Is this called love? episode 19


The past of love….

Pragya used to love Abhi silently….He was her neighbour. She always admire his carefree attitude and the way he carried himself….but suddenly he was not around…she was confused as in why he was missing? When asked around, she found that Abhi has moved house to live his dream. Pragya searched for him, as she loved him a lot. The search led to the Abhi that she knows now….

(Are u all wondering how come both have the same name? The neighbour Abhi’s full name is Abhiram…and the Abhi she loves now is Abhishek. Both have the same short name Abhi). For the look alike Abhi, u will see his name as Ab in the conversations….

The confusion of identity had led to the separation of Abhigya in the past. But now Abhi has forgotten it and Pragya only loves Abhi that she knows now…..

So let’s see how the Abhi who was missing is coming back in their lives…

Abhi” Where are you going?” Pragya ” To meet someone!” Abhi ” Who is that?” Pragya ” I will let u know after I see the person! Its already running late! And let me make my move now!” She went passing him in a rush while Abhi was puzzled. Abhi, why she is not telling about the person she is meeting? Its very fishy!

He decided to follow her. She reached the airport. Abhi, she is here to receive someone? Who is that? I shall just look what she is doing from a distance….

Minutes passed and Abhi saw him….Abhi was boiling with anger upon looking at him!

Ab: Hey Praggy! How are u? I miss u so much! Come give me a friendly hug!

Pragya felt uncomfortable to hug him.

Abhi, What the hell? Praggy? It sounds like Maggi! So she came here to meet him? This time I won’t leave him! But why Pragya want to meet him? Does she still love him? He also wants a hug from her! I just feel like crushing him for that!

Ab: Praggy! Are u shy? Come on! Its just a hug and nothing else! I shall just hug u!

Pragya tried to step backward as he came forward to hug. Abhi couldnt stand this anymore and went in front of Pragya. The hugging was with both the Abhis….

Ab: Wow! So u are my duplicate? You look just like me!

Abhi: Excuse me? I am the original! And a correction both of us look the same! Its not that i look like u!

Ab: Chill man! I was just kidding! Hey Praggy! So this is the guy u are in love with? He is so hot-tempered!

Pragya : Yes I love him but he is not hot-tempered.

Ab: Actually guys I need to go off now! Its so tiring and Praggy i just asked whether u can receive me in airport for fun! But u came in real….Thats so sweet of u! I shall catch up with u all later!

Abhi: Thank u and we are also leaving.

Abhi grabbed Pragya’s hand and left from the placing not letting Pragya to talk and he (lookalike) was shocked by Abhi’s rudness….

In the car….

Abhi: What is all this Pragya?
Pragya: Nothing he called me here and thats y i came here
Abhi: Really? Just that he called u, then u came here! U know that because of him we love each other…and because of him we also separated! You very well know that our separation was the worst feeling that we both had! Do u want that to happen again?
Pragya: No! But i couldn’t say no after the things that he had said to me!
Abhi: What did he say?
Pragya: He….
Abhi: He…
Pragya: How can I tell?
Abhi: Just tell!
Pragya: He said he don’t have anyone that he know here now….and he somehow remembered me and got my number….and he also said….
Abhi: He also said? Can u just complete your sentence!
Pragya: He said he also loved me!
Abhi: What??

Pragya: No! You don’t mistake me! I have already informed him that I love you and I came here to further clarify that!
Abhi: You came alone for that? You should have bring me too right? To confirm that you are loving me!
Pragya: I was scared that you would misunderstand me! I don’t want u to hate me and I want to deal this myself!
Abhi: You have forgotten that this matter you are dealing with also involves me! You should have also told me about this!
Pragya: Sorry! Very sorry! Pls don’t get angry on me for this!
Abhi: How can I not angry for this? Just keep quiet for now! I don’t want to hear anything from u now!

Pragya remained silent after that. She was all the way in the drive. She was silent thinking about whatever happened so far in her life. It’s because of my silence that I fell in love and the same silence gave me the confusions in my love….the same silence made me to get back Abhi, now again the silence made him angry…..Why am I so silent about so many things? If my silence had been broken at the right times I would not have face all this! My silence is once again giving pain to him!

Abhi, What u have done is wrong Pragya! You silently covered up about his call! And now you are silently worrying about me! I really don’t know how to break your silence? May be you still don’t trust me and that’s why u hide this matter from me! What can I do to gain your trust? Am I not that trusthworthy?

