Is this called love? Episode 11


Abhi was waiting for her family’s arrival! It was his oppurtunity to impress her family and can make a good impression of him to Pragya.

He was waiting at the living room so that he can welcome them. Pragya came down the stairs and saw him keep on looking at the doorstep. Pragya, Why is he keep on looking at the direction? It’s my mum and sister coming here to see me! Not his family!

Abhi saw her and smiled at her. Pragya in return also smiled with confusion. Pragya ” Good afternoon!” Abhi ” Good Afternoon! Did you slept well?” Pragya, So he believed that I went to sleep? Pragya ” Yes I did! And Ma and Bulbul are coming soon and that’s why I came down” Abhi ” Yes I also know that and I talked to Auntyji just now…They are on their way…” Pragya, What he talked to Ma? For what? Abhi ” We all will have lunch together! And Dadi is also preparing some of them too!” Pragya ” Why? I mean why are u bothering Dadi? Wait let me go to kitchen and help her!” Pragya went to kitchen without giving a chance for Abhi to speak. Abhi ” She is always like that! She never listens to me completely and now she is gone!”

While Pragya was helping Dadi in kitchen, a few minutes later Sarla ma and Bulbul had arrived. Abhi called her and she managed to complete her work that she was doing and went to the living room.

Pragya saw both of them and hugged them. Sarla ma ” How are you? And how’s everything here?” Pragya ” Fine ma! I am ok here and I am here for work na so I am able to handle everything here!” Abhi in his mind, Yes she is handling her work very well especially the work of love towards me…and she herself doesn’t knows that….

Abhi ” Auntyji! Shall we have lunch together? Dadi had prepared some dishes too and it will be very delicious!” Sarla ma ” Why? I mean why do you have to bother Dadi? Pragya did u help her?” Abhi ” Same dialogue!” Pragya ” Ma I helped her and Abhi! We are mother and daughter so the way we speak will be the same too!” Bulbul was a bit confused with the way both Abhigya behaving….May be they are behaving normally in front of Ma…

Dadi came there and asked all of them to have lunch. Abhi at times told some funny jokes to impress Sarla ma and Bulbul. He was very jovial and Bulbul found all this very suspicious…As for Pragya she was glad that he was very friendly with his family….

Dadi ” Sarlaji I have to tell u that u are very lucky to get Pragya as your daughter! She is so caring…Whenever Abhi is out she would take care of me so well especially her head massage! It’s so heavenly and just now in the kitchen she was doing most of the cooking. She didn’t let me do anything…” Sarla ma ” She is always like that but this kind of things all girls will do and it’s not a big issue!” Dadi ” Yes I know all girls will do but she does everything with care and concern! That’s the difference…” Sarla smiled in joy hearing to the praises of Pragya. Abhi, so she was taking care of Dadi? And how did I never notice that? Oh Ya I was not at home na…She also never told me about this…Pragya, Why Dadi have to tell all this now! Now he should be thinking that I did all this to impress him! It’s so embarrasing! But I did all this to just help Dadi….

Abhi looked at Pragya and smiled again. She too smiled in return with confusion. Bulbul noticed their exchange of smiles…Bulbul, I am so confused now! Why are they keep on smiling at each other? Can I just ask? No! Dadi and Ma is around…I have to find out….Of course di won’t tell anything and I have to find out what is going on between them! Love again or Pain?

Everybody had their lunch and Bulbul did not speak that much..She did talk to Dadi and Abhi during lunch time. But her confusion made her to think a lot. She was observing Abhigya’s actions and found Abhi to be very friendly especially with her Ma…cracking jokes with her and asking her about their marriage hall and many more….

Pragya also find it a bit awkward as Abhi was keep on smiling at her. It was not the usual smile…It was more like when he was in love with her…She remembered that smile very well…

Both the sisters were confused and as for Abhi, he was confused on how to convince Pragya….

Confusions can be cleared but what if confusions lead to clearance of……? To know what is the clearance of …..u all have to wait for the upcoming updates….

I wrote the prev epi as a dedication to silent readers and I realised my silent readers are very smart…they silently never commented anything…haha ok that’s fine…i shall just take it as either u all liked it or may be it was too much of silence that u all had to endure from the prev epi…so u all also remained silent….

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  1. Riyashri

    HaHa…..Your Last lines………..U r seriously Genius !!!! Yes the silent readers r very smart…But then they will also become crazy like me some day or other…Afterall i was also a silent reader na !!!!
    Confusion!!! Confusion!!! Confusion!!!………………………I only get confused in My Phy Class !!!But now U r beyond My Phy Ma’am…..I am just confused whether u r really a Real human being………or Magical Princess………or an Amazing Writer………..or Talented Person………….or Precious Gem………..or An Angel………..or……..or………or…………..
    I am really confused now………………GOD JI PLEASE CLEAR MY CONFUSION !!!!!!!!!
    Today’s Update was Superbbbbbb To The Core !!!! I am very confused thinking about My Sweetie more than AbhiGyabul’s Confusion …………Hope u clear all of them !!!!
    Love u Sweetie….LUFE !!!!

  2. Angita

    Amazing loved it.

  3. Prathi

    Wow Maya amazing… Confusion to clearance of…….???

  4. Nice episode it’s really superb…

  5. Dii lovely as usual love u dii???

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Confusion…..Confusion….. Confusion…….. Ab mein Confuse ho gaya ki Kya Comment karoon………….Sirf Mujhe Ek Baat clear hei ki…………..I LOVE UR WAY OF WRITINGS…….. & THIS ONE IS………..LOVED IT!!!!!!

  7. omg omg their confusion is confusing me tooooo wat is tht clearance dr really cant wait anymore but every thing have its own way naa so I vil b waiting no other go but u rockkkkkk everyday haha same dialogue was nyc I liked ittt alott keep rocking dr IB ROCKZZZZZZZ

  8. Nice episode ? ?

  9. Awesome episode…??

  10. Same here Reshma! Suga na mujhe confusion m pagal kr k rahegy 😛 haha This one is best part and i loved this one so muchh! So You are really Creative! That’s not the thing that i wanna tell as you alrdy know but the thing is what to tell as i m alrdy confused! Let’s leave the confusion this epi is so bestttttt

  11. sema suga

  12. Wow superb awesome episode

  13. Trisha

    And we are waiting eagerly for those upcoming updates so we can get some clearance?…
    Superb as usual Maya???

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