Hello everyone! I think this will probably be the last update b4 my exam . If I can I will try to update in between. My Exams starts on 18 September and ends on 4th October . So after 4th I will give u the next update for both my stories . Thank u all for supporting me this much …. And yes , EID MUBARAK to all my lovely readers . This is my Eid gift to all of you .
Manik goes and sits next to Ansh in the bench. Ansh looks at him . Manik smiles at Ansh .
Manik : why are u sad ?
An: mamma had told me not to talk to strangers .
Manik smiles hearing it.
An: but I will tell you
M: why ?
An: bcz u look like a good person .
M: really ? Ok then tell me why r u sad ?
An: bcz I miss my dad
M: Where is he ?
An: I don’t know . My mom never told me who is my dad.
M: oh so u miss him ?
An: yes .Everyone teases me because of this .
Manik feels bad hearing him .
M: what is your name ?
An: Ansh
M: Ansh ? Wow nice name .
Ansh smiles .
M: so who are the ones who teased u ?
Ansh points towards some kids . Manik goes to them and tells them something. Manik comes back and sits with Ansh An: what did u tell them ?
Manik didn’t reply . The kids come towards them . They say sorry and hold their ears . Ansh gets happy . He forgives them and goes and play with them . Manik smiles seeing that . After some time they all leave and Ansh comes back to Manik .
An: thank u so much . By the way how did u make them say sorry ?
M: actually uk , I gave them all chocolates.
An: so what about me ?
M: vo…sorry it’s over
An: what ? (He made a cute angry pout )
Manik asks him to close his eyes and places a chocolate on his hand . Ansh smiles and hugs Manik .
M: so you want to go home now ? I’ll drop u ?
An: no mamma will scold me
M: Areyy baba it’s ok . I’ll drop u In front of your house . It’s already getting dark.
An: but….
M: no buts and all. She must be worried by now . So now will u come ?
An: o….ok
M: Gud boy

Ansh gets into manik’s car. He tells Manik the way to his house. It was near . They reached .

An: Come with me we will meet my mom .
M: no beta , I’ve to go by now . We will meet tomorrow in the park , same place , same time ok ?
An: ok then bye uncle .

He gives Manik a kiss on his cheecks and runs into his house . Manik gets a call . At that time Nandini opens the door . When Manik looks he sees Ansh getting inside but doesn’t see Nandini . After making sure he went inside , Manik left from there .

Nandini : Ansh , where were u all these while ? U know mamma had asked u to come home by 6 now it’s 6:30.
Nandini hugs Ansh and cries saying she really got worried .
An: don’t worry mamma , one uncle dropped me home
Nandini looked at Ansh and wiped her tears and asked : uncle ? Which uncle ?
An: I don’t know his name , I forgot to ask him .
N: I’ve asked u not to talk to strangers right ? they might try to harm u .
An: but mamma he was a nice person .
N: no Ansh , u r not talking to that person anymore . Now go and do ur hw .
An: ok
Ansh went to his room sadly. 

The next day after coming from school , Ansh went to the park a little early. Manik had also come there a little earlier . They both met and Ansh hugged Manik and gave a kiss. They both went and sat on a bench.
An: uncle , what is ur name ?
M: my name ? Manik
An: wow nice name. Uk What ? Mamma scolded me for talking to you. 😔
M: really ? So bad .
An: no she is not bad . She is very nice. And I was angry with her yesterday still she is very nice to me today .
M: oh . But why were u angry with her ?
An: because
M: because ?
An: because she is going to marry again .
M: so u should be happy right ? U will get a new papa.
An: no I don’t want a new papa. I want my real papa. If she tells who he is then I won’t have a problem.
M: oh I see. So u r very sad now ?
An: Hmmmm
M: then let’s eat ice cream ?
An: ice cream ? 😋 but mamma will shout .
M: no nothing will happen . We will go near by only. Come
They both go to an ice cream parlor. Ansh orders a double chocolate and Manik orders a butterscotch.

They have it while talking . Ansh tells that he is participating for elocution in his school. Manik asks him which school does he study in . Ansh tells him . Manik smiles knowing that he is going to that school only . Ansh asks him why he is smiling . Manik just changes the topic and drops back Ansh .

Days pass by and Manik and Ansh became more closer . Meanwhile preparations for Nandini’s marriage also started. She decided to keep it a secret and let Ansh know only after his competition. She doesn’t want him to get sad .

Precap : Manan meets

So guys how do you think Manan will meet ? What do you think manik’s reaction would be ?
Pls do comment , waiting for your comments

Thasni 😘😘


  1. Nishita

    |Registered Member

    Hey..ur story is too good..I read all the episodes in one was awesome.. I’m super excited for manan’s meet..I’ll eagerly wait 4 ur nxt of luck for ur exams 👍

  2. Sindhu_Varma

    |Registered Member

    I think Manan will meet in school 😊
    The part is awesome! I have a doubt will Nandu really get married ? No na
    All the best for ur exams and concentrate on ur studies first then u can write ur ff’s
    All the best again 😊
    Study well

  3. Tash

    Superb again tasni…n I love the bond between Manik and ansh and suchhhhh a lovely name ansh must say…keep going uhhh

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