Is this called love? episode 21


What is happening?

A few days before Pragya left Abhi’s house……
Abhi “ I am glad that finally I am able to talk to you freely!” Pragya “ Why did u ask me to come here?” Abhi “ Do you think we can talk freely at home when Dadi is keep on spying on us?” Pragya “ Spying on us?” Abhi “ Yes! That day when u passed me the letter she was also looking at us and nowadays she is also observing us whenever we are having our meals together!” Pragya “ Oh I see! But what is wrong in that?” Abhi “ There is nothing wrong in that but I know what will be her next step after knowing that we are in love!” Pragya “ You mean arranging marriage?” Abhi “ Haan! That would be her next step!” Pragya “ I don’t want marriage now!” Abhi “ Why?” Pragya “ You also don’t want right?” Abhi “ Yes! I also don’t want it to happen right now! But tell me why u don’t want it?” Pragya “Simple! I have some personal commitments need to be completed and I want to do it by myself!” Abhi “ Same here! We need some personal space to complete all that!” Pragya “ Ya you are right! Then how to escape from this?” Abhi “ Hmm…Let me think! And you also think!” Pragya “ Ok!”
Pragya “ How about I leave out of town and Dadi won’t talk about it right?” Abhi “ What idea is this? If u leave it doesn’t make any difference! She can still talk to your mum about our relation. We need something stronger! I know one idea but it can make Dadi upset for a while but its the safest!”

Pragya “ No! If it makes Dadi upset then I won’t agree to it!” Abhi “ Arrey! It won’t upset her too, it may upset your mum too!” Pragya “ What?? It will also affect Ma then it’s definitely a no from my side!” Abhi “ First listen to my idea! Then u can decide whether is it a Yes or No!” Pragya “ Ok can!” Abhi explained his idea and Pragya did not know how to react!

Pragya “ What kind of idea is this? We should say no to our love?” Abhi “ You see! It’s a not a real no, it’s a fake no! And what matters is both of us know that we love each other!” Pragya “ But this is so foolish! Purab and Bulbul already know that we love each other and what if they tell to Dadi or Ma?” Abhi “ I know how to handle that too! To handle Bulbul you have to do your part!” Pragya “ So you have decided that I am ok with your idea?” Abhi “ Listen Pragya! We don’t have a choice! And we are not separated as we will be still meeting each other….just that it will be a secret meeting!” Pragya “ So tell me how I need to handle Bulbul?” Abhi “ Here you go, have this phone! You just contact me from this phone and don’t let Bulbul see this! If she asked that why we are separated, then you just say to her that we need more time to accept each other. That’s why we are not loving each other now!” Pragya “ What kind of reasoning is this? Need more time to accept each other? And for that we are not loving each other! This is just ridiculous!” Abhi “ Pragya! If you answer with clear mind, she will surely accept it and remember answer calmly! She will believe! Once you are telling her with tears or tension than she will find out that you are lying!” Pragya “ How are you so confident that this will work out?” Abhi “ Simple! I have trust in my love! My love as in you and my love for you! It’s just that you need motivation to do this!” Pragya “ But I have never lied like this before!” Abhi “ Come on Pragya! You think I have lied like this? It’s just covering up the truth” Pragya “ Ok fine! I shall leave now!” Abhi “ No! Why are u rushing now? Don’t get upset Pragya! It’s just for a while that you have to face this!” Pragya couldn’t move from there as he was holding onto her hand. Pragya turned to face him. Abhi “ I will miss you!” Pragya “ Me too! And I will miss you very badly!” Abhi “ I guess it’s very common in our love to miss each other!” Pragya beat him lightly on his chest and said “ It may be common but our love will never miss to make us meet often!” Abhi “ Nice reply!” Pragya “Again? You still haven’t gave a proper reply to my letter!” Abhi “Very soon I will give with a surprise!” Pragya “Surprise?” Abhi “Sweet Surprise!” Pragya “I am waiting for it!”

Pragya, I really don’t know what is happening but I just want whatever happening does not affect those who are around us….We want our personal space but it makes me wonder why we can’t do it together? Why do we need personal space when our space is filled with our personal thoughts for each other? I don’t want to interfere in his personal space but his space belongs to me too right?

Abhi, I know Pragya that you are wondering why we can’t do things together….but certain things have to be done alone. I don’t want to bother you by involving in my commitments! But I will help you indirectly to complete your commitment and it’s my responsibility to do that. You know why? As I have given a lot of pain to you in the past….and from now onwards I want to give you only happiness and lessen your burden in life!

What are their personal commitments that make them to avoid marriage? To know that you all have to wait for the upcoming updates!
Hope this update makes sense. Thank you for all your suggestions and let’s see how their personal thoughts will bring changes in their lives……

Thank you again for the support! I know it’s short but please try to understand that I am stuck with my assignments and i also need to apply for internship and financial assistance. So ya I am busy with the application procedures…I really wonder when I can be free! I don’t think it can happen and ya the worst thing is my exams are also coming soon! Exams are like Traffic jams to me as it blocks my mind! What i can assure u all is I will be regular but it will be short updates!

