Is this called love? Episode 12


Love and its fun….

Abhi, What can I do? The more I think on how to convince her, the more I get confused….How to impress her? This is so difficult than what I thought….Oh may be I should be with her like when she is in some trouble, I should be there to save her! Ya! But now I need to create trouble! What can I do? Hmm…ya that’s the only way…just like in movies and dramas….

Abhi went near to Pragya’s room with a bucket of water and poured at her doorstep…Since the door was closed Pragya couldn’t see what he was doing…Abhi, Done! When she come out of the room she will slip and I will catch her just like in movies and dramas! Then there will be eyelock and romance!

He quickly hide behind the pillar there and Pragya was about to come out of her room. Pragya looked at the floor being wet and she looked around. She saw Abhi hiding behind the pillar! Pragya, What is this? Now he want me to get hurt? And he want to see that by hiding behind the pillar! How cruel?

Abhi realised his plan backfired as Pragya never slipped and was so angry that she went back inside her room and slammed the door!

Abhi, What is this? I thought this is what they do in movies and dramas! But it never work out for me! Now what to do? She is so angry and she will now explode like a volcanoe if i go and talk to her….Confused again!

Bulbul after visiting Abhigya was still confused and was thinking of how to know what is going on btw them…Bulbul, What if I just call Abhi? He seems to be a good person from the way he talked that day…May be he could have been angry but now time has passed…Who knows…may be he had forgotten the past and is trying to patch up with di! Shall I call him? Bulbul! Just call! There is no harm in this! Its just a call na…Ok I shall call him!

Pragya, Abhi! This is not right! U want me to fall! That day u made me to be hungry for so long and now! This is too much! And I will definitely take revenge for this! I know u are my love but I won’t accept the mistakes that u are doing to hurt me! I will show u my way now!

Abhi ” Really? U will help me? Wow that’s great! I am so happy that I am not alone! You are my saviour!”

Ok guys I am not sure how regular I will be after this…I will try but it really depends on my schedule and thank u so much for the support so far…I am unable to comment in other ffs as I cant really find the time to read…?? So sad that I wont be able to reply to all ur comments too??

To all writers who write ffs here…Keep rocking! ??

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  1. Anjalyk

    dii its superbb………..

  2. OMG ??? Lol! Super duper hit update it was ? she will slip and then eyelock ???? but tht never happened ,poor abhi! Still a rocking update suga! And You didn’t said Sorry, that’s cool! ???? ??

  3. Superb episode…

  4. Angita

    Super duper wala hit lobed it na is I liye

  5. Lovely episode keep rocking try to update regularly ????

  6. Omg I can’t control my laughing it was awesome I really loved it to the core

  7. Prathi

    Pragya is gonna take revenge try to make it funny yaar it would be nice just a suggestion

  8. Maahi

    lol my sweetheart is soo crazyyyyy lyk uuuu lol pouring water then slipping tgn romancing haaa ayoooo plan was backfired she IS thinking in other way haaa I am laughing insanely here imagining abhi u ROCKED ittttt dr haha u said right tht probably happens nly in movies nd dramas yaar dont b sad bcoz v all know tht ur always in ur battlefield fighting with smeone tht I know soo no worries dr keep rocking IB ROCKKKK BUT THIS A HILARIOUS EPISODE ND INTRSNG PRECAP

  9. Lovely akka love u loads???no need to wry we knw u ll always support us☺

  10. This was Super Cool!! Loved it to the core!!!! I would miss u if u aren’t regular but then your schedule is more important… So Sweetie Tale Care!!! Love u!!

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    Loved it!!! Poor Abhi!!!

  12. Trisha

    Loved this epi… Was so funny???… Awesome epi Maya???

  13. Awesome epi da sweetu lovd it to the core dr

  14. Nice episode n sooooooooo cute abhi… I love it. .

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