
The person ” Mam! I am xyz insurance agency! Nice to meet u and ur baby is so cute! Mam! We have an excellent and robust insurance scheme for couples with new born babies! See here mam here are the details! ( He was flipping some pages in his file and showing that) Mam! Where is your husband? He would also like all these plans!

Pragya was stunned and he never gave her a chance to speak! Pragya ” I am not even….” Person ” Don’t say that u are not even interested! Pls mam!”

Just then, Abhi came there and saw Pragya with baby….Abhi ” Hey Pragya! So fast u gave birth to a baby ah?” Person ” Sir! Pls tell mam to agree to this scheme and let me show u the details too!” Abhi ” What scheme?” The person started to talk non stop and Abhigya were totally unable to speak anything now…..

The lady who went washroom returned there and got the baby from Pragya. She thanked Pragya for her help….And the random person realised his mistake….Pragya ” Hope u understand now! I was trying to say that I am not even married!” Random person ” Oh So sorry! I mean I just assumed that u were married as u were with the baby!” Abhi ” Its ok! But u are right! She looks old na… May be that’s why u assumed like that…” Pragya stared at Abhi and went inside the lift without saying anything….Abhi ” She is angry now…and u carry on ur work!” Person ” Very sorry sir!” Pragya ” Are u coming in or not?” Abhi ” Ya ya coming!” Pragya was very angry and she decided not to speak to him!

Abhi understood that she was at the peak of her anger and he too remained in silence until they reach the level that they want to….

Abhi ” Pragya! Sorry na…I just told it for fun! For that why are u so angry?” Pragya ” I have no mood now! Let’s go in and buy what u want!” Abhi ” Hey pls don’t do like this!” Pragya just walked inside the shop….and Abhi was now lost in how to pacify her!

After the shopping they both came back to their car and Pragya who was still angry sat in the back seat of the car. Abhi too sat in the back seat. Pragya ” If u sit here who will drive the car?” Abhi ” I am not ur driver to drive u home! I am also tired!” Pragya ” Then I am leaving!” Abhi grabbed her waist tightly….Pragya ” What are u doing? Leave me!” Abhi ” I said I am sorry! You look even more old when u are angry!” Pragya ” So I look old?” Abhi ” Pragya! No…I was just kidding! Even I look old!” Pragya ” Really?” Abhi “Ya old enough to marry you! Old enough to have babies with u… just like the baby u were carrying sometime back!” Pragya ” Chee! How can u talk like this?” Abhi ” There is nothing wrong baby!” Pragya blushed and said ” So now I am baby for u?” Abhi ” Yes! U are my first baby!” Pragya ” Ok enough of baby stories! U still haven’t tell about the plan!” Abhi ” I was about to tell u but the insurance agent guy spoiled my plan too! I won’t leave him when I see him again!”

Abhigya moved to the front seats now and he drove off again….Abhi ” So now I will continue telling…” He continued to explain….Pragya ” Wow! Its such a superb plan! So that’s why u asked me to take the camera from his house! But I have a doubt….” Abhi ” Ya the camera was because of this plan! And what is ur doubt?” Pragya ” How can we know what he will be thinking about after we do carried out the plan?” Abhi ” I never think about that!” Pragya ” You planned so much but never think about the most important thing!” Abhi ” Excuse me! At least I have thought of something…not like u! U never even think about anything!” Pragya ” Huh? So now u want to argue for this?” Abhi ” Did I say so?” Pragya ” U sound like that!” Abhi ” You are the one started it!” Pragya ” Okok! Just leave it!” Abhigya remained silent again until they reached Pragya’s house….

Pragya get down from the car and walked towards her home…He was still staying there and Pragya realised why he was there…Pragya went back near his car and saw him…Pragya ” I am sorry!” And she took the prize box that she forgot to take….Abhi drove from there….Pragya, I spoiled his mood again! Hmm now how to make him happy?

