Is this called love? episode 24

Feeling his love…..

Abhi, this is not as easy I had thought….I know I have expressed to her that I am missing her badly but why am I seeing her everywhere and the worse thing is I am imagining her as if she is feeding me while Dadi is around….Dadi is always looking at me…No! staring at me for my weird reactions! How can I tell her that I miss Pragya when I had told her there is nothing between us! What can I do now? And now when I want to talk to her, she is not picking up my call! This is getting worse! Why do I feel so painful at every moment when she is not with me! I have to control my feelings….

Tu hi hai song plays at the background which expresses his feelings of love…..

Neekosame nenantu unnadhi
Neekosame naa praanam unnadhi
Neekosame Neekosame
Ee kshanam nuvve yeduraithe adhantha nijame aipothe nenu gundaagi pothaanu le..!!

It’s like I exist only for you
It’s like I survive only for you
Just for you.!
Say you confront me this second and if that becomes reality my heart would stop(with surprise and happiness)

Tu hi hai Mere Dil me tu hi hai
Tu hi hai Mere Dil me tu hi hai
Nuvvele nuvvele naa gundello nuvvele
Nuvvele Nuvvele naa manasantha Nuvvele.

It is you, who is there in my heart
It is you, who is there in my heart
It is you, who is there in my heart
It is you who occupied my whole heart.

Neekosame | Repeat |

Theliyani maikam la nuvve kammesthunnaave
Oh Cheliya, Saanwariya nanu raakshinchave
Yedhuruga evarunna nuvve anukuntunnaane kanabadava
kanabadava cheli karuninchava!
Theliyaledhu premante nuvve undaga
Theera thelsukunnaaka nuvve levu ga!
Munchesaave Nee premalo!

Like some unknown magic/intoxication you’re shadowing me
Oh my dear, beautiful and beloved Save me!
I’m seeing you in everyone ,
Kindly come and appear
When I had you , I was not aware what actually love is
But when I know now what it is, You’re not there (with me)
I completely lost myself in your love.

Tu hi hai | Repeat |

Okate manasundhi evariki ivvodhanukuntu
Dhaachesa dhaachesa cheli innaalluga
Premante ento ardham nede thelisindhi appudepudo thelisunte baagundedhi ga
Nuvvu leka kshanamaina yemi thochadhe
Idhi prema antaara yemo theliyadhe
Nuvvu leni manasendhuke?

As I’ve got only heart, I saved it without losing to anyone till now
Now I know what love is, it would’ve been nice if I knew this earlier
Without even a second would make me restless
Don’t know what they named it as
What’s the point in having a heart without you?

Tu hi hai | Repeat |

Abhi, No! Whatever it is I have to control my feelings of love and complete my responsibilities first! I have to seek her help for it too! Hope she will help me control my feelings! But why is she still not picking up my call? I can’t wait any longer! I shall just go to her house now!
Abhi rushed to her house and after reaching there….Now what do I tell Auntyji? What reason shall I tell her? I can’t tell her that I am here to see Pragya! Abhi! Just go and u will manage whatever happens! Abhi pressed the door bell and Pragya opened the door. Pragya “You?” Abhi “ Ya it’s me!” Sarla ma “ Who is that Pragya?” Pragya “It’s Abhi!” Sarla ma “ What?”

Sarla ma “ Come in Abhi!” Pragya was shocked by his sudden arrival. Pragya, why is here now all of a sudden? I hope he is not going to give me heart attack!
Abhi “ Auntyji! I am just here to talk to Pragya for a while. Can I talk to her?” Sarla ma “ Sure no problem! Let me bring something for you to drink!” Sarla ma went to the kitchen and Pragya sat opposite to Abhi. Pragya whispered “ Why are you here?” Abhi “ I called you so many times and you never picked up my call!” Pragya “ You also do that! Anyways the phone’s battery was low and that’s why I was unable to pick up your call! For that you are here?” Abhi “ Just stop it Pragya! I am already with so much of worry and your bak baks is just increasing it!” Pragya “ Ok fine! Ma is coming and we shall talk about this later!” Sarla ma passed a glass of juice to Abhi. Abhi “ The same glass!” Pragya was frustrated hearing that and Sarla ma “ What same glass Abhi?” Abhi “ Nothing Auntyji, I also have this same kind of glass at home!” Sarla ma “ So what’s the matter?

