Is this called love? episode 18

Surprises from love….

Pragya, what is he up to? And how did he knew that I will be going for the event? He came there purposely to irritate me! Actually no…he didn’t irritate me….He made me blushed and to think more about him…That’s something new! I love it too! I had only informed Bulbul that I will be attending the event! So does it mean she had told him? When did Bulbul talk to him? Oh my god! I can’t even imagine Bulbul and Abhi working together and that too against me! I shall just ask Bulbul!

Pragya called Bulbul, Pragya ” Bulbul! Did u talk to him?” Bulbul ” Who are u refering to?” Pragya ” Of course I am refering to Abhi! Who else will I ask about?” Bulbul ” No!” Pragya ” Are u sure?” Bulbul ” Yes!” Pragya ” No! U are lying!” Bulbul ” No di!” Pragya ” Then why are u giving one word answers! You always do that when u are lying! I know that! You will always say yes or no if u want to hide something!” Bulbul ” Yes but no!” Pragya ” What yes but no?” Bulbul ” Yes I do like that but no that I am lying now!” Pragya ” Hmm then what about the message that u had sent him today?” Bulbul ” What message?” Pragya ” Stop your lies just tell the truth! I wont get angry on u!” Bulbul ” Its not about getting angry on me! But u shouldnt get angry at him!” Pragya ” You mean Abhi?” Bulbul ” Yes! Ok i just tell u the truth…He wants u to feel his love again…” Pragya ” What? Feel his love again? From when did he wanted that to happen?” Bulbul explained everything and what made Abhi to change….

Pragya ” Really? And that’s why he is doing all kinds of weird things to get my attention? I thought he was trying to irritate me!” Bulbul ” I know but its just his way to make u feel his love…and what happened yesterday was my plan!” Pragya ” He could have just tell me na…I will just accept it…” Bulbul ” How would we know that? As u are always silent! And the worse thing is u were angry too!”

Pragya ” I was never angry! And that too with him…I can never be angry…I was just irritated but now…..I am so happy…no joyful…no flying in happiness…” Bulbul ” Okok! I know that u are very happy and have started to blabber! So shall i just call and tell him that u have accepted his feelings of love?” Pragya ” No!! He is my love and I will tell him myself! You don’t interfere in this!” Bulbul ” What? Now I am interferring ah? So bad di! I always want to help u but u are saying like this! I am very hurt…” Pragya ” Oh Bulbul! I know that but I am too excited na thats why I dont what I am telling! I am sorry!” Bulbul ” Ok fine! But how are u going to tell him? ” Pragya ” Surprise! And you just pretend that I don’t that I know everything already!” Bulbul ” Di! You are going to give surprise! Do u need my help? I can help u!” Pragya ” I know that u want to know my surprise and thats y u are offering help! But no way! I will do it myself to surprise him!” She ended the call and Bulbul was smiling that finally di is happy!

Surprise time!

Pragya texted Abhi : Please come to the same beach that I changed your mood! I want to tell you something….

Abhi saw the message and was confused! Abhi, what is she going to do now? I really hope that she don’t give me any shock! Is she thinking that I had irritated her a lot? For that she is going to punish me? Oh no! How can I escape from her punishment? May be she is going to beat me? Abhi! Be strong! She can’t even speak properly and how is she going to beat me? Or may be she is going to scold me very harshly and that’s y she called me to a quiet place like beach where I can only hear her voice! I am dead today!

He tried calling Bulbul but she never picked up his call! Abhi, Both the sisters are driving me crazy! One is going to torture me and another is one had made me to face torture because of her so called bullet proof plan!

Abhi knew there is no choice and he just went there….Pragya was sitting on the bench wearing the same salwar kameez that he bought for her birthday….Pragya ” You are here! Ok sit down first!” Abhi ” What’s the matter? Anything important?” Pragya ” Just sit down and I will tell you!” Abhi ” Ok fine!” He sat down and was keep on looking at Pragya. Pragya ” Close your eyes!” Abhi ” Why? Wait! Are you going to do the same treatment?” Pragya ” What treatment?” Abhi ” Last time u tried to change my mood. Is it that thing?” Pragya ” May be! ” Abhi ” But now my mood is good so there is no need for that!” Pragya ” Ya I know but please close your eyes! You can’t even do this small thing for me?” Abhi, strange….why is she being very pleasing today? But its nice when she is like this! So I shall just do what she says and this time I will say I want to hug you with my eyes closed! Then I will let her know that I still love her a lot! Oh that will be perfect! Pragya ” Stop thinking! And can u just close your eyes!” Abhi ” Ok can!” With that he closed his eyes…..

Pragya stood up from where she was sitting and went near him. She kissed his forehead and said ” I love you!” Abhi was stunned and opened his eyes. Pragya turned away in shyness and he stood up to see her. Abhi ” What was that? You kissed me?” Pragya ” You can only realise the kiss but not my words?” Abhi ” Haan I also realised that…You turn and face me! I am not there!” Pragya ” No! I can’t…Let me tell you what I feel about you…. I always ask myself are you the one…who is dear to me? Are you the one?…who is there for me? You know why I ask like that? It’s because I feel that may be I am not worth for you…I don’t why I feel like that….but I always also feel that you are the one….who is very dear to me always…I realised that after we separated….I am not sure whether u can understand or not but I love you so much that I can only feel your presence…..Abhi went in front of her. He wiped her tears and said ” I always knew that you are the one for me! And yes it was painful for me when we separated but that is the past….I don’t know why u feel u are not worth for me….Let me tell u that u don’t about your worth to me…You are my wealth of love and that’s how worthful you are! Don’t ever say that u are worth for me! I love you too Pragya! As you are the one to me and that’s why you can only feel my presence!” Abhigya hugged each other tightly and Nuvvena song plays in the background which expresses both Abhigya’s feelings of love….

