Is this called love? Episode 14

The narration of my love….
Abhi “ Hi Bulbul! Sorry for bothering you but I don’t want to tell how my love for Pragya started at any other place…I value my music more than my life and that’s why I asked u to come to my studio…I can’t think of any other better place to tell about my love!” Bulbul “ It’s fine..anyway this place is so peaceful too!” Abhi “ Thanks! It’s all our team effort that made this place like this!”

Bulbul “ Ok I am very eager to hear the love story! Can u tell now?” Abhi “ Okok! Come let’s go and sit first and then I will tell u everything…”
Abhi started the narration of his love…….
I don’t know when she met me first but I met her at my concert. I was a struggling musician at that time. I was doing a lot of random concerts with different music bands. I was not sure of my future and that’s when I saw Pragya.

It was a Valentine’s day concert and I saw her keep on looking at me. She was alone when all the others were with their lovers or friends. Her gaze was only towards me…I wondered why she was keep on looking like that. She was not like others…She was not cheering or dancing. I thought she was impressed with my performance but then I was also wondering why she is not looking at the main singer and was keep on looking at a simple guitarist. I smiled at her and she looked away in shyness. I found that very cute and lovely…..
Bulbul interrupted “ What Valentine’s Day concert? And di was there? This is so unbelievable!”
Abhi continued……

Certain things may be unbelievable but beliefs in love can make it believable. The performance was over and I looked around for her but she was nowhere to be found. Then I thought maybe she left the place. To my surprise she was just behind me! Pragya “Hi! I saw your performance just now…It was so awesome and I really loved it! Can I ask you something?” Abhi who was still in shock and surprise just nodded his head. Pragya “Your name is Abhi right?” Abhi “Yes…but how do you know my name?” Pragya “Thank you and Bye! I have to leave now!” She rushed off from there after hearing my reply. I was puzzled on how did she knew my name. For the rest of my night my vision was only occupied by her smile and especially her eyes that expressed the joy of seeing me…..
Then days passed….

I saw her again in my auditions to a music competition. This time she was not alone, she was with her friend. I smiled at her again and she smiled back. At that moment, I felt that I am getting some kind of strange support from her presence….Once again, she approached me when I was sitting down waiting for my turn. Pragya “ Hi Abhi! Sorry that day I had to rush off as it was late at night! All the best for your auditions and I know that you will surely do it well!” Abhi “ Thank you but sorry do I know u before? You are familiar with my name…but I have never seen you before!” Pragya with a wide smile “It’s not an issue to think about now! Now you will have to relax and have to recall how you have practised so far for this audition! I will tell you after you have completed your auditions!”. Abhi “ Ok sure!” .

Bulbul again interrupted “ Oh my god! So after that she never mentioned how she knew you and that’s how the whole confusion started!” Abhi “ Yes! You are right! If she had mentioned that day…maybe there could have been less complications in our love too!” Bulbul “ Sometimes it’s like that…what we feel is not important to share to others will be the most important thing!” Abhi “ Ya true! Ok shall I continue?” Bulbul “Ya of course!”
Abhi continued again…..

After the audition, I knew that I won’t be selected as the competition was very tough. I was very much depressed and Pragya who was there saw that. She came near me and told “ Abhi! Why you look so gloomy?” Abhi “ I don’t think I will be selected as the competition is so tough!” Pragya “ You have given your best right? Results doesn’t matter it’s all about the participation!” Abhi “ It’s easy to tell but it’s very difficult to accept!” Pragya “You have participated for your passion…It means your passion will surely give another chance to show how much passionate you are….” Abhi “What you are telling is true…but I am not in a mood to accept it now!” Pragya “Then what if I change your mood?” Abhi “How?” Pragya “Come with me! And I will show you something!” I found it strange Bulbul but I couldn’t resist myself as I was strangely synchronized with her….

Bulbul “ What? Di bring u out? This is very very interesting!” Abhi laughed at Bulbul’s excitement and Bulbul “This is not a laughing matter! I didn’t know that di had done all these!” Abhi “Pragya behaved as a di to you but she behaved as herself to me…and that’s why it’s still unbelievable for u to hear whatever she had done!” Bulbul “Di changed u a lot! Am I right to say that?” Abhi “She never changed me…. her love changed me….” Bulbul “Ok fine but can u pls continue! I will not interrupt anymore!” Abhi “Really? I doubt that! Ok now I will tell u where she brought me to!”
To be continued…..

