Is this called love? (Episode 1)

Maya here again so here we go with the SSS that I was referring to……

Is this called love?

To be loved and to love do we need to go after love or love will come after you? The pain experienced in the search of love is what this story is trying to explain.
She is a novel writer with expectation of finding his love who had disappeared and wants to reach out to him. He is a musician with music as his love.

Time had made them to be lost in love and now separated from love with pain. It was a normal day in the morning, where Pragya went out for a stroll. Abhi was also there and Pragya was surprised to meet him again and followed him silently. She made sure that he does not realize that she is following him. Pragya realized that he is very popular now and all the way he had fans asking him for autographs and selfies. He too very politely responded for his fans’ requests.

If he can be happy without me then why am I having the pain of losing him and I should also be happy but I want to know whether he really had forgotten me! How can he even forget me when he gave me the immense pain of being unable to forget him?

Let me find out how he is happy without my presence and then I will move away from his life again. I need to know that before I can even forget him. He made me lost in love. I don’t know whether is this called love? As now I am going after him again. I know that I made a mistake but for that why did he kissed me like that harshly? My nights are haunted by that kiss….He is my night and I am like a shooting star and I feel like I am only present until he is around. Why do I feel like this?

How he can do all this to me? And now he is roaming around happily.
Abhi did not saw her but felt her presence and was trying his best to forget her as she played with his feelings.

With her memories, he was fighting with the pain that he was experiencing……

As for Pragya she was experiencing the pain of love where he had left to her……

Will their pain be a pain forever or will it be a pleasant feeling?

Do you all remember this ff title? I wrote the intro for this sometime back and I suddenly thought of this now. The link for the intro: Intro/ for those who have not read that.
This is what I can give now as I am still not sure how will you all react for this content! Shall I continue? Even if u all want me to continue I am not sure whether it can be regular…. And Lakshmi I have replied to your comment! Hope u had seen that!

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  1. ya di u shud continue ths sssss ff di love u di plz

    1. Maya

      Will continue Sandy! Love u for ur support!

  2. yipeeeeeee dinka chika dinka chika dinka chika hehehe yaar finally my wait is over nd my magic’s magic is out nd yaar tell me truly tht wat is the secret behind ur dizzzz magic really u may think I am overreacting but dont knw yyyyy I hv read it almost all 17 times till now still I am nt getting enough wat hv uuuu done to meeee ayooooo u knw wat evryyyy line in it srry srry nt line evry feeling of pain in it is just a miracle nd its OUTSTANDING sia plzzz let me learn the magic in ur hands r I say in ur heart tht line HE IS MY NIGHT AND I AM LIKE A SHOOTING STAR really hw do uuuu get dizzzzz meanings yaar I am really out of dizzz world nwwww hw much also I tell its really highly nt enough fr dizzz vry frst episode nlyy really cant wait fr ur further magic it is a SUPERB START dr nd yaar wat did prags dooo so tht he kissed him sooo harshly I dont want the answer bcoz I knw evrything hv its time naa nd tht line WITH HER MEMORIES HE Was FIGHTING WITH THE PAIN ayoooooo mei paagal ho rahi huuuuu thnqqqqqqqq uuuuuuuuu soooooo much fr ur dizzzxx amazing magic all in all its A BREATH TAKING MAGICAL TRICK YAAR KEEP ROCKING wat is the meaning of SSS dr

    1. Maya

      Hope that all your questions and excitement will be answered in the upcoming updates! Truly overwhelmed by your lovely comment!

  3. Superb akka and u must surely continue loved it???but wat do u mean by sss…hope ots not short story coz i want full ff as u r gng to end the othr ff☺waiting fr nxt part akka love u???

    1. Maya

      Will continue dr! Keep waiting it will makes its way and i have alrdy answered what is SSS?

  4. Again with a differently different story!Yeah, i loved it so much! This was seriously awesome! Yeah i m too confused for SSS! You got new short form ???? lol, well i Seriously loved this one to core!

    1. Maya

      Keep loving! DD story ah? Not sure abt that…dont just jump into conclusions so fast!

  5. Vaishali

    awesome dii semaya irunthuthu nice one waiting eagerly fr ur episode dii

    1. Maya

      Thanks Vaishu! So sweet of u! Keep waiting and it will come its way?