What will she do to cheer him up? To know that pls wait for the nxt update and u all will also know gradually the plan and how they will execute it…

Hope its a long update! Haha if its not long then Sorry again! And my mind is recovering slowly…Thanks for the wishes! Due to recovery problem there may be some faults in the updates too! Hope u all can understand and pin point me the faults!

Actually guys the baby carrying scene, haha happened in my life lolz…ya i was carrying my cousin’s baby and waiting for her to come…the baby is very close to me so she was lying on my shoulder and the fall asleep…just then a insurance agent guy came and talk to me and he was keep on asking can u pls call ur husband! Until my cousin and my mum returned I was totally clueless on how to escape from him! I couldn’t speak that much as the baby was sleeping! Actually my experience is considered ok compared to my friend who was standing in the train…. an aunty offered her seat and said ” U shouldn’t stand for long at this period of ur pregnancy! Haha its because her tummy was big! Hehe! And until now we troll her for that and she is now wearing oversize clothes to cover that!

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  1. Prathi

    Ha ha ha weird experience.. By the way episode was cute

  2. Riyashri

    Really Sorry I can’t pin point any of your mistakes as I read your Update without My Specs !!?
    It had vanished away somewhere !! ?????And Today’s Update Was Awesomazinggggggggggggggggg To The Core !!???????????? Ah ! Their r being silent frequently like as if Both of their voice won’t work????? if they become angry….upset….etc….etc…. That is making me even more Crazy !????? The Baby _ Insurance scene was Hilariously Hilarious !!???????? Loved it soooooo ……… Much !!????????????????? And this is too much yaar God ji should save Your Poor Friend from those Wrong assuming Old Aunties !! ?????I wish I can train her so that she becomes Fit and ppl will start telling her to hold something while travelling as without holding she would fly away like a Paper !! ??????So u can tell her to contact to me … I can give her lots of Fitness tips ….. And that is needed for U too !!?????
    As usual Sweetie Rocked !!????? Actually I expected something really different that “Thing” would be but …….. As u r “Unexpectedly Unexpected” Thoughtful Person…..It’s better that I don’t expect any different thought from U??? ……… U r Forever Double UU – Unexpectedly Unexpected & Uniquly Unique !!!????? LUFE Sweetie !! ?????Take Care !!???
    Hope your Ac in lecture hall started working??? and Your hand pain is better !?

  3. Maahi

    superoooooo superb haha crazyyy abhigya scenes but my sweetheart is soooooooo crazy shy haa like seriously??funny guy wat is there in tht box yaar soooooooooo excited haha lift scene was superb nd funny nd haha u also experienced haaaa lol i must hv been there it would b crazyyyyy to watch nd ur frnds case was tooo hilarious yar lvd it a lottttt my baby muaahhhhh

  4. Hey Suga Sema epic as always u rocked. … and I am happy to hear that it recovered from ur stress….

  5. Awesome update suga??…. Nd that baby insurance???? lol I loved that part a lot…..

  6. Maya

    Hmm yes they took camera from the lookalike house but with that a lot of things will be done to execute their plan?

  7. Very nice episode yr the incidents which u shared was just hilarious to the core .I was continuously laughing.loved it.take care.

  8. Lol akka its awesome loved it love u loads?????

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE AS USUAL ……….LOVED IT♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Wow awesome rocking di it was really awesome I loved it to the core. I like the scene when Pragya woke up and blabber. It was so cute. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤

  11. Wow story is moving soo smooth very nice maya

  12. Really soooo cute episode n sooooo cute scene…

  13. Trisha

    This epi was so cute funny and awesome Maya….Loved it???

  14. Haha same happen with me to I remember I was standing on the road waiting for some one and a lady stood beside me and one random person complimented me that the baby is so cute lolz I was thinking is he mad because I wasn’t even carrying that baby from then onwards I always think that streets are full of idiots ??? and about today’s episode so let me say chura k dil mera goriya chali it was FANTASTIC ?????

  15. Oh really cute episode… Scenes of Insurance agent along with Pragya is really funny…

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