Is this called love? episode 26


His love……..

Pragya after coming back from lookalike Abhi’s house was still feeling very bad. She felt that she was responsible for the kind of situation that he was facing. It was night time but she couldn’t sleep in peace and that’s when she heard her phone vibrating. She quickly picked it up and saw Abhinaya’s name on the phone.

Pragya silently went out of her room and walked towards the kitchen with her phone. She picked up the call. Abhi ” Why u took so long to pick up my call??” Pragya ” Can u speak softly? You are too loud!” Abhi ” I was panicking that Bulbul had taken your phone and that’s why my voice is loud!” Pragya ” Oh ok….” Abhi ” Are u ok?” Pragya ” I am ok!” Abhi ” No! I know u are not ok….” Pragya ” How do u know that?” Abhi ” Your voice tells me that u are worried!” Pragya ” Oh i see….then what else my voice is telling u?” Abhi ” You are worried about him…you feel that u are responsible for his plight….and you are unable to sleep now!” Pragya ” What? How? How come u know all these?” Abhi ” You are my love Pragya! And these is all just small things!” Pragya smiled in silence hearing him saying that she was his love….Abhi ” Hey now u are smiling right?” Pragya ” No! You just don’t guess!” Abhi ” I know you won’t admit it! It’s ok!” Pragya ” So u are also unable to sleep?” Abhi ” Yes Pragya! I was also thinking about his love….especially the line he had written…I miss you and I missed you Pragya….It have a lot of depth into it and its the same feeling that I was having sometime back….” Pragya ” You are not angry at him for writing like that?” Abhi ” No! I am worried for him….What’s the point of being angry? It’s nothing wrong to fall in love and especially with a person like u….I just imagined myself in his situation and felt that its just destiny that played its game….” Pragya ” Yes you are right! We must really help him!” Abhi ” Yes of course! He genuinely loved u and that’s why when he knew that u are loving someone else, he did not disturbed u and moved away silently from your life…” Pragya ” I never thought like the way u think! I was keep on thinking that I am responsible for his plight!” Abhi ” I thought both about u and him…actually I thought more about him!” Pragya ” That’s so great of u! I have full faith in you that with u I can also help him!” Abhi ” There is nothing great! After all he loved u and that itself is enough for me to help him…I have a plan! Are u ready to hear that?” Pragya ” So fast! Okok faster tell about the plan!” Abhi explained his plan and Pragya was so excited hearing that….She accidentally hit the bowl beside her and it dropped onto the floor! Abhi ” What’s that sound!” Pragya ” Oh no! I was so excited and then the bowl…never mind! I tell u later and u pls continue with the plan!” Abhi ” I think its a very loud sound and surely someone will be awake by now! I will tell u the rest later and u better find a way to escape now!” Pragya ” No! Don’t do like this! Complete it na…if not I can’t sleep….” Abhi ” Byeeeeee!”

Pragya got frustrated and when she turned around, she saw Sarla ma….

Sarla ma ” Who are u talking to at this hour? And what have u done? U have broken the bowl?” Pragya ” Ma! I was just talking to Abhinaya! She was talking about my novel publication and it got finalized! I was very excited for it….and that’s why i accidentally dropped the bowl…” Sarla ma ” Okok! U go and sleep now! I will clean this mess!” Pragya ” Ma! Its ok i will clean it up!” Sarla ma ” I am saying right? Just go and sleep….I will clean this up! I don’t want u to make anymore mess! And one more thing…Go and sleep! No more talking in phone!”

Pragya ” Ok ma…Sorry Ma….” With that she left from there and was eagerly waiting for the next day to know the rest of the plan from Abhi!

Pragya ” Abhi! How to know what is he thinking about?” Abhi ” Oh ya! I never think about that!” Pragya ” You planned so much but you never think about the most important thing!” Abhi ” Don’t blame me! You never even think anything! In that way I am far more better than you!” Abhigya’s argument continued….

The ‘thing’ that they took from lookalike Abhi’s house will be revealed in the next update……….

Ok I thought of making it longer today but unfortunately my hand is in pain as the air con in lecture hall was not working and I ended up fanning myself for so long that my hand is so painful…and another reason is my mind is under maintenance again! So hope u all will understand! Hope u all enjoyed this update…. Sorry for the short update and sorry if the update was not nice…and lastly sorry for saying sorry!

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  1. Riyashri

    U once again proved that u r Queen of Stubbeen …….Kitna Sorry ???

    1. Riyashri

      No sorry for the half comment….
      Fine now coming to the no. of Sorry…. in total it is 5 times !! ?
      And U were fanning for yourself ah ?? ???Poor Air con …. It couldn’t resist the Magical Power of My MTMP that it got tired and stopped working !! ????U know U r even making a Non Living thing to go Crazy !!! ??????Next … Mind ji is Under Maintenance !! ????I know U can’t help it but I really wish hopefully Mind ji starts working again in a 1000km/hr Jet speed !! ???????
      Coming to your update ……. Abhinaya was saved in her phone????…..I guess Abhi too saved her no as Prakash !! ??????Dude she is really crazier than me yaar !!???? As usual MTMP Rocked????? and I am Waiting for your next part !! ?Once again their bak-baks …… ?????????Uffo that’s really gonna drive me crazy !! Just Love u for Everything !! ???????Take Care !! ????Hopefully the ac works tomorrow !!????
      Take Care of your hand too becoz without it I can’t read My Sweetie’s next update !? LUFE Sweetie????

      1. Maya

        Lolz I never made the AC to not to work! ???? If I really had magical power I would have made it work!???? so no maya or mantra!??? ya hopefully it works tmrw if not i cant write my notes instead i will be just fanning myself??? as for the Abhigya’s scenes u will see that more and hopefully in different dimensions??????