  6. Yeah I remember ur intro….actually I am waiting the story…pls continue…..

    1. Maya

      Sure will continue Varsha with all ur support!?

  7. Maya

    Nothing much SSS means surprise shock suspense…..

    1. Maya

      Tks Pinky!?

  8. Yipee.. ???My suga ka is starting her new ff.. Haha ur SSS was superb.. And coming to ur first episode it was soo different.. I really loved it.. I loved this lines “HE IS MY NIGHT AND I AM LIKE A SHOOTING STAR AND I FEEL LIKE I AM ONLY PRESENT UNTIL HE IS AROUND ME”??? don’t know y but I loved this line.. Don’t ask any permission ka just u go ahead with ur storyline definitely I will support u????. So I am eagerly waiting for next part of this one too?

    1. Maya

      Haha that line is not mine…guess what i just took it from a song! So the credits goes to the lyrics writer not me!? Keep waiting and it will come its way!??

  9. Riyashri

    MTMP…….Now I should be admitted in the hospital ………..And if i get my bills I will send it to u ……… u pay for it !! I think if u start paying u would be paying for lifelong ………….
    I WANT TO SEE MY MTMP IN ALL THE NIGHTS AS MY STAR IN MY LIFE !!!! This would now convey everything that I wanted to tell……….U BECAME MY SUPER STAR long ago but I am telling now !! U r Everything for me ………….My Amazing Dost……My Lovely Di………..My Favourite Writer……My Love ……..My Super Star…….. Everything………………I am “JUBILANTLY JUBILANT” now!! Very Proud to Hav such A PERSON IN MY LIFE !!! And I wish I become successful in “MY MMM” !!
    Sorry forgot about your new start !! These were the consequences only after reading this update !! So u by now would hav know my answer……again and again u are making mistakes !!!
    I once again gonna fall for u !!! By reading this story of A Writer and A Musician !!!!
    U R The BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love u Unlimitlessly !!!!!!!

    1. Maya

      What do I say for ur comment? No words is forming and u are also like Maahi! Ya both ur comments are like similar in making me crazy! Yes and I am glad that u are enjoying my writings and love u unlimitlessly too! Words are not forming so this is wht i can tell. And yes i thought of nickname for u! U are so cute in ur comments so U are Cutie sis to me!

      1. Maya

        Hope u like my nickname to u!

      2. Riyashri

        That’s sooooooo sweet of u …….So I hav become the “Cutie Sis of MTMP “…….
        I think u totally forgot about “MY MMM”…….So I thought to reveal it know ……….
        I wanted to be successful in “MY MMM” – “Mission Meeting MTMP”!!!
        Thanq u soooooooooooo much for the lovely reply !!!!
        Love u toooooooooooooooooo !!!

      3. Maya

        Best wishes for ur mission! And u only make me remind of M&M chocolate with ur short form of MMM…haha ??? hungry now…

      4. Riyashri

        Aww…….U r hungry now ……. I would give m&m chocolate shower for u the moment i meet u ……….I love M&M chocolates……..
        Thank u for your wishes !! My Mission only depends on my MTMP!!!

      5. Maya

        Hi 5 i also like M&M chocolates! Waiting for the the choco shower by my cutie sis! Haha ok I will try to make the mission happen soon! Time only need to show the way for that…

  10. I waited for ur ff it was awesome

    1. Maya

      Thanks for ur wait Monesha!?

  11. Nice episode yaar really plzzzzz continue yaar n try try tryyyyyyuyy to b regular as much as possible really tz ff s interesting yaar…I hope u vl update NXT part asap…

    1. Maya

      Will try durga! Glad that u find it interesting!?

  12. I was waiting for this ff…. It’s awesome??❤️❤️..hope u will update the next part soon…will wait for it…

    1. Maya

      Thanks for the wait Abhigya! Will try my best! ???

  13. Awesome epi da sweetu unmailaye nan ovoru linea yum rasichen da coz ovoru wrdum en thoughts ku apta irundhadhu sry sry nama thoughts n suga nan nethu nig te un ff read paniten da but com pana maranthuten k da tc bye bye love u

    1. Maya

      No prob! Magizchi that u admired the lines that i have written…ya namma thoughts are the same?

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