Is this called love? Episode 16

Beauty of love lies in silence….

Abhi continued…

She never realized that she left her cell phone behind. At that time, I didn’t realize I will face something unexpected from her phone……

I reached my house with her phone. I didn’t want to use her phone as I know I don’t have the right to do so. But I want to return it to her and that’s when I saw the message flashing on the phone…It was from Shreya…The message was Did u finally tell your love to Abhi?

I was very shocked Bulbul! I didn’t expect her to love me when I never even saw her before! May be she could have met me before but what made her to love me? All kinds of questions flashed in my mind! I couldn’t resist myself so I just went to see the messages of Shreya. From reading all the messages I realized that Pragya had been following me for few months!

Not only that Bulbul, I also saw my photos in her phone! All edited with lovely lines at the bottom of the pictures…I felt immense happiness but at the same time I couldn’t believe that all this was true! How can a person love silently…and now is silently coming in your way to love u?

I was not prepared Bulbul, I knew that she knows me but I couldn’t believe that she loved me! I was looking keep on her at the phone and that’s when there was a call. It was from her…..Pragya ” Hello! Is this Abhi?” Abhi ” Yes I am and you are?” Pragya ” Pragya! Do you remember? We met in the beach earlier today!” Abhi, so her name is Pragya! Abhi ” Yes I do remember and how can u be so careless? U just left your phone like that! What if someone else had taken it?” Pragya ” Sorry but why are u shouting at me for this? Its my phone and not yours!” Abhi ” Ya I know! Its just that I can’t stand people who are careless!” Pragya ” I don’t care what u care about! I just want my phone back!” Abhi ” I don’t have the intention to keep it with me too! I will tell u the place that I can meet u to pass your phone! I will call u back after 10 mins!” Pragya ” Ok thanks!”

Abhi, So she is still angry….no actually she is jealous that I was thinking of some girl! Wow! Is this called love? I love when she is jealous for me! And she loves me that’s what I read from the messages! But how can I love her by knowing her for just a few days? Love needs time to happen and that’s why she was also following me all this while….Is it like that? Or was she loving me all this while but was unable to express it? And with just the two times that met her, I was always feeling different…I dont know whether is this love? Or just a feeling of happiness where I like to be with her….What is this called?

I called her Bulbul and ask her to come to xyz place at 6 pm. Bulbul ” Now I remember! Di told me that she is going to meet her friend to get back her phone…. She said she left it at her friend’s house! So it was not a friend but it was u!” Abhi ” How can she tell u that she is going to meet her love? Ok then what happened next will be unbelievable to u!”

Bulbul ” Just continue! I cant wait anylonger!” Abhi nodded his head and continued….

The next day she came to that place. She was keep on calling out my name but I never came out and she tried to call her phone using another cell phone….I answered her call…Pragya ” Where are u?? I want my phone back!” Abhi ” Cool! It is safely with me! So no worries!” Pragya ” Ok but where are u? And why is this place so quiet?” Abhi ” Its quiet as it is evening na…and nobody usually come here! Ok just follow my instruction and then u can see me!” Pragya ” Instructions?” Abhi ” Just like the way that I followed yours on that day!” Pragya ” Ok fine!” Abhi ” Turn to your right and look up!….ok now u just take 3 steps in front….then turn to your left!…now u walk 2 steps in front and turn to your left side….” Pragya ” How many instructions? This is too much! And wait why I am standing at the same place as just now?” Abhi ” Did you follow my instructions properly?” Pragya ” Yes I did! Can u just come here and pass me my phone! I don’t want to do this!” Abhi ” Listen carefully! Just close your eyes and I will be there in a while! Please don’t ask why u need to close your eyes!” Pragya ” Ok!” She closed her eyes and I went behind her….Abhi ” Pragya! Open your eyes!” Pragya turned behind to see him and was stunned to see him in such close proximity….Pragya moved back and Abhi ” Here is your phone but before passing it to u! I want to ask u something!” Pragya ” Just give me that and I need to leave!” Abhi ” Pragya! U cant just leave like this! How long are u going to be silent?” Pragya ” Silent? I am talking right? Cant u see that?” Abhi ” I am talking about your feelings towards me!” Pragya ” I don’t have any feelings towards u!” Abhi ” Then what is all this?” I showed her my images in her phone and she didn’t know how to respond….Pragya ” You see all these images are just for my work and nothing else!” Abhi ” What work that will have images to be edited with love quotes! You are lying Pragya!” Pragya remained silent…and looked at him….Abhi ” You are loving me silently for so long and why can’t u break the silence…I can feel beauty in your silence of love…but you have to accept that u are loving me….Even I know this is love….I was confused the whole night yesterday….and realised that u did not have the courage to tell your love to me!” Pragya ” Who said like that? I loved u silently as I was not sure how would u react to my love! And I have the courage to accept me love! Yes I love u and that’s why I followed u all this while…and I finally decided to talk to u during the Valentine’s day concert! But I always had the fear of your reaction and that’s why I left early that day!”