Pragya, I should not hide anything from him. That is the best thing that I can do to avoid confusions and complications in our lives! Shall I tell him about that now? But he look so angry now! What to do?

Abhi: Pragya! You want to tell me anything?
Pragya: Yes but how you know that I want to tell u something?
Abhi: I just felt that u want to tell me something!
Pragya: Yes but I think I just tell it once we reach home!
Abhi: Ok fine!

Both Abhigya reached home and Pragya rushed to her room instead of waiting for Abhi.
Abhi, why is she always rushing nowadays? Whatever it is…I am also not in a mood to talk to her!

After 30 minutes, Pragya came to the living room and saw him reading some magazine. He saw her holding onto a paper. Abhi “ What are u holding onto?” Pragya “You read it! And u will know!” Abhi “ I have no mood to read!” Pragya “But you are reading magazine now right?” Abhi “Ok Just pass me it and I will read it later!” Pragya “ No! Read it now and I want to know how you will react to my letter!” Abhi “You won’t let me in peace right? Ok I read it aloud!” Pragya “ No! Dadi is around and u just read it to yourself!” Abhi “So its a love letter? Ok I will read it to myself!” Pragya “ Just read it instead of talking!”
Abhi gave an annoyed look and started to read.
Dear Abhi,
I know my silence had given u both happiness and pain. From young, I have been like this….I like silence but after meeting you, no actually after talking to you, I felt that this silence is not necessary….As how much my silence expresses my feelings to you, I also wish that whatever I talk to you also expresses my feelings to you! You know why? Because I trust you more than myself….I trust you that you have given your feelings to me! Each and every moment when u shared your feelings with me, it makes me more expressive….And I know that you are the only one that can make my life filled with the expressions of love! So I have decided something…..It is I will always express whatever I feel or think to you! It means I will not hide anything from you! No more hide and seek game in our love!

With the expectation that you will understand me, I am waiting for your reply Abhi!
Abhi looked at Pragya. He saw her anxiously waiting for his reply. Abhi “Nice letter!” Pragya “What?” Abhi “I cannot hide the fact that is a nice letter right?” Abhi stood up from the sofa and walked in the direction of staircase. Pragya “So that is your reply to my letter?” Abhi “I will reply you later as I have some work now!”

Pragya, What is this? I wrote it so that he will understand me and he is just saying its a nice letter! Is he still angry with me?

Abhi had no choice as he had noticed Dadi looking at them and he wanted to be expressive too but he don’t want Dadi to get suspicious.

Dadi, So these two are hiding something from me? It is only a short period left for Pragya will be staying in the house and I hope to find out what these two are hiding from me in this short period!
What will happen next? I myself don’t know as I never thought about it! You all can give suggestions too….


So sorry for the late update! I went out with my friends yesterday. I was out for the whole day and was too tired to write an update…It’s kind of a get to gather, as I don’t think I will have the time later to meet them again. I learnt a lot from the outing! Ya there was not only enjoyment but also self-realization.

Trisha your guess was right! And Hope I had clarified all your confusions. What else? I am really sorry again for the late update. Thank u all who have commented in the previous episodes, I have tried to reply u all but it was not posted and I am not sure why it’s like that! I think some technical issues again! Once again thank u for all your so far! Thank u silent readers too!

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  1. Maahhi

    finally u broke ur 2 days silence haaa sia missed u a lotttttttttttttttttt dr but dizzzz one was a way to awesome haha nice letter was funny fr me but u said right tht sme times v hv to break our silence to save our realtionships I am in love with dizzzz dont knw frm where u entered my life but it turned more beautiful frm then dont think its filmy sia bcoz its my true flng fr my IB eagerly waiting for ur nxt update hope u had a great time with ur frnds keep rocking dr awesome awesome awesome dadi mission started again so it would dfntly be an success cant wait till tmrw sooo excited dr loads of love

  2. I think their marriage would be the next step

  3. Wow this was an awesome episode.Actually I was fully confused in ur last update but now after reading today’s update all my confusions have been cleared. Thank god that dupe Abhi knows that our pragya loves only our Abhi.waiting for ur nxt update.

  4. superbb yarr……………………my suggestion is let dadi know about their love & arrange for marriage

  5. Nice episode really awesome n I love it a lot

  6. VarshaVenkat

    Waiting to know if dadi will ever find out by herself…..also sry for not replying in previous parts……I read them all…….n its super duper true dat pragss silent is d reason for everything n also Xerox copies of abhi idea was really a twist in a cool ff…..keep goin

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  10. Trisha

    Awesome dear?

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