Nandini gets a job in Hard Rock Café .
It’s her first day today . (After collage she goes for work ) she meets the manager and started her work .
She attended few customers .
Manik along with his assistant is going somewhere .they stop on the way . They stop infront of Hard Rock Café .
They go inside and takes a seat.
Nandini comes from behind Manik .
N: sir , ur order ?
Manik looks at her and recognizes her . Nandini also recognizes him . They both get angry seeing each other .
N: sir ur order ? (This time with an angry tone)
M: uhhh… Two cappuccino
N: anything else sir ?
M: no

Nandini goes and gets two cappiccinos and serves them .she is about to go when Manik stops her.

M: excuse me
N: yes sir
M: I want a packet of chips.
N:ok sir anything else ?
M: no
She goes and gets it .and again Manik stops her gives another order . She gets so frustrated.
M: 1 glass of cold water .

N:sir cold water?
M: yes didn’t u hear me go get it .
This tym out of Nandini brings the water and instead of keeping on the table she purposely pours some on Manik
M: what the hell
N: sir it’s by mistake . I’m sorry .
Manik fumes and leaves the café along with his assistant .
M: Anant , go and find about that girl .
A:yes sir .
And saying that Manik left in his car . Anant goes to spy Nandini .at that time Navya comes there and he sees both of them talking . He goes to spy .
Nav: how’s ur dad ?
N: he’s fyn
Nav: Nandini what is the need to do all this ? I said right I have a friend who will lend u money and u can give it back whenever u want. He doesn’t have problem . He’s such a nice guy .
N: but Navya anyways someday I’ll have to return the money right? So it’s ok . I’ll do these kind of jobs and try earning money . UK right it’s a high amount I have to arrange it as soon as possible . We have a land in mangalore which we will sell and get almost 1/2 of the money . My dads operation should b done asap so I’ve to pay the bill asap .

Anant hear This and informs Manik about it . Manik smirks .

It’s the next day when Nandini is going to college. Anant Comes to her .
A: excuse me r u Nandini murthy ?

N: yes I am who are u ?
A : I’m an employee of the malhotras . I’m sure u’ve heard abt them .
N: yes I’ve
A: well this letter is for u . It’s ur appointment letter . U have been offered with a job opportunity in MALHOTRA Company.
N: but how do u know me ?
A: that doesn’t matter here . Listen this is the greatest opportunity u can get . It’s a foolishness if u deny this , so come at 10 to the office tmrw . I hope uk it’s in Mumbai .
N: yes Ik .
A: ok then see u
And he leaves . Nandini is confused . She walks to her college and talks to Navya abt it .
N: but how does the malhotras know me ?
Nav: malhotras ? Like seriously u r sooo lucky to get a job there . My frnd cabir is working there . Areyy I said abt a guy no?
N: but how can they just appoint me ?
Nav: wo Sab Chodo aur sunn . They are like the richest ppl on earth I could say . U can get a high salary for even the least job over there. Who would reject this ?
N: but Navya its in Mumbai .

Nav : so what ? It hardly takes 3 hrs to reach there . So chill . Tell, ur mom and dad and leave today itself . I’ll arrange ur accommodation. Atleast I should do this for u as a best friend .
N: thanx Navya .
Nandini finally decides to go for the job without knowing that it was a trap set for her by Manik .
Precap: Nandini is infront of the MALHOTRA OFFICE. Her pen falls down and she turns to take it , she clashes with Manik who was going to enter the office .

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