Is this called love? Episode 15


The moods of love……

Abhi continued….

She asked me whether we can go in my bike. I was surprised again but I couldn’t say no and I was very excited that I don’t even know how to express my excitement! I followed her instructions to reach the place she was referring to and from the routes I was able to guess the place.
We reached the beach…She asked me to sit down in the bench there and I was surprised again as usually everybody will go near the waters. But she was different and was asking me to sit down on the bench! Pragya “Why are you looking like that?” Abhi “I am just wondering how are you going to change my mood?” Pragya “For that you need to sit down first!” Abhi “Ok fine!” Pragya “Just follow what I am asking you to do!” Abhi “Sure!” I sat down beside her and Pragya “Close your eyes!” Abhi “What if u kidnap me if I close my eyes?” Pragya “Like seriously? Do you think I can kidnap you? You are so huge!” Abhi “What do you mean by that I am huge?” Pragya “Okok sorry! Just do what I am going to tell and please…” Abhi “ Haan! Ok!” Pragya “Just nod your head in response to what I ask you to do and firstly listen to the sound of waves…Concentrate on the sound of waves and my voice!” I nodded my head. Pragya “Now you think of something beautiful that you have seen recently! It can be a object, place or even a person” She ask me to think of something beautiful that I have seen recently! And it’s her! So I am thinking about u now! Pragya “Ok now imagine that beautiful thing is in front of u!” Why do I have to imagine you when u are just beside me! But I will still do that as you are saying it……Pragya “Now u tell me what u want to do with the thing that u have imagined!” Abhi “I want to hug her!” Pragya “What? Open your eyes!” Abhi “What’s wrong with that?” Pragya “You were imagining about a person?” Abhi “Yes you asked me to think of something beautiful and also said it can be a person! So I was imagining the beautiful person that I saw recently!” Actually Bulbul I did not find the way she looked as beautiful…I find it beautiful how she expressed herself by the way she approached me…The way she carried herself was beautiful to me….Pragya “ Oh ok can! I need to leave now!” Abhi “What’s the hurry? And I need to thank you! You really changed my mood! Wait what’s your name?” Pragya “Now I have no mood to tell my name!” With that she left from the place, I tried to stop her but you know na your di is very stubborn and no body can stop her!
Bulbul “ It means di was jealous and how I wished that I was there! I could have seen her funny face!” Abhi “ No! She didn’t look funny! She was very cute!” Bulbul “Always supporting you love ah?” Abhi “ Of course! She is my love and I always support her even she never support me!” Bulbul “No! Di will always support you and I know how much she loves you and her pain that she faced every night just by thinking about you….It can’t be expressed in words….” Abhi “I know that too! It was the same pain that I was facing too!” Bulbul “Ok leave about the pain! Pls continue the story! I am sorry that I am keep on interrupting but now I think I need a lock to close my mouth!” Abhi “You no need a lock after listening what I am going to tell now! I think your mouth will be automatically locked by itself!” Bulbul “Ok then continue!” Abhi “But before that you should also tell me how Pragya behaved when she was missing me! I want to know that as I really want to get rid of the pain that she was experiencing so far!” Bulbul “I will tell but can you just tell what happened next! How did you meet di again?”
Abhi “Every time I met your di…It was so pleasant, peaceful. The peacefulness that I got from the pleasant meetings changed me to be a more positive and pleasant person!” Bulbul “That’s fine but can u just continue instead of telling your self- reflection!” Abhi “Bulbul! What’s the hurry? You are so impatient!” Bulbul “I am always like that…the opposite of di! But don’t take me wrong! I am so eager to know what happened next!” Abhi laughed out again to her response….

Abhi “Turn to your left…now to your right! Take 3 steps in front and move to the side……” Pragya “How many instructions are there to follow? This is too much! Wait why I am back to the same place that I was standing just now?”

I know its very late but due to some technical issues that my phone was facing I was unable to update! Ya i know its short too…Hope u all can excuse me for that….I also feel bad for not reading all the ffs here but my situation is like that……Hope I can catch up with all the ffs later!

I will try to finish with the flashback as soon as possible too! I will try not to drag that too much!

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