Recap: Just then a girl comes from back and keeps hand on manik’s shoulder . Manik turns and the girl smiles .
She introduces herself . She is Soha Khurrana (so)
Khurran: Manik, this is my daughter soha Khurrana.
So: hi (she forwards her hand )
M: hello , I’m Manik malhotra ( he also shakes hands with her )
Manik looks at Nandini and smiles . Nandini also smiles back at Manik.
So: Dad , don’t u think this calls for a celebration . I mean now we and the malhotras are business partners. So why not a party tonight ?
Khurrana: yes my doll, if u say so. So Manik tonight there is party at my mansion and all three of u are invited . And no excuses u all must come .
M: yeah sure .

M,N&C leave in their car .
M: Nandini , today u have proved to be trustworthy.
Nandini blushes hearing this .
C: ya ikr . Nandini congrats u are the reason for our victory. And I am absolutely sorry for congratulating u so late . Its actually bcz Manik was busy congratulating u so that’s y .
Manik gives a look to cabir and cabir says I was just saying truth , u know I’m also trying to be truthful so that u get impressed by me .
M: so Nandini , ukr today u must come for the party .
N: but sir , I don’t have a dress to wear , I just bought my formal clothes thinking we will be leaving tomorrow .
M: don’t worry abt that I’ll get u one . Uk As a gift for making me win .
(Cabir coughs and Nandini smiles )

They reach the hotel . They go to their rooms and takes rest . Nandini is so happy. She talks to her mom . Then she calls Navya . She says everything how Manik was very rude with her in the beginning and how she succeeded in impressing him finally . Navya is happy for her . She asks her when will she come back to Mumbai ? Nandini says tomorrow we will return . They talk for sometime and then hangs the phone .

Nandini goes to cabir’ room . He opens the door and she gets in .
N: thank u soooooo much cabir . I really can’t thank u enough .
C: it’s ok Nandini . I said no we r friends and in friendship no thank u allowed .
Nandini smiles .

FLASHBACK (The night b4 commimg to Singapore )

Cabir , after leaving from manik’s house convincing Manik to let Nandini go home , goes to Nandini’s house .
He helps Nandini prepare for the meeting and helps her build confidence . He teaches her how to face the scary ppl especially her boss .
N: sir is not that bad right ?
C: yeah , in fact not at all bad . It’s just that he becomes strict so that he can handle the company and his employees. That’s y . Or else he is the best person I could say . He’s really kind at heart .
N: Ik I came across his diary . But y does he hate nyonika maam ?
C: it’s a secret . I’m sorry I can’t say that .
N: oh , it’s ok
C: and listen don’t let Manik know that I helped u in the presentation , or else the impression will turn into compression.
Nandini smiles .
N: ok then cabir , I’ll go now .
C: yeah ok .
Nandini goes to her room . After sometime , she gets a parcel from Manik . It’s a lovely dark blue long gown . She just loved it .
Finally it was time for the party . Nandini dressed up and opened the door . Just then Manik and cabir also came out . Manik was Surprised to see her . She was looking really different today .
C: wow Nandini u look so different . I mean like seriously so different , right Manik?
Manik didn’t reply . He was mesmerized by her beauty . Cabir shook Manik .
C: Manik, r u alright ?
M: uhh… Yeah . Let’s go .
While going Manik whispers in nandini’s ears ” u r looking really beautiful today !” She started to blush . Cabir notices this .

They arrive at the party . Soha gets happy seeing Manik . She goes to hug Manik and he just shakes hand with her . Mr. KHURRANA comes and asks them to enjoy .
Manik and cabir have a drink .Cabir and Manik offers Nandini a drink but she denies it as she doesn’t drink all those . Soha Comes there .
Soha: Manik , can v have a dance ?
M: uhh.. Soha , actually I’m not in a mood .
So: pls Manik it’s ok just come .
She drags Manik to the dance floor . The music starts . Manik looks at Nandini and dances . Soha tries to get closer to manik. She places her hand on manik’s face. Manik holds her hand . He stops her and backs out from dancing . Soha gets sad and thinks she shouldnt have done it .

Manik goes to cabir .
C: looks like soha is interested in u
M: but I’m not interested in her . I didn’t say anything cause she is khurrana’s daughter , or else I would have shown her .
C: just chill yaar.
Manik notices Nandini standing lonely. Manik thinks there is something special in her.