      2. Maya

        LUFE! Take care too????

  2. Superb mayadevi???awesome as usual and lol akka mind under maintenance?anyway loved it love u akka????

    1. Maya

      Haha Mayadevi!??? As usual its my pleasure to see ur comment!?????. Ya what to do? Mind is under maintenance ??

  3. Really nice episode yaar…. Eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Maya

      Its my pleasure Durga that u find it nice…Thank u for ur eagerness too!?????

  4. Superb.waiting for the nxt longer update.take care.

    1. Maya

      Thank u Rosy!?? Will try to make it longer for the nxt update!??

  5. Awwww?? really it was such a sweet episode ka.. It was soo sweet… Though it was a short update it was filled with so much of sweetness.. Abhi’s care for pragya, worrying for look alike abhi and that suspense plan… Gosh!!! It was soooo amazing.. It was awesome..?????.. And mind under maintenance lol??… I wish soon ur maintance method gets over?? u know For me it will be always under maintenance only haha??.. And tc of ur hand ka.. Pls don’t strain too much ok.. Keep rocking ka?? love u?????

  6. Awwww?? really it was such a sweet episode ka.. It was soo sweet… Though it was a short update it was filled with so much of sweetness.. Abhi’s care for pragya, worrying for look alike abhi and that suspense plan… Gosh!!! It was soooo amazing.. It was awesome..?????.. I really enjoyed it.. I was laughing when pragya escaped from sarla maa haha???.. And ur mind under maintenance lol??… I wish soon ur maintance method gets over.. U know For me it will be always under maintenance only haha??.. And tc of ur hand ka.. Don’t strain too much.. Keep rocking ka ? ? love u????

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find sweetness in this epi! Lolz how can u say ur mind is always under maintenance? Thats bad Nivi I will talk to u later abt that line! U also keep rocking in ur life and love u too????…Oh glad that i enjoyed the update too!??

  7. Maahi

    well awesome awesome awesome smiling in silence had stolen my heart dr lovd it sooo much ohhh no my FB’s hand is paining haaa wat r the clg management dng man!!! now u just take rest dr ohhh nooo mind again under maintenance haaa bhagwaan abh bachalo mujhe ee ladki phir se self analyzing mode pe aajayegi aur arguement pei arguement karegi paagal ladki haha dr wat r they upto abhinaya my god vru funny but abhi in dizz was soooo best nd sweet than evr Loving him even more know haha u rocked ittt take care dr lv uuu

    1. Maya

      Hehe the management is doing nothing! ???? Thats all i can say man! Bhagwan is used to my mind and its antics…I think so…??? ya but sure i will try to change it?? Its my pleasure seeing ur awesome comment???

  8. Omg I laughed by seeing sorry for saying sorry. Give rest to your machine brain rocking di. Actually I am sorry for always commenting you in one words. It is bcoz of my work problem in school. But when I am free definitely give me a long comment di don’t mistake me for that. Really today episode was awesome I loved it to the core. Love you a lotttttt rocking di.

    1. Maya

      No need to be sorry at all! I am always grateful for comments from u as u are giving it in ur busy schedule! So no worries…ya i am giving rest to my brain for now…hope it works again!?? as usual its my pleasure that u loved the epi today! Love u too Mesmerizing Monesha???

  9. So ur mind is under maintenance again??… Hoping that it will start working again?? anyways today’s episode superb??Eagerly waiting for ur next part… Nd yes take care of ur hand too…

    1. Maya

      Ya sure will take care of it and hopefully it works again!??? Hopefully ur wait for the nxt part will be justified?

  10. Reshma Pradeep

    Ofooooo Thu Kitnaa Sorry Bolega yaar………..U r Impossible……& By the way, What You said??? Ur mind is Under Maintenance!!!!! I like that…..Sometimes we need some time to fresh up our minds……..Now coming to the update, LOVELYYYYYY AS USUAL………♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Maya

      Haha i guess telling sorry had become my habit??? oh u like that ah? Then i can come up with more such lines just for u! ??? As usual u gave a lovely comment???????

  11. Prathi

    As usual Maya ki maya.. loved it Yaar!! Mind under maintenance I completely understand but at least give short updates like this we are fine with it!! And how dare the AC stops working so bad.. Anyways I am also in the same situation in my office AC stopped working for over a week phew! I think I am in writing mood now such a long comment he he he! Hope you don’t mind waiting for the next update !

    1. Maya

      Thanks for the understanding! ??Omg! 1 week! ??? i think i will die of heatness????anyways hope it is working now and of course i wont mind ???So no worries dr??

  12. SURBHI

    Ho tera rasta kisi ne na roka mil gaya kaise tujhko yeh mauka O deke aayi hoon main sabko dhokha arre tu to hawa ka hai jhonkaa Chori chori cupake chupke aanaaa chhup ke jana chhup ke Mera brain pakad na le kahin tujhko samajh kar dil ka chor chor chor ????? lolz for u tried hard to edit it but as u it was perfect so.edited few words for u and today the bachhe ki jaan legi kya tu …….

    1. Maya

      Ya its a perfect song and its difficult to edit but u perfectly edited a few words!??? that shows ur perfection! ???? Akki song! Aww so sweet of u for that????????? I am really drenched in the song rains now! ?????

  13. Fantastic mayaa no words

    1. Maya

      These words of urs are enough for me to make me happy Jessi! Thank u!

  14. Superb yaar…

  15. Trisha

    Awesome Maya???….sorry for the late comment…now catching up on my ff’s?

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