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  1. Maahi

    It was a sweet sweet morning of mine starting with ur magic nd wat u r telling tht it makes sense ani haa?? u silly girl u nvr dare again say tht bcoz in magic there nvr raises sense issue man!!! nd dizz episode was a way too awesome my both of them reading their minds is sooooo awesome nd hahA fm now whenever i say lie to amma i vil think tht i am covering the truth haha having space fr each other is smthng sooooo sooo soo lovely loved dizzz a lottttt i wonder how u maintain to b so lovely u rocked itt dr keep rocking nd i vil b waiting dr md all the best fr ur xam sweetuuuu

    1. Maya

      Thank u for ur wishes! Haha u will think that u are covering up the truth ah????Ok carry on! ??? my best wishes for that! As usual I am mesmerized by your comment!????

  2. superbb yarrr………………………but don’t seperate them….can’t see their seperation again

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nannu! There will be no separation! So no worries!?

  3. Riyashri

    “Need more time to accept each other and for that we are not loving each other ” Like Seriously…. From where do get such thoughts haan??? U r really Unbelievable…..I love all your thoughts and tge unique way of writing!!! Just Love them!! Sorry Sweetie I couldn’t comment on your last update as I was facing some problem in TU!! Missed you Sooooooo much!! LUFE Sweetie!!! Take Care!! And Hope U clear all your Traffic Jams!! He..he…All the Very Best For your Exams!! Happy Studying & Keep Rocking!! As usual this update was tooooooo Good!! Love u Sweetie!!

    1. Maya

      No more sorry! As i understand ur situation! Rock well in life! Thank u for ur lovely support and comment????? haha ok I will try to clear my traffic jam???

  4. Super suga

  5. suga no need to b worry for short update but u updating regularly na that’s enough….
    really awesome suga. …

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much for your understanding and support!??

      1. Maya

        Its very sweet of u to tell like this??????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Pinky!?

  6. Trisha

    Awesome epi Maya???…Good luck with your assignments…exams and applications…All the best???

    1. Maya

      Thank u Trisha for ur wishes and support!??????

  7. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshma???

  8. Nice episode yaar really superb one n interesting too…

    1. Maya

      Thank u Durga! ?? hope its nice in the upcoming updates too

  9. U r incredible akka wat a way of writing superb keep rockng akka abd no need to be sry at all we love all ur updates????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Saranya for the understanding and loving my updates! ??????

  10. You are awesome ??????????????????????? i should tell you one thing too, i never realised that it’s a shorter update until you said in the end ???? sseriously whenever you write something i don’t know but i get lost in it and i never realise what’s happeningg around ?? seriously this was Lovely update!

    1. Maya

      Lol Don’t get lost in it too much???? btw as always ur lovely comment makes me feel lovely and lively????????

  11. Awesome episode……nd all the best for ur exams……

    1. Maya

      Thank u for the support and wishes???

  12. Sharaya

    Super super super super super so super

    1. Maya

      Thank u Sharaya!????

      1. Sharaya

        Don’t dare to say thank you or I swear I’ll kill you ??

      2. Maya

        Lol for this u are so angry???! Ok I will try rmbr not to tell that again! I am suffering from short term memory loss lol

  13. Wooow Maya it’s like a feast for me….very nice

    1. Maya

      So sweet of u Jessi! ?? Thank u for ur support!??

  14. Ahh finally after so long I am here to comment to my favourite writer’s ff..??.. u asked us not to say sorry when we missed to comment on ur ff.. So as a obedient girl I will not say sorry haha just joking I am not a obedient girl so I will say sorry???? sorry ka??? see now I started my ooralles okok I will stop this?? and ur episodes r like this ka???????????? Oh my god ka u r unbelievable.. Seriously ur each and every episodes made me to have goosebumps??.. It was simply awesome.. Especially that twist.. Oh my god two abhi’s haha that was sooo sooo amazing.. Lots and lots of hugs and kisses to you from my side?????????… Keep rocking ka

    1. Maya

      Such a lovely comment from such a lovely sis! Take care of urself and I am always mesmerized by ur sweet comment???????????

  15. It was awesome I loved it to the core sorry for my late update it is because of my WiFi modem sorry love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤

    1. monesha y u didnt update ur ff.. i am waiting for ur ff…

      1. Sorry yesterday only WiFi modem brought to home. Yesterday itself i want to upload but telly update didn’t took my articles. But if it took my article definitely I will update really sorry

    2. Maya

      How many times do I have to say? No sorry pls?? Love u too for ur lovely support! ??

      1. No sorry hereafter thank you so much

  16. Prathi

    As usual awesome Maya!!! Sad thing is am not able to upload my OS

    1. Maya

      Oh no! Why is it becoz of TU? I am quite desperate for ur OS! As usual its a awesome comment from u!??

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