Is this called love? (Episode 2)


If love can give the pain, from that pain can love be obtained?

Abhi looked at her wall size photo of Pragya at his room. Abhi, I hate you Pragya! But I can’t hate to love you! What have u given me is not right Pragya! I only expected for love from you but you gave me pain in return. He went near her photo and touched it. Tears were flowing down his cheeks while remembering about his moments of love with her.

As for Pragya, she was about to write her new novel and also looked at his photo on her desk area. Pragya, It’s because of u I am writing this! What have you done to me? Only you can answer me but I know you won’t! You know what? I am going to name this novel as Pain of love. This is also because of you and I truly like you for making me like this. Do you know why? It’s because at least in this way I am always remembering you……

Abhi went out to his balcony to see the sky and looked at the moon. Why even when I am looking at the nature around me it only reminds me of her? The moon also reminds me of her face! Is it that difficult for me to forget her completely? My memories, thoughts and every second of my life is reminding her! But she only gave me the pain that I never expected for!

Pragya continued to wrote her novel and in between she cried remembering about him. With her pain of love she wrote the novel. Abhi! Even though this painful but I feel pleasant whenever I think about you and I really yearn for your care and concern again! Will it happen again?

Abhi, Stop it Abhi! This is enough and I will divert my mind with my music again. He was always diverting his mind from her thoughts by his love for music. As for Pragya, she was keep on writing novels to live in his thoughts. The pain both are having is the same for each other….It’s the pain of love.

Both were in deep pain of the love for each other. Will they get love again from the pain that they are experiencing? For that you all have to wait for upcoming updates!

Ok pls don’t request for me long updates. I have mention the reason in my other ff too. My flow of ideas is what affects what i am writing. I am not doing it by a choice. Hope u all will understand.

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  1. Riyashri

    Your flow of ideas doesn’t affect your writings…..But surely I am 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Affected !!!What to do ……I am becoming Crazier and Crazier only by reading your one update ….but now along with it soooooooooooo many updates ….So surely Its gonna drew me Crazy to the Core !!!
    Yesterday I just told the future consequenses ……but today I am 100 percent sure what’s gonna happen to me !! Do u hav a bank account ….if so then keep seperate savings for paying my treatment bills ok……….

    1. Maya

      Haha of course i have bank acc but no money lol…haha ya i am currently not working to have my savings! Thought of working during my holidays but now i guess i need to work long hours for ur bills ???? keep reading get more excited but not crazy!??

  2. Superb suga…. U know what each passing day I am becoming a crazy fan of ur writings…I really enjoy a lot while reading ur ff…..keep rocking..??

    1. Maya

      Don be that crazy! I may also be lazy at times in my writings haha! But still will try to make wht i write something as enjoyable ????

  3. Prathi

    Wow good.. Pragya is in my situation now.. ?

    1. Maya

      Oh no! Is it? Dont worry too much Prathi! Hope all gets fine! And glad that u find it good!

      1. Thank you Maya.. Am coming out of it

  4. Riyashri

    I can very well understand your situation…I don’t need to tell anything as I know u would manage things very well….All the Best in everything that u do……..And wish uncle A Very Happy Father’s Day from this cutie’s side….ok
    And I wanted to really Thank him for giving such A Lovely Sister to me !!!

    1. Maahi

      honey actually I tried very hard to create dizz accnt dont knw some technical prblm I think sooo but thankfully our IB did dizzz fr me thnxxx a lot fr her nd riyuuuu u shld just ask me r order me to create nt to wish kkk nd yaar wat u said tht I shld dont mind in reading it again haaaa dooo evr sissy’s mind noo naaa so nvr tell it again but I reallu dont knw yyy I am unable to c the private messages ones I sort it I vil msg uuu dr till thn dont take me wrong naaa honey keep loving stay blessed muaaahhhhh

      1. Riyashri

        Seriously I guess u know telepathy…..Like Maya Di……..Ijust now saw this page to see whether u had replied or not ….And felt bad that i can’t speak to u again………… U r Tooooooooooooooooooo Sweeeeeeeeeeeet Di………..If I hadn’t seen your reply ….then I would have slept in depression……But U made me very happy ……………..Thanq soooooooooooo much…
        And All the Imp Points are Noted My Lord !!!! Love U Stubbeen………..
        1000000000000000000000 Thanq to MTMP for helping in creating a account for My Stubbeen !!! Both of U made My Day……..

      2. Maya

        Lol it just a matter of few seconds to register and u are thanking me for that Maahi!???

    2. Maya

      Thanks for the wishes! And also for the confidence in me!?? hmm i should be thankful to him always for giving me a life like this!??

      1. Maya

        This is a reply to Riya’comment!

  5. It was awesome I loved it

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Monesha!?

  6. Tis flow of writing is enough fr us akka loved it and love u???

    1. Maya

      Thanks a lot Saranya!??love u too!??

  7. Superb superb superb..????? I really really loved it.. It was tremendous ka… I am eagerly waiting for next part and don’t worry ka I can understand ur situation.. I feel that ur short updates r the plus point of u.. Though it is short it contains so much of emotions.. Long or short that content should be important which u r delivering us in a elegant manner.. Thats the thing which I like the most from u??? so don’t worry.. Keep rocking and eagerly waiting for next episode???

    1. Maya

      Keep liking and loving! Short updates are my strength ah? Hehe i never thought like that??? but still its a gd motivation for me!??keep waiting it will come once its ready!??

  8. Really awesome rocking interesting episode yaar really superb I’m eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting! It needs time to get ready! And yes glad that u find it interesting!??

  9. Superb suga
    I’m waiting for the nxt epi

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting and glad that u find it superb rithu!??

  10. This is best! The way u explained everything ,the pain! I loved it at each point and at each point i loved it! This is so different! I didn’t even expected Yeah yeah i always expect something unexpected from your side! So i expected this right? Unexpectedly expected this! So Brilliantly brilliant! I just loved this one!

    1. Maya

      UU again ah? Haha but its just a normal thing tat i have written! Btw always happy to see ur comment!?? glad that u loved it!??

  11. Maahi

    yaar IB truly dizzzz first two episodes is highly enough to describe ur great thinking ability dr really if I start to cmmnt on the lines thn y would repeat the whole epi bcoz evry line is just mindblowing outstanding keep rocking dr I vil b waiting short or long ur always sweet nd crazy toooo bcoz always drives us crazyyy through ur magic lv uuuuuuuu fr evrything I gonna show dizzzz fr one of my frnd who is mad fr her love thnqqqqqqqq uuuu soooo much fr evrything KEEP LOVING

    1. Maya

      Omg u are gg to show tis to ur frnd! I seriously don know wht to say! Hope ur frnd dont get mad at me for my writings! ???and ya i am not tat sweet or crazy!??? but don know wht so many of u all say that!???…glad that u enjoyed the lines of this epi! Keep loving too! Thnq u for everything? I have not done anything tat is great na! Haha okok still ur thq is accepted!??

  12. Nice episode yaar..

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it nice Nirmal! ?

  13. Shiya

    Nice update..
    N maya u r seriously a grt writer i read all ur ffs and i m ur big fan…
    Just posting my comment today..
    Loved the story..

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved the story! It has just started! Hope u will also love the upcoming updates Shiya!??

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