“ Abhi “ I was just asking her how was the story that she is writing is moving on…and she asked me for some help again for that!” Sarla ma “ Pragya! What help did u ask for?” Pragya was stumbled as she never asked any help and was lost! Abhi “ She is shy Auntyji! I will tell you…She actually want to see my concert and take notes on how rock band performances are!” Sarla ma “ What is there to be shy about? Nowadays even aunties like me go for rock band concerts!” Abhigya laughed at Sarla ma’s response and Abhi “ So can I bring her for that?” Sarla ma “ I have trust in you Abhi! She had been living at your house for so long and after all this is just a concert….but I am wondering why u never bring her when she was living in your house?” Abhi “At that time, there were no concerts happening….it was just my practice sessions!” Sarla ma “Oh I see! Ok can and I have to leave now to the market!” Abhi “I am also leaving and I can drop you at market!” Sarla ma “Abhi! Its very near only and I can manage myself!” Abhi “ No Auntyji! It’s my request and please come with me!” Sarla ma “ Ok fine! Let’s go! Pragya take care of yourself !”

Pragya gave a weak smile and Abhi grinned widely….Both Sarla ma and Abhi left….Pragya, what is all this? Both of them are talking like as if they know each other for many years! They just ignored me! And Ma she is so fond of Abhi! She has trust in him? Then it means she did not have trust in me to let me stay at his house? This Abhi just cook up a story that I need his help when he is the one who is in need of help to meet me! I really wonder how can he easily come with a story and make others believe! He should better change his profession to novel writer and I should become a musician!

Abhi called her “ Hey Pragya! I have something to tell you! Listen carefully!” Pragya “ Ok!” Abhi “ Actually I need your help and that’s why I said like that to Auntyji that u need my help!” Pragya “ Hmm I l know that!” Abhi “ So will u help me?” Pragya “ Sure but what is it?” Abhi explained to her everything…..Pragya “ I am lost!” Abhi “ It’s so clear and there is nothing to be lost about!” Pragya “Then why not you do it?” Abhi “It’s too clear and only clear minded people like you can do it!” Pragya “ I won’t do it!” Abhi “ Please Pragya! I am requesting you!” Pragya “ How can I do that? I am just a writer not a detective!”

Abhi “ Really? You had been a detective last time when you were following me! Did you forget that?” Pragya “ But that is past! Now I can’t!” Abhi “ Hey I am with you and I just need your help to start and the rest will happen by itself!” Pragya “ Give me some time to think about what u have told!” Abhi “Take your time but tell my by end of today that u agree to this! Bye! I got to go now!”
Pragya, What do now? I don’t have a choice to say no to this!
What he want her to do? Please wait for the next update to know that….

The song I used in the update is again a Telugu song, Tu hi hai from Heart attack movie….I really don’t know why I am using back to back telugu songs in this ff! I just find the lyrics expressing what I want to convey and that’s about it!
I don’t know why but I feel that i should end this ff soon it’s just my feelings….. i know some of u will scold me for this but it’s just my feelings….
By the way Thank u once again for all the lovely comments! It was really overwhelming and for that only I am trying my best to update as regular as possible.

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  1. Riyashri

    Tu he hai mere Dil me Tu he hai…..
    Tu he hai mere Thoughts me Tu he hai !!!?????????????
    These lines r to My Sweetie from her Cutie !!
    This song was Toooooooooooo Perfect !! U know what U made me too crazy that now a days without knowing telugu I am singing and hearing telugu songs …… And when I used to sing it to My Friend in classes ….. She would tell me to first learn the language and sing as I am blabbering !! And She has become My Telugu teacher and I am learning from her the language only to know the various emotions expressed by the songs that u add !!????? Fine My Craziness apart ………. Coming to this update…
    It was not just Amazingggg or Awesomeeee……….
    This is Awesomazingggggggggggggggg !!!!?????????? Actually I seriously feel like Pragya being a Musician & Abhi being a Novel Writer ……..
    Now they r gonna become Mr & Mrs James Bond I guess !!??? Detective Abhigya !! ??Super Cool !! ???Very Exited to know what’s gonna happen next ????? But I love Abhigya Being sooooooo Different…. Actually they r sooooooo Cute and Lovely in all your updates !! ??????
    U feel like ending this ah ?? Ok can as I know every Magical Update of yours has got a Wonderful Ending !!??????? I can understand as U hav got soo much work load and U r now being Busy with your so called boyfriends???? – Assignments…. Books….. Lectures……? But I would seriously miss this one ….. as I am missing your other FF s that had ended !!????
    One request Please don’t end it soon ……. Do take some time …… Short updates are more than enough …… I wanted to enjoy more and more ……… And Love all your upcoming updates too???? ……… Thanq for An Awesomazingggggggggggggg Update !!?
    Keep Awesomazinggggg !! ??Love u Forever !!???? Take Care !!??

