Nandini comes running from manik’s. Fab4 comes there. Cabir asks her what happened and she says nothing .
C:r u ok ?
N:yeah m ok.
A: then y the hell did u scream ? Like seriously as if u saw a monster ?
Manik comes there
M: Kya hua ?
A: nothing Manik . It’s just that ur PA is going beyond the limit .
Manik looks at Nandini and Nandini also looks at Manik. Cabir notices them.
C: guys now let’s just leave that and concentrate on only what we came here for .
Mu: yes ! Let’s go party!
Manik asks Nandini to go and arrange for the party.
Dhruv: buddy , u didn’t arrange for the party till now ?
M: don’t worry , u won’t Feel bored. By the time she finishes the arrangements, let’s go make some music . What say?
Fab4: cool
FAB5 makes song in their room (FAB5 room , the room which Nandini entered b4)
Nandini arranges for the party . She is sad and thinks about her parents . She thinks what was the need for her to leave the café job and come to this hell . She thinks that when he can be good with others then why can’t be good with me ? Did I commit a big crime or something ?
Manik comes there along with others . Manik pops the champagne and pours on fab4 . It also falls on Nandini who was next to cabir.
N:uhh… Sir pls can I use the washroom if u don’t mind.
C: Nandini u can use the one in manik’s room .
The whole FAB4 looks at cabir
C: I mean it’s near so ya she can come back faster that’s y.
Nandini leaves .
Nandini comes to manik’s room. She goes to washroom and cleans her dress .she comes out and gets a diary from the table .
She opens it and reads it. She thinks so it means Manik is a good person but his hatred towards his mom made him hate other ladies also ? He only cares for his besties and dad ? That’s it ?
(Nandini understands there is goodnes lying dead inside him)

In the terrace (continuation )
FAB5 have drinks. Cabir takes Manik to a side .
C: what’s going on ?
M: what do u mean ?
C: what’s going on between u … And Nandini ?
M: what ? Like seriously ? R u drunk ? Huh ?
C: it’s just that I saw Nandini comming out of ur room screaming and when we asked her what happened u both were staring at each other .thats y I asked .
M: I thought u were there and ….(he tells cabir what happened )
C: what the…. (Laughs) like seriously ?
M: ab bas kar.
D: kya hua Manik?
M: nothing Buddy. Btw where is Nandini?why is she taking so much time ?
C: missing her or what ?(joking)
Dhruv and cabir laughs
M:(stares at him)
C: acha lets enjoy now maybe I won’t be alive after sometime .
They all drink and after sometime when the party is over, they leave . Nandini comes there. Everyone left and only Manik was there.
She sees Manik there . He is still drinking .
N: sir , can I leave now ?
Manik doesn’t reply he keeps on drinking . He asks her to get another bottle . She goes and gets it . When she comes back she sees Manik is drunk . He gets up and looses control . He walks and slips . Nandini helps him walk up to his room . She makes him lay on his bed . She goes outside the room .
Nandini thinks I’ve to find why does he hate nyonika so much.
She goes to her house.

Next day in office

Manik enters the office followed by Nandini. He gives to his cabin . He asks her whether she typed the document and made the presentation.
Nandini says yes and shows the document.
M: what the hell is this ? Don’t u know how to type ? It’s full of mistakes.
N: sir… How ?
Manik shows the documents and Nandini gets shocked seeing it.
N: sir I didn’t type this . Sir I’ll show you in my laptop.
Nandini shows it and it’s totally different.
N: sir I think someone exchanged the papers.
M: and whom do u think is so jobless to do that?
N: idk sir .
M:what u don’t know ? it is your fault . It’s ur responsibility to take caret of abt correct documents are submitted to me . You get that ?
N: yes sir . I’m sorry sir. I’ll not repeat this .
Manik gets up and goes. Nandini follows him . She trips and he holds her .
M: be careful
Nandini is surprised by what happened . Manik goes .
Nandini: aiyappa! Are u watching this ? Like seriously money monster Manik is being good to me. Wah Nandini ! U did it . But who exchanged the documents ?
She gets thinking and then follows Manik .
Whom do u think was that person who changed the documents ? Why did that that person do that ?

Guys Ik today’s update was not so good . Pls feel free to comment about ur opinions .

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  1. Awww….superb yar….

    But ek doubt h…..nandu ne manik ki dairy padhi…..but usme aisa likha kya tha….jise use ye too pata chal gya ki manik is not soo bad or woo nyonika ki wajah se aisa h….but usne kiya kya h woo pata nhi Chala….???

    Nd thanks for this lovely episode….
    Keep going…

  2. Alya….who else…I’m sure that qlya exchanged the docs bcoz she wants Nandini to be fired…

  3. Hmmm………….. I think …….. ……… Alya changed those documents. Btw the update was good.

  4. Aliya fr sure
    Jealous she:-P
    Loved ur update
    Plz try to be regular

  5. Me too i think so

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  7. Inu

    nice.happy that nandhini now knows manik is good at heart.

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    I guess Aliya did it.. God going.. Loved the episode

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