Nandini is left thinking. Manik comes out and thinks – nandini , now look what I do with u .
As soon as he walks away , cabir enters manik’s cabin , finding nandini worried . he asks her the reason . she says nothing , its all new to me , so that’s why . cabir asks her to come and talk to him if she needs any help , he is always ready to help her . she thanks him. He shows her cabin which is next to manik’s . he gives her the files and schedule of manik and wishes her all the best. He leaves. She prays to god to take care of her . she is sure that manik is upto something . he is a money monster. She goes to manik’s cabin. She tells Manik that there is a meeting in half an hour with all the imp staff. He asks her is there any other event today ? She says no .

M:good. So after office come with me to my home .
N: sir…
M: what ? Don’t u know u r my P.A. , so ya .
N: ok sir .
M: now that’s like a good girl .
He leaves his cabin followed by Nandini . He comes to kuber’s cabin .
There kuber and nyonika are there .
M: dad, this is my new PA , NANDINI MURTHY
K: oh good. So take good care of him and make sure we get the project from Mr.Khurrana.

All the imp staff come for the meeting in the conference room. The meeting starts . Kuber tells them about a new project . He tells them that they should get Mr. KHURRANA ‘s project and that Manik will be going to Singapore along with his new PA and cabir . ALYA gets irked hearing this . ALYA asks kuber whether she could also join them but kuber says that there should be someone to handle things when they are not there so ALYA cannot go. ALYA fumes . Kuber says the meeting is over . When they all disperse , Manik tells to ALYA and cabir that we will have a small fab5 party tonight . ALYA gets happy but she is unaware of the fact that Nandini is also coming to his house today .

Nandini finishes her work given by Manik . She calls Her mom and talks to her . She Lies to her mom that it’s a very good job . Manik comes in. She disconnects the call . Manik asks her to come to his Josie , office time is over. She agrees .

Manik comes to his room and goes to freshen up . Nandini goes around the mansion amazed by its beauty . She sees all the rooms . She enters one of the rooms and sees fab5 pictures . She is surprised to see Manik as a happy college boy also in one of those pics. She wonders then why he never smiles now. Mukti comes there.
Mu: who are you ? And his dare u enter this room ?
N: I am manik’s PA
Mu: but that doesn’t mean u have rights to enter this room .
N: I am sorry I didn’t know that .

Cabir ALYA and Dhruv also comes.
C: mukti leave her yaar she is new here so she doesn’t know all these .
D:who is she ?
A: she is manik’s new PA, it’s her first day and look she entered this room . Btw why did u come here ?
N: sir asked me to come that’s why .
A: now out of here .
C: ALYA talk politely to her . Nandini now u go maybe Manik will get angry if u are late .

Nandini leaves sad .

Nandini comes across one room , it is manik’s bedroom . She sees the the room and sees the beautiful room with King sized round bed .
She takes a picture of Manik , and by mistake the vase next to it moves. Manik who is in the washroom thinks it’s cabir . He asks cabir to give the towel which is on the bed . Nandini sees the towel . She thinks whether to give or not . Manik shouts at cabir and asks him to give the towel fast what is he waiting for .

Finally Nandini takes the towel and goes next to the door . She closes her eyes and Knocks on the door . Manik opens little and takes the towel from her hand . He then notices that there is a ring on the hand . He asks cabir when did he start wearing rings and that too girls ring ? He asks cabir to show the ring and pulls the hand. Nandini screams . Manik gets confused and leaves the hand. Nandini runs from there . Manik peeps out of the bathroom and finds Nandini running . He wonders then where did cabir go ?

Precap: Fab5 party over . Manik gets drunk . Nandini helps him to walk up to his room

Guys I’m really sorry for the late update . I had exams that’s why I’m so sorry .
I’ve one more exam them I’ll be regular
Hope u enjoyed this chapter . Pls comment

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