Is this called love? episode 20


Leaving him after living with him….

Abhi, I know you are angry Pragya but what to do? Dadi was looking at us when u gave me the letter and I can’t tell u that too! I will surely express my expressions of love to u! You just have to wait for it!

Pragya, Why is he still angry at me! I know its my mistake but for that he is so stubborn to forgive me! This is too much!

Days passed and Abhigya were normal but Abhi still haven’t respond to Pragya properly to her letter which made Pragya upset. She was also not in the mood to ask about it. She decided to wait for him to respond. In this period, Dadi had found that Abhigya were in love with each other from Purab.

Dadi decided to arrange for Abhigya wedding but she didn’t know that she will be facing a major twist in it!

Dadi called Sarla ma and informed everything. Sarla ma was initially shocked hearing about Abhigya’s love but she really liked Abhi’s character and there was no objection from her side too. Then what is the twist? Let’s see what is it…..

Dadi asked Abhi and Pragya to come to the living room. Sarlaji was also there and they both smiled at Abhigya. Abhi ” What’s the matter Dadi? And Auntyji u are also here? It’s only tommorow that Pragya will be leaving from here and you are here to fetch her now itself?” Sarla ma ” Haan beta, but there is something important that Dadi and me want to tell the both of u!” Pragya ” What’s that ma?” Dadi ” I will tell that! We know that both of u love each other…So we have decided to arrange the marriage!” Abhigya ” No!” Dadi ” Why no? No to marriage?” Abhi ” No we don’t even love each other!” Pragya ” How can u all come to a conclusion like this even without asking us?” Abhi ” Ya Dadi! How can u all decide just like this?” Both Dadi and Sarla ma were shocked by their words. Sarla ma ” Pragya! Are u sure? There is no love between the two of u?” Abhi ” Auntyji! I think its a misunderstanding! She is just here for work and there is nothing else” Pragya nodded her head in silence to his statement. Dadi ” Then why did Purab told me that both of u are in love?” Abhi ” I told him that for fun and he took it seriously! I will deal with him later!” Dadi ” Sarlaji I am so sorry! I think I have just got overexcited and also informed u! I should have asked him earlier! I really wanted Pragya as the bahu of this house but now when these two said like this…then we have to reconsider about this!” Sarla ma ” Dadiji why are u sorry for this? I was also like u…had the thoughts of Abhi having as my son and son in law…but we can still have their wedding as a idea if they agree!” Abhi ” Auntyji! I am sorry too but for now I have no plans for marriage and Pragya also knows about that!” Pragya ” I am also sorry Dadi and I will always visit u as I consider u as my own Dadi too!”

Abhigya looked at each other and Abhi winked at her but Pragya didn’t react to it.
Pragya, I am leaving from here now after living with him here so far….but I will never leave him. I also know that he will never leave me that easily…..

What makes Abhigya not to accept their love in front of their family? Why are they not agreeing to the marriage? To know that u all have to wait for the next update…

I did saw some of the suggestions given as marriage but then a crazy thought came in my mind to make the marriage itself as a twist…So thats y i included it in the update today. How was it? I am not sure is this interesting or not….and pls to those who comment late or miss commenting on my prev episodes pls dont say sorry…I can really understand that all of us are busy either in studies, work or even some other commitments. It really makes me feel bad whenever u all say sorry…its my pleasure that u all are reading my random writing. This is more than enough for this Silly Suga! Thank u so much for the support so far! So fast its Episode 20! And it would not be possible without all ur support! Thanks for bearing my short updates too! Let me try at least whether I can reply to all ur comments or comment on other ffs! Its very irritating not being able to comment or reply to u all!

Note: Abhigya are not separated! So no worries pls wait for the next update to know what happened.

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  1. Waiting 4 nxt update bt plz make it long it’s too short update

    1. Maya

      Thanks for your wait Anu! So sorry but I was tired when I was writing this and thats y its short

  2. superbb yarr………………………..but yyyyyyyyy?

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nannu! U will know the reason soon?

  3. It’s good Maya ….even I felt that it would be routine if u just take marriage as their next step it’s good you gave us a twist

    1. Maya

      Thank u Jessi! ? I will try to justify the twist in the next update! Hope it will be interesting!

  4. VarshaVenkat

    Wat could dat twist.b????waiting to know abhis reply n d revelation of twist

    1. Maya

      Thank u Varsha! You will know that soon??

  5. Superb??..eagerly waiting to know the twist…

    1. Maya

      Very soon! U will know the twist! Glad that u find it superb??

  6. Really nice episode yaar.. Waiting for the twist… ????

    1. Maya

      U will know that very soon!?????

  7. Maahhi

    heyyyyy girl Silly Suga arrivd here too!!lol but wat a twist i really cant gues now nd wat a title sia it is rocking like uuu nd yaaar yy they r always opp to each other ohhhh no how can a physics student forget it tht opp poles attract each other cant wait any more dr u already dragged me to the peak of craziness nd i really cant wait anymore plzzzz post ASAP its a request indeeed super excited sia nd IB dont get irritated yar bcoz i knw wat is stopping uu thts cmplty kkk awesome awesome awesome nd huge congrats on 20 nd vell bearing uu is our Eternal pleasure do remain tht loads of love keep rocking my IB

    1. Maya

      Haha thanks Maahi! And ya Silly Suga came here too?? u will know the twist soon! So no worries! Hopefullly its out soon??

  8. Prathi

    Come on what’s the twist now ? Those 2 idiot ppls ? Enjoyed the epi Maya!

    1. Maya

      Haha don’t worry Prathi! It wont be anything to make them apart but its just a twist to be enjoyed! ?? Hopefully its like that?

    1. Maya

      Thank u for finding it awesome??


    episode?????????????? I am speechless because as usual perfection was overloaded yr so FANTASTIC……….. long version haha ??? and for the last statement this is the only thing which will happen according to my experience after clarifying also and that is “please don’t separate abhigya “?????????????

    1. Maya

      Haha ya what u said is true but not always na???? I am also speechless yr as its not that perfect but u still say its perfect???

  10. The Twist ??? listen one thing you know you are Brilliantly Brilliant ????????? filled up with Sugafection and yeah The note ?? they aren’t gonna be seprated Oh No ????????? okay nevermind i was joking! I just loved your update and the twist is awesome again increased by so called desperation! ?

    1. Maya

      I was not joking! It was a serious note and u cant make fun of it??? good that u said u were joking! Haha twist increased by desperation ah? Hopefully its worth it! ?

  11. please update next part soon

    1. Maya

      Just uploaded. Hope it will be out soon!

  12. Nice n interesting update…really it’s interesting to know y thy both say no to marriage…

    1. Maya

      You will know the reason in the next update itself! ???

  13. Lovely akka waiting to knw the reason love u akka???

    1. Maya

      Thank you Saranya!?????! U will know the reason soon!??

      1. Maya

        Hey hope u are feeling better! Take care of urself!

  14. Reshma Pradeep

    I dont ask that why they said NO to marriage…….Bcoz, I think the plot is really Interestingggggggg!!! & I dont want you to reveal the Truth in a rush………I wish to know the truth by your own way of style…….& Todays Epi, AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Loved it………

    1. Maya

      Haha ok u will know in my style and i have not rushed but the reason is already out in the upcoming update!???

  15. Trisha

    Awesome???….Awaiting the next epi

  16. Riyashri

    Amazingggly Written!!!Sorry note in your next update!! LUFE Sweetie!!

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