Is this called love? episode 22


Madness of love…..
Pragya, I really don’t understand how to meet him when he is not even picking up my call? He is not even texting me too! Did he said a real no to our love? And this Bulbul! Oh my god! Why is she always checking on my phone whenever I am not using it? Thank god! That he gave me another phone to contact him but why is he not responding at all?
A call came in the phone that Abhi gave to her. It was an unknown number and she wondered who it will be? She just picked up the call and recognized the voice of Abhi. Abhi “Hello Prakash! Meet me at the xyz restaurant at 3 pm today and I am very sorry for not contacting on time! Hope you will understand!” Pragya “Prakash?” Pragya noticed that Sarla ma was outside her room and said “Yes Abhinaya, it’s not an issue and I will meet u soon regarding the publication of my book!” Abhi “Thank you Prakash!”
Sarla ma “Who’s that?” Pragya “ Oh its Abhinaya ma! She is working in the publication company where I am publishing my novel for and she asked me to meet up regarding that!” Sarla ma “ So you are going now? And who is Prakash?” Pragya “ Pra…kash…Oh he is Abhinaya’s husband! She told his name by mistake to me!” Sarla ma “ Oh okok fine!”
Pragya, Oh my god! How many lies? I am Prakash and he is Abhinaya? So I have to save his name in this phone as Abhinaya…This is so unexpected! I am not sure how many more lies I am going to tell! Only god can save me from this!
Pragya came to the restaurant and he was also there. Abhi “ Hi Prakash!” Pragya “Hi Abhinaya!” Both laughed at their crazy lies. Pragya “ How long are we going to this?” Abhi “ Until we are finished with our commitments!” Pragya “ I know but this is not right!” Abhi “ Just for a while Pragya! And by the way Abhinaya is a lovely name!” Pragya “ Ma was beside me and I just came up with this name out of nowhere!” Abhi “ Same here! Dadi was beside me and I had no choice so had to call you Prakash!” Pragya “ But the name that I used still have your name in it!” Abhi “ I am not that smart as you na that’s why I came up with the name Prakash!” Pragya “ Ok leave this Prakash and Abhinaya matter! I want something to drink. Just order for me something!” Abhi “ Okok sure!” He ordered orange juice and that’s when Pragya saw them…….
Pragya “ Abhi! Don’t look behind! They are here!” Abhi “ Who are the they?” Pragya “ Purab and Bulbul!” Pragya covered her face with duppata to hide from Bulbul. She signalled to him that they are sitting just right behind him. Abhi remained calm and both tried to listen to their conversation.
Bulbul “ What is this Purab? I thought they are together and they will be married soon! But now it’s all back to square one again! I really thought di will be happy again!” Purab “ What can we do? They are always complicating small issues! I even got scolding from Dadi for giving her wrong information! You know she scold until that I don’t have the mood to see her again!” Bulbul “ I think we can’t be together too! I told u na that we should only inform our love to Ma after they get married….But now I think it will be just a dream!” Purab “ Why are u saying like that? We can try something to make them understand their love again!” Bulbul “ You think it will work out?” Purab “ If u are with me then it will definitely work out!” Bulbul “ Ok! Let’s go from here! I don’t like the silence here it makes me even more sad….” Purab and Bulbul left from there leaving Abhigya shocked…..
Pragya “ They are gone!” Abhi “ Ya I know that as you have removed your duppata….I didn’t know they love each other!” Pragya “ I also didn’t know about this! She never even told me about this! Abhi! Let’s drop this lies and all! You heard them right? Both are very upset and I can’t see them like this!” Abhi “ Do you think I want them to be like this? We can help them now…U know na both always wish that we must be united so now it’s our turn to make them united in all ways…We should tell about this to Auntyji!” Pragya “Sure but I feel bad now for making them worried!” Abhi “ The juice is here and have it first!” Pragya drank the juice with worry and Abhi had an idea to cheer her up…..
Abhi “ Pragya close your eyes!” Pragya “ Why?” Abhi “ Just do as I say!” Abhi picked up something that he was hiding for so long and asked Pragya to open her eyes. Pragya “ Letter?” Abhi “ My reply to your letter!” Pragya “ Ok! Let me read it now!” Abhi “ No! You go home and read it in night when everyone is asleep in your house! Then u call me after u have read it!” Pragya “ Why not now?” Abhi “ I know what will be your reaction and I don’t want to see that now!” Pragya “ Ok fine! Always stubborn!”
Abhigya left from there and Pragya can’t wait to read the letter that Abhi gave her…But she had no choice and she waited for night to reach. Pragya, why do I feel that today the time is passing so slow? It’s all because of the madness of his love! I really want to know what he has written in it! He said it will be a sweet surprise last time but now why he have to give this letter?
What Abhi has written in the letter? Wait for the next update and you all will know that……
Thank u once again for all your support!