His narration of love will be narrated in the upcoming updates….
I know its short but pls try to understand as I am trying to update regularly but I can’t find the time to update longer….so sad again….
I really don’t know how was this but I just hope u all like it….Keep supporting me with your comments and feedbacks if u all think it’s worth it!

To all my friends celebrating Eid….Happy Eid! Selamat Hari Raya! Have a nice day!

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  1. Wow.Awesome yaar.Again u left us with a great suspense.loved it.waiting for the nxt update…..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Rosy! Keep waiting for the nxt update! It will makes it way tmrw


    ?????????????????????????????????????? today Abhi and Bulbul was ??????????????????? and I was like I love u suga ?????? yeah no need to get senti wenti I know but really I love this narration alot.

    1. Maya

      I love u too Surbhi ???? for ur lovely comments!??????? ok i will try not to be senti wenti ????

  3. Hey Suga Super Epic, always u end ur epic suspense only…… no need to b worry Suga for Short update becoz it was awesome sweetheart…….
    I am eagerly waiting to know abt there futher love story..

    1. Maya

      Haha i think its become like a habit! Keep waiting and u will know their love story?

  4. Nice episode yaar… And Eid Mubarak…

    1. Maya

      Eid Mubarak too!?? Glad that u find it nice!?

  5. Maahi

    yaar IB ur asking whether it is nice haa ani girl ur killing me with dizz omg wat an narrtion i am just in love with dizzz my god more than bulbul I am soooooo excited to njoy their love story if the start is like diz wat would b the reason fr their seperation my god I cant wait but I vil wait as I knw smeone is nt letting u to write keep rocking dr IB rockzzz haha I came across the same scene of prags asking abhi his name with one of my senior sis lol u r tooo crazyyyy I just loved it it is soooo awesome dr

    1. Maya

      All ur questions and excitement will be answered in the upcoming updates…hopefully it happens ???.Glad that u loved it!??

  6. Awesome epi da n lol pragya doing crazy antics was really vry funny dr haha watng eagerly 4ur nxt upd da sweetu

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting! Glad that u find it awesome da????

  7. episode was awesome.. great..fantastic etc.
    loved it

  8. what other ff are you writing maya… plus reply…..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Shriti! ??Currently I am only writing this ff. later i will come up with one more but not now!

  9. This was best! Bulbul and abhi ??????? Fantabulous! I loved this one so wala much! ? Happy Eid once again ? Should also say something else! As i loved this epi so this one was Brilliantly Brilliant ?

    1. Maya

      Haha Surbhi and u both like Abhi and bulbul ???…Ya Happy Eid again! Glad that u loved it and BB again???

  10. VarshaVenkat

    Bulbul n abhis convo was good…..keep goin

    1. Maya

      Thank u Varsha! ??

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    AMAZINGGGGGGGG!!! LOVED IT TO THE CORE!!! THE WAY YOU EXPRESSED THE FEELINGS IS JUST AWESOME!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????………..Happy EID MUBARAK To u tooo……………..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshma!???? Happy Eid! ?

  12. It was awesome I loved it waiting for their love story

    1. Maya

      Thank u Monesha! ????

  13. Awesome episode suga…nd Eid Mubarak….

    1. Maya

      Eid Mubarak!??

  14. Prathi

    Suspense kills!!! Come on yaar tell fast

    1. Maya

      Pls wait until tmrw then u will know….??

  15. Areyyyy wat s tz yaar in an interesting story a sudden brake tat too tat brake vl lasts till 2morow only one thg I hv 2 say I’m eagerly waiting for next part…

    1. Maya

      Hehe keep waiting and u will know it tmrw!?

  16. Awesome my dear… ???
    Awaiting the rest of the story…. Happy Eid!

    1. Maya

      Thank u for the wait!?? Happy Eid too!

  17. Superb akka dnt evr think so its awesome????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Saranya!??

  18. Riyashri

    Excellently Excellent !!!!! Loved it !!! I managed to find time ..Read and commented ..
    See u soon !!! Take Care Sweetie !!! Love u Loads !! Stay Blessed !!!

    1. Maya

      Take care too! And Glad that u read this in ur busy schedule!?? Thank u!????

  19. Wowww what a narration ka… Wow it was superb superb superb????? this was like this ?????????????????????????????.. So lovely ka.. I don’t know how u say ur mind is not having any ideas because these r very different which I am loving it so much.. So don’t say here after ur mind is under maintenance???ok anyways I am eagerly waiting for next episode.. It was superb duper episode Really I loved it.. Love u ka???

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