Is this called love? episode 23


Madness of love to lovely love…..

Pragya, Thank god! All are asleep and now I have to read his letter! I can’t read it in my room! Bulbul is sleeping here so I have to read it it kitchen. Ya nobody will come there! Even if anyone comes there I can just say I am there to eat something.

She rushed to the kitchen with the letter and started to read the letter.

Dear Pragya,

I know this is a very late reply…U know right? I am not a good writer like you! I need more time to think and write….If u ask me to tell to u it will be easier but I want to give u a surprise! That’s why I am writing this letter! I know that u are upset with me for what we are experiencing now….I am also upset and its even more than u….U know why? I came up with the conditions of seeing u first in the morning and last before I sleep! Now its haunting me! I miss your presence so badly that I don’t want to wake up without seeing u! I don’t want to sleep without seeing u too!

My day can’t start and end without your presence….I hope you understand what I am trying to say….I know I am like repeating a point again and again…But u know na…I am not a good writer like u….

I can promise you something….My love is like truth….It will never disappear or dissipate…How is this line? I thought of this for so long and I am not sure whether is it correct! You see I can’t even write a letter properly its more of like I am talking to u!

Pragya! No matter what I will be there for u and you also know that! But the main point here is I want to live our love….You can ask are we not living our love now? Yes Pragya we are living our love! But there is more that I want to show u how we can live our love in a meaningful way….I know u like to do stuff that are logical and live life in a meaningful way. Now our life is our love…So it means we must live our love meaningfully right? Are you ready to do that? If yes! Then call me immediately!

And one more thing this is how I am expressing my love to you….My expressions of love to you…..

Until then bye from your love….

Don’t delay ah! Pls call me faster as I can’t wait too long!

End of my letter…..

Pragya immediately took her phone to call him. But he never picked up her call!

Pragya, Always like this! When I want to talk to him, he is not answering my call!

At that moment, he called her….Pragya ” Why u didn’t pick up my call just now!” Abhi ” I was busy and that’s why I couldn’t pick up your call!” Pragya ” You are busy at this time?” Abhi ” Yes and where are you?” Pragya ” Of course at home! And am I disturbing you?” Abhi ” No! But tell me exactly where are you?” Pragya ” What? I said right? I am at home!” Abhi ” Arrey baba! I know that but I am asking as in are u in your room or somewhere else?” Pragya ” Why are u asking like that?” Abhi ” I can’t stay here too long na! It’s too cold here!” Pragya ” Where are you? And why do you feel cold?” Abhi ” I am at the terrace of your house! And I was busy climbing up just now and that’s why I couldn’t pick up your call!” Pragya ” What? You just said I have to call u na! Wait I will come up now!” Abhi ” Faster! And please bring something hot to drink too!” Pragya ” Haan! Like seriously u are just being crazy!”

Pragya brought warm milk to the terrace and found Abhi there waiting for her.
Abhi ” There you are! Pass me the milk! Its so cold here man!” Pragya passed the glass of milk to him. Pragya ” How come you are here now? What if Ma or Bulbul knows that u are here!!” Abhi ” I know they have slept and that’s why I came here! It’s my instinct! And you have read my letter? How was it?” Pragya ” Hmm…Nice letter from a nice person!” Abhi ” Hey u are taking revenge on me ah?” Pragya ” Maybe..” Abhi ” Tell na…how was it? I took a lot of effort to write that!” Pragya ” Abhi! Each and every word that you wrote belongs to me…whatever you are feeling or want to do, It’s my life….You know why? As my life is with you and I am living my life with you….so whatever u want to do with me is part of my life…And you shouldn’t have asked me whether I am ready to live our love….I am already living our love with you and this is very meaningful to me….”

Abhi was stunned by her reply and he couldn’t resist himself and he broke into tears….Pragya ” Why are you crying like a baby?” Abhi ” I thought you would be emotional from my letter but you made me emotional in return!” Pragya ” I was emotional but I know that you don’t like my tears and that’s why u don’t want me to read the letter at restaurant itself…” Abhi ” Can I hug and kiss you?” Pragya ” Did you hug me before with permission? Why are u asking like that now?” Abhi ” Its your house na and that’s why I am asking u!” Pragya ” You can hug me but kiss…ok can also but on my cheek for now!” Abhi immediately hugged her and kissed her on her cheek….Not only on her cheek but also on her forehead….Pragya ” Two places! Its more than that I gave permission to!” Abhi ” Pragya! I am expressing my love and you are talking about permission and all!” Pragya ” Ya I know that! But I don’t want it to be overexpressed!” Abhi ” You are talking too much! I know what to do to stop it!” He leaned forward to kiss her lips but by then Pragya bring the glass that he had finished drinking his milk. Abhi ended up kissing the glass with his eyes closed!

