Is this called love? episode 25

Detection of love….

Abhi ” Ok get ready tomorrow! I will come at your place to pick you up!” Pragya, was getting more and more nervous! How am I going to do this! He said he will pick me up today! And I don’t want to go with him!

Abhi reached her house to pick her up. Pragya, Oh no! He is here already! How am I going to do this? Abhi ” Pragya! Faster come!” Pragya came out of her house with a perplexed look. Pragya ” Abhi! Why are u so loud? What if Ma hears it?” Abhi ” No worries dear! I have already informed Auntyji about picking you up!” Pragya ” Oh my god! When did this happen?” Abhi ” It happened and u faster get inside my car!” Pragya got inside the car and was so nervous that she kept one mumbling to herself.

Abhi ” Hey relax! It’s just a simple thing to be done!” Pragya ” What simple thing? Barging into someone’s house when the person is not there! This is not at all a simple thing!” Abhi ” I know…but we have no choice na…and I want u to do as u know him well compared to me!” Pragya ” Whatever! U won’t listen to me!”

They reached his house and Abhi hugged her and said ” Come on you can do it! And I will be waiting for you outside and I know that He is not at home now! You go in and get what I want!” Pragya ” Ok fine!” Pragya went inside the house of the lookalike Abhi’s house to get something that Abhi wanted.

Pragya, Ok I think I should first go to his room to check! She went inside and was shocked to see her image all over in his room! Pragya, He still loves me madly! What have I done to make him like this? I should tell Abhi about this but before that let me take the thing that he wants me to take….I think it should be in that drawer! Hopefully it’s there….Yes I got it!

But she also saw her photos in that drawer which made her even more upset…….
Abhi who was waiting outside saw her coming out of the house….Abhi ” Thank god! You came on time, Wait! You got what I want?” Pragya nodded her head and Abhi ” Why are you moody?” Pragya showed him one of her photo that lookalike Abhi was having with him….Abhi looked at the photo and saw the words written on it….I miss you and I missed you Pragya……Abhi “He still loves you!” Pragya ” Yes and it makes me even more sad!” Abhi ” Ok we will talk about this later and we will have to leave before he arrives and I need to lock the door with fake keys too!”

Pragya got inside his car with silence and he noticed that. Both of the drove off from there….Now both were in complete silence in the thoughts of lookalike Abhi…..Abhi ” I can feel his pain Pragya!” Pragya ” I know that you can feel his pain…” Abhi ” We should help him forget you!” Pragya ” Really? You think it can happen?” Abhi ” Why not? We really must help him if not it can affect him too as he has no one now!” Pragya ” I even saw my images all over his room and I never realised he had been taking photos of me too!” Abhi ” Then it can be worse Pragya….I know an idea but for that first we must know him more….” Pragya ” How?” Abhi ” I know how and you must not involve in this as if he know you are trying to help him, then it will be even more painful to him!” Pragya ” Ok! But what are u planning to do?” Abhi ” Wait and see! You will know it gradually Prakash! Oops Pragya!” Pragya smiled hearing the name Prakash and she said ” Ok Abhinaya! As usual I am waiting!”

They have detected that he still have love for Pragya but how will they help him? To know that u all have to wait for the upcoming updates…..

I know it’s short! Sorry for that as my mum and sis are going overseas for treatment…so I want to spend time with them…I will miss them badly for 1 month plus…but its ok…. hope all will be fine. About ending this ff….hmm what can I say? Right now no! what I expressed ytd was just my feelings and I don’t know why I felt that way….may be its due to the fear that I may go out of point or the ff will be boring! in my case FF means Fearful feeling as for now…..

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  1. Interesting!! Thank u for not ending this ff.dont worry dr I’ll also pray for ur mom,she will be back to u very soon fit n fine.u also take care dr.what did pragya take from look alike AbhI’s home??I hope Abhigya will succeed in making that dupe Abhi to forget pragya?

    1. Maya

      Thank u for ur support! Its not my mum…its my sister who is having problems…thank u for ur prayers…and all ur questions will be answered gradually in the upcoming updates

  2. Superb Maya very nice ….it’s interesting

    1. Maya

      Thank u Jessi! ???


    ye ye ye Maya here again with a spectacular presentation???? what to say what to not let me say it in Shinchan way “didi agar aoko problem na ho to aapko mai galey mil sakta hoon” and yeah I want to say one thing more u r my Doraemon yes you are because your writings are like mood freshening gadget to me today no juhi song because I have to find one spectacular juhi song for u so for now FANTASTIC??????????????

    1. Maya

      Aww shinchan line made my day! Doraemon! Thats so sweet of u! I do like him hehe! Now no time watch him!???no prob abt finding juhi song as what u have commented itself is like juhi song??????

  4. Sethidisha002

    osam but very short

    1. Maya

      Thank u! My situation is such today that’s why its short and will try to update longer for the next update!

      1. Sethidisha002

        thnx u nd ur ff r really amazing

  5. It’s really nice n interesting episode yaar bt wat abhi adk pragya to take 4m tat home…

    1. Maya

      Thank u Durga! You will know that soon!?