Nuvvena…na nuvvena
Are you the one?…who is dear to me
Nuvvena…naku nuvvena
Are you the one?…Who is there for me
Suryudalle soodi guchi suprabhatamena
Is this a wakeup call with the warm striking sunrays
Maatalade chuupulanni mounaragamena
Is this a silent melody of all those glances that speak words
Cheruvaina duuramaina aanandamena (2)
Is it a joy that spreads with closeness and even distances
Is this a wonderful joy?
|| Nuvvena ||
Meghamalle sagi vachi dahamedo penchutavu
Like a cloud, you drifted towards me and intensified my thirst
Neeru gundelona dachi merisi maayamoutavu
Hiding the water in your heart…you disappeared like a spark
Are they filled with your dreams…or tears?
Aa…teneteega laga kutti teepi manta reputavu
Stinging me like a honey bee…you caused me sweet pain
Puvvulanti gundelona daaramalle daagutavu
like a strand of thread concealed in the tangled bunch of flowers,
you are hidden in my heart ruupena
Is it me?? Or you?
Cheruvaina duuramaina aanandamena (2)
|| Nuvvena ||
Aa…koyilalle vachi edo kotta paata nerputavu
Like a koyal you make me aware of a new song daily
Kommagontulona gunde kottukunte navvutavu
And you laugh at me when my heart is beating only for you
Ye raagam..idi ye taalam
To which musical note does this belong?
Aa…masaka ennelalle neevu isuka tinne cherutavu
Like a moonlight in the cover of fog…you are out of my reach
Gasagasaala kougilanta gusagusalle maarutavu
With a warm hug you turn into a sweet whisper
Premante…ne premena
Is this called love?
Cheruvaina duuramaina aanandamena(2)
|| Nuvvena ||

If this is called love then what is the twist that Abhigya will be facing? The precap have a hint!


” Praggy! I miss you a lot! Come give me a hug!” Pragya felt uncomfortable to hug him….Abhi looked at that from a distance. Abhi, Praggy! So lame! Sounds like Maggi! Why does he have to come here now! And this Pragya why she is also with him? This time I won’t leave him!

The twist is Abhi a look alike of Abhi…Maahi u have already guessed it right! You all will know how Pragya met him in the upcoming updates and don’t worry I won’t separate Abhigya but u will see how they will deal with him….

Ok guys its again a telugu song in this update…its from the movie name Anand. Just felt that it will be apt for the situation….And may be tomorrow’s update will be late or it won’t even come out as I am busy tommorow. Sorry for that….


  1. Maya


    There are so many mistakes! So sorry for that! Omg seriously I think I should stop writing in my travel…A lot of places have the word know missing….so sorry again!

  2. Rosy

    Superb yr.omg that dupe Abhi is going to come hereafter only?? r what?the person whom she loved n whom she proposed now r same r diff?? .if that person who look alike Abhi has not yet come in this story then y Abhigya separated before yr.sry yr I think iam confused now.precap is still confusing, r they again separated??plzzzz if u get time tmrw then do update the nxt part asap yr.

  3. Saranya

    Awesome diii but precap is confusing hope wil reveal soon and waiting to knw hw they separated love u akka?????

  4. Maahi

    |Registered Member

    hahaha bullet proof plan lol it finally worked out my god yipeeeeee so fr the vry frst time I guessed smthng right nd it would be eighth wonder of world haha uuuuu crazyyyyyyy girl driving me soooooooooo crazyyyyyy surprise was all the way soooo best nd superb song selection dr uu rocked ittt haha praggy sounds like maggiii lol vrry funny soooooooooo excited dr but nooo u can’t upload haa its kkkk I vil b waiting in the empty roads of my boring lectures fr uuu to come nd fill it with ur craziness I loved it a lotttttttttttttttttt MY IB ROCKZZZZZZ keep rocking dr loads of love

  5. Somiya

    |Registered Member

    This is ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i m in love yeah! I m, this is so best like seriously and the pre recap, ??? Twist! That’s so cool! But seriously this was filled up with sugafection! This was….Brilliantly Brilliant! And well for mistakes you know Content was so awesome so you shouldn’t be sorry for that ? as usual you rocked! Yeah yeah Suga Rocked like a Rockstar! And Soon she is gonna be superstar ? this suits right? Haha

  6. Monesha

    Today episode was awesome I loved it to the core sorry for my late comment I went to tuition so only really sorry

  7. Trisha

    |Registered Member

    Superbb Maya???… The mistakes are irrelevant because we understood what u wanted to say?…
    In the precap, Its Abhi’s look-alike hugging Pragya thats why she’s uncomfortable and is Abhi the one watching from a distance… Not sure if im right… Just making a guess?…. Anyway… Awesome epi my friend… Loved it! ???

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