Abhi ” What the hell!” Pragya ” Its not hell it’s a glass! And lower down your voice!” Abhi ” I will take my revenge for this soon! ” Pragya ” Ok fine and it’s already late! You better get going! I am scared now!” Abhi ” No worries! I will get down like a spiderman!” Pragya ” Ok take care! And I can hear some footsteps too…I think someone is awake!” Abhi ” Ok you better leave now and I will manage!”

Pragya left from there and was keep on looking back to see whether Abhi was leaving safely or not….Pragya, He is getting crazier day by day! And I am also like that! It’s just that he is expressing it and I am not! I just love him crazily……

Abhi, All went fine today but I have something for her to do and I will have to make her agree to do it! How am I going to do that? Anyways she was so lovely today and I really love her for that!

Pragya ” I am lost! ” Abhi ” It’s so clear and nothing to be lost about!” Pragya ” Then why not you do it?” Abhi ” It’s too clear and only clear-minded people like u should do it!”

Hope u all enjoy this! As i wrote this in such a rush that I am not sure what I am writing! Excuse me or Sorry if it did not met any of your expectation…

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  1. Riyashri

    I am Lost Now ……………………….. In My MTMP ‘s World ??????????????????????????????????!! All I wanted to tell is U r AA-ZZly AA-ZZly !! U know what It means r8!! This was Ultimately The Best !!! ??????????Seriously Awesome…..Amazing……..Wonderful…….Superb……..Marvellous……….Ofcourse Magical toooo?????????……………….Abhi’s Letter ……. Got me like this???????????……… I love this and U too….???????
    NOTE : My Expectations are not even enough to reach the Unexpected Amazinggggggggggg Thoughts Of My MTMP aka Sweetie !!! Hope the author got her answer !!!
    LUFE Sweetie !!!????? Take Care !!???

    1. Maya

      Haha ya I got my answer and always grateful for ur lovely comment??????

  2. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshma??

  3. Akka hw many times to say a crazy writer like u can give awesome updates evn in hurry so dnt ask again it was damn superb love u loads????

    1. Maya

      Okok! I wont tell that again but I am not a crazy writer but I am a lazy writer?? Love u loads to Saranya!????


    Abhi ka to pata nahi par mai pakka pagal khane chala jana hai ek din kyuki na Abhi ki antics mujhe Akki ki yaad dilati hai like he climbed her terrace he climbed terrace in houseful and many movies so its was a deewani karne wala episode for me aaye….. maar hi dala suga mai chali ab I am not able to speak and yeah one more episode please ??????????????

    1. Maya

      Haha I also thought of Akki while writing this hehe???! So its same pinch haha no same punch?? One more epi ah? I guess u read that alrdy??

  5. Maahi

    evry word of uu is smthng magical nd evry time i cmnt i feel tht whether it is reaching uu tht wat i wanted to say till now nt able tp find tht way of expressing my love fr uu nd ur magic but dfntly will try to come up to tht soooon all i wanted to say is ur INCREDIBLE any word in my literature is nt enough to describe ur magic My love fr uu is like truth….my god there is a life in dizzz sentence haha permission scene was soo cute loved it a lott mindblowing dr

    1. Maya

      Its has reached and thats y i try my best to come up with interesting updates as much as possible! Not sure whether is it interesting but i am trying! ??

  6. Trisha

    Simply Superb???

    1. Maya

      Thank u Trisha!??

  7. It was awesome suga??? loved it a lot…..

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it! ???

  8. Wooooow Maya amazing episode dear …just loved it

    1. Maya

      Thank u Jessi! Its my pleasure that u loved it!?

  9. Hey it’s really nice one yaar I really love it yaar… It’s superb n eagerly waiting for next part…

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Durga!??

  10. Sharaya

    Wow!!!!!????? so awesome!!!!! Love it a lot????????

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it! Btw how are you? Hope u are doing good!??

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