    1. Maya

      Omg! U are that much crazy to learn Telugu ah? Happy learning and ya u can expect to see adventure of Abhigya! As for the feeling to end ff part its just my feelings with no connection to my boyfriends! ?? so lets see how far i xan continue! Won’t end this soon but everything depends on my mind and feelings….

      1. Maya

        Btw LUFE! And take care too! ????????

      2. Riyashri

        No Sorry for the wrong connection !!????? Thanq for your wishes and I wish “My Mission Learning Telugu “is successful !! ????So I request My MTMP ‘s Mind and feelings to always be calm …. Happy …. & Continue giving Unexpected Amazingggggg Thoughts To her ?????……… If possible making this Story to be Never Ending?? ….. Ok I know that isn’t possible but ……. Fine I need to control myself !!??? Happy that u r not ending it soon !! ???So Sweetie’s Mind ji & Feelings ji please do help her ……… ???

  2. Amazing yr.loved it .plzzzz don’t stop it yr I hav become habitual to ur writing so plz don’t disappoint me by stopping this ff.update nxt part asap.

    1. Maya

      Thank u Rosy!?? Ok I won’t disappoint u! But it really depends on mind and feelings that will decide….Right now its not ending….

  3. Prathi

    Hey Maya awesome as always, Gonna end it no problem but try to start another as soon as possible ?

    1. Maya

      Thank u Prathi!?? no dr I just had the feeling to end but I don’t want to rush and give u all a end that disappoints u all….when the right time comes then there will be the ending….

  4. Amazing episode suga??❤️…… Keep rocking…love u……

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find amazing! ????….Its my pleasure and will try to rock! ??

  5. Super super super ….very nice maya

    1. Maya

      Very nice comment Jessi! ???

  6. Superb yaar really soooo cute abhigya….

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find them cute Durga ???


    Abhi abhi abhi what to do he is so much cute here that’s why I like to read ur ff several times yr seriously Everytime u bring something new like the scene which was my fav today was same glass ?????lolz this was damn superb FANTASTIC in juhi sssssssstttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeee lolz this was the effect of sponge Bob square pants ??????

    1. Maya

      Its my pleasure that u are reading it several times??? And sponge bob square pants effect is awesome! ????

  8. Maahi

    well u won nd me lose it how could u really do dizzz to me c now dfntly i am gng to kill uuu taking my next flight to Singapore u r gone nw dr i am really gng to kill u now ur gng to end dizzz haaa really i dont want the world to move so tht it would get stopped here right now in ur magic u made me dizzz crazyyy tht evry time i c any of my frnds i just remember our talks nd i always drip down in ur magic in my phy class always u dragged me to the peak nd now leaving me there all alone nt done dr i am in love with dizz magic of urs than evr i dont want to end dizz but i knw evry beginning has an ending nd evry ending vil hv a beautiful beginning again soo i vil b awaiting fr ur nxt magic in my crazy world well the only reason i am cmg into ur way is ur xams which vil b on august soo frst do tht thn i vil c u sia u cant escape frm me haha well dizzzz update of uu soooooo magical awesome wat r they upto i cant wait more dr plzzz reveal tht soon lv uuuu soooo much fr gvng dizz magic toooo

    1. Maya

      UCMC….thats the reason for what u are experiencing! ???? I have give u the reason and as for ending part….I have told u na…feelings ani…so I shall not repeat tha here again….I dont want to escape from ur friendship too! So no escape! Ok pls wait for the nxt update to see what they are upto! Magic again? I have no words for that????

  9. Nice yaar…..u r always make me restlesss in all ur ffs…….

    1. Maya

      Thank u Rose!? After a long time u are commenting here! Restless ah? Sorry about that dr!??? btw its my pleasure that u are reading my ffs??

  10. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Reshma!??

  11. Akka no pls dnt end tis already i miss ur othr ff pls short update is also ok and awesome as usual love u????

    1. Maya

      I was just having that feeling dr and I shared with u all…I will try not to end now…oh dr u still miss my other ff! Sorry for that and thank u for ur lovely support!????

  12. Trisha

    Awesome update Maya?….i respect and understand your feelings….but please dont end your ff???… I love it?

    1. Maya

      Thank u Trisha! ?? ok don’t feel for the ending…i will try not to end it soon??

  13. Sorry for my late comment. Today episode was awesome magic sisy really I loved it to the core

    1. Maya

      Again Sorry! Haha its ok dr! Thank you for your wonderful comment! Its really a pleasure to see your comment???

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