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  1. Superb Maya today’s was very niceeeee …..these days am just going mad in ur story yaaar…it is soo clear dear ….am soo exited what gonna happen next ….God bless u maa

    1. Maya

      Thank u for ur madness to this story! Hope the next epi is exciting! God bless u too Jessi! ??

  2. Finally i managed to read this update of yours ???? this was so awesome and amazing and brilliantly brilliant and fantasticly fantastic and creatively creative and differently different and incredibly incredible and i m now speechless for this ?? In short i loved this one to core

    1. Maya

      Haha ??? so many descriptive words ah? No need to speechless for this as there is already a lot of speech in this epi!???As usual glad that u loved it…????

  3. Haha prakash and abhinaya???? seriously ka it was sooo sweet episode and funny too??.. It was soo soo amazing…. And abhi’s surprise Oh my god I can’t wait to read that one ka… Really I am in love with this part.. Haha “Magizchi”????.. Keep rocking ka and love you????

    1. Maya

      Magizchi too! As usual a wonderful comment from a wonderful person!????????

  4. Today’s Episode is superb dr.Their nick names like prakash n Abhinaya is really awesome yr .iam also very eager like pragya to know what’s written in that letter .plz update nxt part asap.n I also read the previous episodes already n tried to comment but to my bad luck this TU sever was down dr, hope u understand!!.And all ur updates r really superbbbbbbb…..!!keep smiling…….!!!

    1. Maya

      No worries dr I am also affected by the TU server being done! So no prob!? Glad that u read the prev updates and sure I will try to update the nxt part asap! You too keep smiling!???

      1. Maya

        Down not done?

  5. Maahi

    omg prakashnaya was soooo lovely haha madness of his love is to the peaks on her i think soo it was sooo lovely every magic of u is sooo Unique cant wait to know wat is in tht letter u rocked it dr keep rocking IB imagining abhigya lke dizz is so lovely

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting! U will know wht is in the letter and hope it will be nice?? As usual glad for ur lovely comment???

  6. Trisha

    Awesome Maya…loved it???…Poor purab got scolded by Dadi???….well done my dear…waiting for next update?

    1. Maya

      Oh no u are sad for Purab? I will try to make him feel better in the upcoming updates?? Thank u for ur wonderful comment! And eagerly waiting for ur ff????

  7. Hey really yaar tat name a funny ohhhh god????sooooo sweet of them really soooo cute even I too super excited lk pragya to know abt tat letter….

    1. Maya

      Glad that u are excited for that Durga! ??? Hope it will be nice??

  8. Sethidisha002

    why always make the suspense in the ff but still its amazing

    1. Maya

      Haha Suspense is something I like! ?? may be thats y i am including it?? Thank u for finding it amazing??

  9. Wow it was awesome episode I loved it to the core keep rocking…

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Monesha! As usual its a awesome comment from a awesome person!????

  10. Creative!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Pinky! ?

  11. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshma! ?

  12. Haha nice akka it was superb waiting fr suspense love u loads????

    1. Maya

      Love u too Saranya! ?????

  13. Superb episode… Eagerly waiting to know what’s in the letter……..

    1. Maya

      Thank u! Glad for your wait too! ?

  14. Riyashri

    Can I tell the Truth ….more than Abhigya now I Love Prakash & Abhiaya !!! ??????????Aww that was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cute????….. I loved the way u had written each and every line?????……………I loved their conversation????………………I Just loved Everything !!?????
    LUFE Sweetie?????…… Keep making me to love all your Updates?…..which are Always Unexpected ones & Amazingggggggggg too with Your Magic MTMP !!????????
    Well I know it is a very late comment …but no sorry as My Sweetie doesn’t like her Cutie telling Sorry to her !! ??????Thanq for the Wonderful Update !!??

    1. Maya

      Keep loving! And its my pleasure that u had loved so many things in the update!????????LUFE too!

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