Abhi ” Pragya! I am not sure why u start loving me… But what I can say is that I am starting to feel something different after I met u that day…It’s not love at first sight…It’s more of love from my feelings that I had after meeting u….It was pleasant as a silent breeze…The name for this is love….” Pragya hugged him in happiness and joy….Abhi ” Pragya! And one more thing…. to tell your love you no need to take so long…just few days is enough! Just like the way I did to u now! Now I can only see u in the mirror that I see! That much of effect u have on me in just these few days!”

Niluvadhamu Ninu Epudaina plays at the background……


Niluvadhamu Ninu Epudaina
Nuvvu evvaru ani adigena
Aa chitrame gamanisthuna

I am noticing this strange thing newly,
of a mirror questioning me who am I ?

( for he has fallen in love and he cant see himself in a mirror, but seeing his beloved in it )

Nuvvu vinnadhi nee pErayina
Ninu kaadhani anipinchaina
Aa sangathi kanipeduthunna

I am trying to discover another strange thing
I hear someone calling my name , but i don’t think its me,

Nee kannula merise roopam
Naadhena anukuntunna
Nee thenela pedhavulu palike
Teeyadhanam naa perena
adhi nuvve ani nuvve cheputhuvunna

Images in your eyes looks to be mine ,
Sweet words from your honey lips looks to be my name ,
Can’t believe it even if you confirm they are mine !


Ha..prathi adugu, thanaku thaane
Saagindhi nee vaypu
Naa maata vinnantu

Every step my feet takes, goes towards you without my control

Bhayapadaku adhi nizame
vasthondhi ee marpu
Nee koti chindulni
Natyaluga marchagaa

Don’t worry , its true , there is a change in you , for your monkey deeds are turning into beautiful dance forms

Nanninthaga marchendhuku
Neekevarricharu hakku

who gave you this authority to change me this much?

Nee premane prasninchuko
Aa nindha nakendhuku

Why blame me for that , question your love it self !



Ha..idhivaraku, yedhalayaku
Ye maathramuledhu horethu ee joru
Kangaru pettenthaga

Never did I felt my heart racing and its some worry too !

Thadabadaku, nanu adugu
cheputhanu pataalu nee letha
padhalu jalapadamayetuga

Dont worry , Ask me , I would teach you lessons which would make gentle feet would dance like water falls ..

Na darine marlinchaga
Neekendhuku antha pantham

Why are you so stubborn to change my way

Manchethilo unte kadhaa
Preminchatam maanatam

(who am i to change your way ) Its not in our hands to fall in love or not


That’s how our love started from silence to a love that was like a song with the two of us as lyrics and tunes…..And Bulbul the rest of the time it was regular stuff that all lovers would do! And of course u know why we seperated so I no need to explain that again…. So how Bulbul? How to convince her to feel my love again?

Bulbul was speechless! Abhi ” You are shocked? Why are u not speaking?” Bulbul ” Oh…I…I mean di never tell all about this! How can she hide all this to me? It’s so lovely and why did she hide all this to me? I am in love with how you two had accepted the love for each other! And I am finding for words to describe how to express the joy that I had when I heard how Di finally accepted that she is in love!” Abhi ” I can see that joy in your face so need to find for words to express it!” Bulbul ” Ok coming back to our plan! After hearing to whatever you have said….I have a plan in my mind and I will tell u but before that u need to tell me certain things too!” Abhi ” What else you want to know?” Bulbul ” I will ask you when before executing our plan!” Abhi ” Ok sure no problem!”

What else does Bulbul wants to know to make Abhigya closer when they are already closer as their hearts are connected….Connected through the feelings for each other…..


Hope u all have enjoy and liked it! Thank u! There will be a twist coming up but I myself don’t know when will it be as all my updates are shorter due to time constraint!

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