Is this called love? Episode 13


Helps in love….

Bulbul called Abhi. Bulbul ” Hello Abhi! Bulbul here Pragya’s sister!” Abhi ” Hi Bulbul! I didnt expect a call from u! Anything important? You
want me to call Pragya? Wait ah..” Bulbul ”
Noooo! Just wait! I want to talk to u not di! If i want to talk to di then I would have called her!” Abhi ” Oh i see….I thought u couldn’t reach her and that’s why u called me” Bulbul ” Ok leave all

this! I want to ask you something very important! Pls tell me without hiding anything!” Abhi ” Ok fine I will tell!” Bulbul ” Do you still love
di?” Abhi ” I always loved her even when my love
(she) was far away from me….” Bulbul ” So you are trying to patch up with her? But she doesn’t knows that right?” Abhi ” Hey how u know that?”
Bulbul ” I am very good at knowing all these! I
am more like a love guru to my friends so knowing this is not a big issue! I can help you in patching up with di! Its free of charge!” Abhi ”
Really? Wow that’s great! I am not alone now!
You are my saviour Bulbul!” Bulbul ” But there is a problem in this….” Abhi ” What problem?” Bulbul ” I only know your love story from the part

u left di…and I don’t know how u two fall in love?
Who proposed first and all that…” Abhi ” Is this even a problem! I am glad that at least u know why i left her as I don’t want to talk about
that…But I am surprised that u don’t know how
we loved each other…Pragya never shared anything about that?” Bulbul ” No…she was very good at hiding that but she couldn’t hide the
pain u had caused by leaving her…” Abhi ” Ok I
can tell everything from the start….U will be surprised to know that she was after me!” Bulbul ” What? Di was after u! U have to be kidding me!
She is so quiet and nobody will know her
presence!” Abhi ” Yes but she made me realised her presence and made me love her pleasntly….”
Bulbul ” That’s so sweet! The way u talk now is
more like the way di writes…” Abhi ” That’s the
effect of her…”

He is going to share his love story….Pragya still
thinking on how to take revenge on him without
hurting him….But what if their love make them have a pain again…Will it be a pleasant pain? Or painful pain? To know that u all have to wait for
the upcoming updates…

Thank u Anjalyk, Somiya..haha u found it cool if i never say sorry ah! ??…Thank u Abhigya, Durga, Monesha Angita,Reshma, Trisha, Saranya…tks for the understanding? ??
Maahi..ya its a battlefield lol with no one gaining victory??? Riya…Thank u so much for the understanding too??….Pavi…Glad that u are able to read my ff even in ur busy schedule..Prathi…ur suggestion is noted! I will try to include that too..?

I am not sure if i missed anyone…sorry if i did that…glad that u all enjoyed ytd epi…??

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  1. Maya

    I know whose name i missed! It was mokshi! Thank u mokshi and will try to be regular but not sure how regular will it be…

  2. Nice episode yaar… Sorry yaar.. I couldn’t read your ff because of my exams. Now I’m having a break as my next exam is on 11th July.. After that I’ll be completely free…

    1. Maya

      No prob Nirmal! All the best for ur exams! ?

  3. Nice episode yaar really superb I’m excited 4 abhigya’s love blosom …

    1. Maya

      It was already blossomed but now its lost and u will have to wait how it comes again

  4. Nicer but small

    1. Maya

      Will try to make it longer nxt time…if i am free…

  5. Awesome but plz update long na it’s too short n plz update soon

    1. Maya

      Will try to update longer if i can but sorry i cant upload soon anu…u have to wait for it tmrw or thursday…

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice One……

    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshma!

  7. Maahi

    yaar its free of charge haa love guru my god thts sooo cute nd omg I am excited to knw their love story tht too he explaining it I am damnnnn excited now nd yaar y they aparted many questions revovling in my mind but I knw answers vil b on the way its superb episode dr keep rocking IB Rockzzz

    1. Maya

      Hehe ya keep waiting to know all that! But not now! It will come on its way…

  8. Lovely akka waiting fr their story love u????

    1. Maya

      Love u too Saranya??? Innum padikala as in ur prev episodes will read it once I am free…keep rocking dr!

  9. It’s awesome suga??eagerly waiting to know their love story….

    1. Maya

      Sure u will know that soon!

  10. SURBHI

    mai tainu samjhawan ki….
    na tere bajo lagda ji…..
    tu ki jaane pyar mera….
    mai karan intezar Tera…
    tu dil tuiyon jaan meri…
    mere dil vich reh k mere dil da haal na janey….
    tere bajo kalyan bai ke ronde nain na mane…
    jeena mera marna marna naal tere si….
    well well this is the original one and I love this song the most so I am writing it for you because I loved this episode this much I think you understood ????????? fantastic …..

    1. Maya

      Oh glad that u loved it! Its my fav song too! ??? Keep loving my episodes and more is yet to be revealed in this story…haha hope so…

  11. Riyashri

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!
    So its time for AbhiBul to Rock !!! So should wait to know what’s gonna happen next !!
    Keep Rocking !!! Take Care !! LUFE Sweetie !!!

    1. Maya

      LUFE cutie! U have to wait to see what will happen next…

  12. Prathi

    Bulbul in usual form!! Loved it..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Prathi!

  13. It was awesome I loved it to the core waiting for next episode

    1. Maya

      Thank u Monesha! Keep loving!

  14. Unn naallae…
    Enn naalum..
    Enn jeevan valuthey.. ????
    Again a small song tribute to u??.. Seriously ka ennaku entha episode padichavutane entha song than naebakam vanthathu.. And it was my favourite song too.. So ennudaiya favourite song ah.. Ennudaiya favourite writer ku dedicate pannren??? this episode was sooo sweet.. Really loved it.. And no sorry ka as u know my saasu maa(unit test) and my husband(book) r giving me continuous torture..???? so not having time to read any ff.. Today I was soooooooooooo tired so thought to refresh my mind so I came to tu.. These three episodes gave a wide smile in my face..??I really enjoyed it.. Keep rocking ka.. Love u.. Stay blessed??

    1. Maya

      Lovely song dedication from a lovely sis Nivi! Glad that at least my ff made u smile and Keep smiling and more smiles and other emotions will be there in this ff! And saasu ma and husband are very bad…i also have them in my life??

  15. Suga it’s really awesome. Asusuall u rocked. I had tight work I can’t able to read or comment early. Really sorry suga

    1. Trisha

      Awesome epi Maya???… Waiting to see what abhi n bulbul plan! ?

      1. Maya

        Keep waiting u will know that soon Trisha!

    2. Maya

      No need to be sorry na…i have told u many times that i can understand and dont repeat ur sorry again..plsss…

  16. Awesome epi da sweetu bulbul is gonna help abi lol its amazing da n haan nan evlo busya irundhalum enaku en frnds en schedulea vida romba important

  17. Awesome epi da sweetu bulbul is gonna help abi lol its amazing da n haan nan evlo busya irundhalum enaku en frnds en schedulea vida romba important got it

    1. Maya

      Too sweet of u Pavi! Vera enna soluratha nu theriyala!

  18. Hehe ya i find it cool ?? well epi was as usual filled up with sugafection ?? loved this one to core! Awesome ,againnnn this is best!

    1. Maya

      Sugafection again…haha ya its infected with that! Glad that u loved it!

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