  6. Riyashri

    Awesomazingggggggggggg Update again !! ??????This is really A very Different Unexpected thought !! ??????My Request has been granted !!??? Keep Going !! ???Hope My Sweetie’s sissy should be fit and fine when she comes back after her treatment !!???? Both My Sweetiesss would be Happy Forever???? ….. She would be very soon alright to come and fight with you and Your so called IB “Invisible Bodyguard”???? ….. I would pray for her well being !! ???Take Care Sweetie !! Love u Loads ……. ????

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much for the lovely comment! ?????? I am always lost for words to reply u! ??? LUFE! ????

  7. It’s really interesting nd superb??……

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much! ??

  8. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Reshma!??

  9. Mayangalin maya as usual u rockd loved it???and hope ur mom and sis r fyn akka y treatment anyway i ll pray fr them love u akka????

    1. Maya

      Haha Mayangalin maya va? This is too much dr! Ya me too I also hope they would be fine….Thank u for ur prayers!?? For the treatment of depression….It can be done here too but my sis needs a change of environment too so tats y she will be coming to India.

      1. Maya

        Love u too Saranya! ????

  10. Trisha

    Awesome update Maya???
    Wondering about “that thing” Pragya took from the clone’s house….
    Dont worry dear, sis will be fine after treatment and you will have both of them back with you soon…Take care…Lots of Love???

    1. Maya

      Thank u for the concern Trisha! ?? Yes i really hope everything would be fine as she is suffering for so long?? and about the thing…u will know that soon??

  11. Prathi

    So this is what they were about to do funny guys.. Prakash & Abinaya ??

    1. Maya

      Hehe ya they are funny man!?????

  12. Maahi

    well keep with ur so called FF (fearful flng) with uu in ur self analyzing mode bcoz fr me ur FF(Fantastic Fairytale) soo i dont want to argue with uu bcoz u nvr agree to me sooo easily nd cmg to ur magic all the way sooooooooo best nd awesome nw wat isy sweetheart upto many a twists man!!! in love with it nd dont wrry our rocking sissy vil b all fyn afterall her sissy had wished tht frm kali maa so u knw naa kali maa mostly coms on my side no worrries dr i knw u vil miss them but equally they vil b missing u naa sooo cheeeer her with smile lv uu dr its sooooo awesome

    1. Maya

      Fairytale huh? Haha okok! Enjoy it then!?????? Yes Kali ma will surely help and I have confidence in her too!???

      1. Maya

        As for what ur sweetheart is up to…u will get to know it in upcoming updates dr?

  13. Sharaya

    Wow I’m so crazy about your ff I always read it whenever you update but I couldnt comment seriously my day doesn’t end without reading your ff I love your writing skills a lootttt its so amazing!!!?? and our sisterwill be fit and fine soon (if your my sis means she is also my sis?) she will get well soon!and you too take care..!

    1. Maya

      Aww so sweet of u! ???????? Its my pleasure that u are liking it so much!???? Yes hopefully she will get well soon! ??

  14. You are always rocking so I am going to call you as rocking di. Really awesome episode. Keep rocking my dear rocking di love you a lotttttt

    1. Maya

      Rocking di! So sweet of u!????U are also rocking in ur ff! Sorry for not commenting but i am reading the ffs very lately….You are such a fantastic writer!

  15. Haiiii ka..I know I am very late na..Wat to do ka after a long time I met my husband(book) yesterday…??.. Because of this fever I am having lots of pending works so can’t able to be in touch with u.. I too feels bad for that.. 1000s times sorry.. Oops I said sorry na.. Ok sorry wapas???.. Parunga na unnka episode pati pesasama vera ennanamo pesurenla…ahh what to do ka its my manufacturing defects so can’t change that??okok coming to ur episodes… Uff!!!! Kaaa u r such a lovely sweetheart????.. As I always say ur ff is extremely awesome awesome awesome.. Really each and every episodes r driving me crazy.. It was fantabulous ka… U r really rocking..??????… And that song which u used in episode 24 was extremely superb… I am still in love with that song????.. Not only that song the whole episode was amazing… And at the end u gave me a mini heart attack.. Y ka y u thought like that.. U know already I am a weak body?? if you say like this means think what will happen to me … And after reading this episode only I was reliefs.. Thank god u r not going to end this ff.. Ur fear is usual for every ff writers but don’t worry u just go ahead we all will definitely support u??.. And karthiga will be fit and fine.. U pls don’t take any tension.. Always keep smiling??okkk. I have invited them to my house if they are come to chennai so don’t forget to inform me ok????.. Oh god romba pesurenla.. Romba nal aachu la than pola..??ok eppa ennudaiya vayukuku oru plaster podanum illana na pesitey poven??.. So tc ka.. Keep rocking and love you???

    1. Maya

      Puriyuthu and yes romba ellam pesule?? take care too! Romba strain pannikathe and yes i also love that song too???? haha thats y i used it!??? okok I will inform u if they are visiting chennai! So sweet of u in supporting me! Now all my fears have gone!???????

  16. Nice episode yaar… And what abhi want from his lookalike…

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nirmal! U will get to know that soon!??

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