M: vaise Nandini , do u mind dancing with me ?
Nandini looks at Manik .
C: Manik, like seriously . U just said to soha that u r not in a mood and now y Nandini ?
M: I asked Nandini not u .
C: Oooo Ohk fyn
M:Nandini …
N: sir , main…
M: Nandini sir and all only in office , not here ok?
N: ok sir … I mean Manik .
M: Gud ,so now come .

They dance on ishq wala love . Soha gets irked seeing this and thinks why did he lie to me .

The party is over and they are going back to hotel . Manik looks at Nandini while she goes to her room . Cabir notices this. Cabir goes to manik’s room

C: Manik , waise… What’s cooking ?
M: what do u mean ?
C: what do I mean ? Like seriously ? U think others are fool , they can’t understand anything?
M: idk what u talking abt .
C: I’m noticing u from the time we came to Singapore , u being so sweet to Nandini . Like u danced with her also in the party .
M: it’s nothing like that . She was lonely so I just thought … , and btw she’s not that bad yaar .
C: yeah , infact not at all bad .
M: idk why I had been so rude with her . And there is something special in her which is not there in anyone else , ya something
C: oh really ? Then y didn’t others find out there is something special about her ? Why only u feel like that ?
M: idk . But I just don’t understand how come she presented it so well.
C: her talent .
M:ya u r right .Now let’s sleep I’m feeling so tired .
C: ya even Im feeling tired , I’m going. Gn
M: gn

Nandini is in her room full of thoughts how Manik changed from a monster to a caring person . She tries to sleep but the thoughts about Manik disturbs her.

The next day morning

M,C&N leave for Mumbai . Soha and KHURRANA goes to the airport to bid farwell to them.
They reach Mumbai and are welcomed by kuber at the airport . They go directly to office . ALYA comes and hugs Manik.
Kuber congratulates Nandini for doing it . Alya doesn’t like it . Manik goes to his cabin and asks Nandini for coffee. After Nandini goes out , ALYA comes in . She talks to Manik about how much she missed him . Manik is least interested in hearing it and does his work . Just then Nandini comes in with the coffee .
ALYA: not u know u have to knock b4 coming inside ?
N: I’m sorry ma’am
M: ALYA it’s ok it’s just u here .
Nandini keep the coffee on the table .ALYA purposely puts her leg forward. Nandini trips and falls but Manik catches her .
M: are u ok Nandini ?
N: yes sir .
M: be careful Nandini .
ALYA fumes seeing this .

Precap : juice falls on alya’s dress from nandini’s hand . ALYA throws water on nandini’s face . Manik gets shocked seeing this .
So whom do u think Manik will support ? His best friend Alya or his P.A. Nandini?

Guys pls comment how was today’s epi ? Boring ?im so sorry if it’s boring . But if u like it then pls recommend ur friends also to read it .
Ok thanks
Tc , Luv


  1. Jasi

    His heart would say to support nandhu but his mind will say to support alya so may be alya and maximum nandhu i loved the episode

  2. Nee

    I liked the episode…its really vry vry nice….cabir helped nandini in presentation so wn manik gets to no it dr ll b twist in the story i thk… he ll again get rude to her….i thk manik may support nandini as juice fell by mistk bt aliya throws purposely

  3. Kaainaat

    Bring aryaman as sohas bro and make nandu and arya a good frnd which manik don’t knows and he fumes in jealousy

  4. Mahi

    Wow <3 ur writing really well. 2days epi was superb. Manan coming close 2 eo. I'm loving it a lot . Update soon n tc 😉 ;-*

  5. Priya

    Yaar seriously i thought u had a different storyline pls dont put these regular repeated stuff like soha, manik scenes or this aryaman nandu scenes …..let manik support aliya this time as a best friend rsther than giving imp to nandini a new comer

  6. Tash

    Nyc one… i mean i really loved it…
    Manik is slowly getting attracted to nandu….
    Ofcource he will take side of nandu coz she is good n it was jst a mistake bt alya treated her very badly… bt ur story is suspence wala which is very nyc sooo ikn..maybe… bt u nailed it…
    N y do u think that it was boring… it was super intresting..

    • Manan_0206



      Thank u but it’s just that different ppl have different opinions , so I thought some might find it boring . That’s why . Thank u everyone for loving my story

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.