( guys , I am changing the kids name from Anshuman to only Ansh )

Mom , everyone’s parents are coming , only my dad won’t come . Mom , who is my dad ? Why isn’t he here yet ? Doesn’t he love me ?’, Ansh asked leaving his mom in thoughts …’mom’, he called out and she came out of her thoughts. ‘Ansh go freshen up , I’ll keep your food ready , go fast ‘, she told him . It was Nandini.

She goes to kitchen and remembers about Manik. (How she reached here instead of boarding the flight will be revealed later in the story ) she remembers their moments together. Their first meeting ,Their first kiss , their first night. She then comes out of the thoughts and takes food for Ansh. After some time , she helps Ansh in preparing for the speech. Just then someone rings the door bell.

She goes and opens the door . It’s yuvraj. Ansh gets happy seeing him. Yuvraj bought a gift for Ansh. Ansh happily hugs him and gives him a kiss on his check . “yuvi uncle , I’m going to participate for the talent contest in my school ‘, Ansh said excitedly. ‘Really ? Wow , you should come back like a winner ok ?’, yuvraj asked him. ‘Yes uncle ‘,he agreed. ‘Ok now you go to your room and open this gift ok ?’, yuvi asked him . Ansh agreed and ran inside.

‘Nandini , I want to tell you something ‘, yuvi told Nandini . ‘Yeah , what is it ?’, Nandini asked. “Nandini ……I would like to marry you.’, yuvraj said which shook Nandini. ‘Listen Nandini , I know it’s hard for you to forget you first love and marry again , but pls , I really love you and your son and I can take care of you both. You have never told me who your first husband was . How long will you live like this ? You can take your time and tell me . I will be waiting ‘, yuvi said and left from there . Nandini started crying . She didn’t know what to do. Yuvi was right , how long will she stay like this ? It was a matter of her son’s future . She was helpless.

Ansh was seeing all this from the stairs. He came running and hugged her. ‘Mamma, don’t cry . Only bad girls cry like this . Don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you . ‘, he tried to console her. ‘No Ansh , I’m not a bad girl , so I won’t cry . Now you go and practice for you speech . ‘, Nandini said trying to control her tears . She didn’t want this innocent child to know what she is going through.

In Mumbai:-

Manik’s POV

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Pune as dad has to go to Singapore for some other meeting and will return after a week .I’ll stay there for some days and after attending the school function , I’ll come back . That Nyonika had managed to put this marriage spell into my dad’s mind. Now that he has wish , I have to look forward for it. He asked me to just go out with soha and if my mind changes then this marriage will happen . But I’ll never forget Nandini nor I can forget her. I cannot marry again. I know Soha’s state is bad . That Harshad had ditched her. But what can I do ? I cannot ditch Nandini and move on in my life. But for dad’s sake , I’ll meet her tomorrow. Anyways I’m going to Pune and she also lives in Pune. She had said that if I’m not agreeing for this marriage then she will return to Singapore. So then all will be good. Anyways for now lemme sleep.
End of POV

The next day Manik moves in to a 5 star hotel in Pune . He meets soha and they both go to a shopping mall. They shop around when Nandini , who was also shopping there , spots them both . She hides and watches them. ‘So Manik has moved on in his life.’, she thinks . She controls her tears and tries to get out from there without coming into their way .
She is walking back home and cries . She finally decides to agree to yuvi as she thinks Manik has moved on in his life.

She enters her home . She calls up yuvi and ask him to come there ASAP . Meanwhile Ansh comes back home from school and comes to have food . ‘Mamma, for giving prizes, some special guest is coming .’, Ansh told happily but then noticed that Nandini was lost somewhere. ‘Mamma, what happened to you ?’, he asked her . ‘Nothing , listen , do you like yuvi uncle ?’, she asked him . ‘Yes ‘, he replied. ‘Do you want him as your dad ?’, she asked him . ‘Why are you asking like that ? Are you going to marry him?’Ansh asked her. ‘Ansh , he loves you a lot. He will look after you well. You always complain only your dad never comes to your school right ? Now onwards you don’t have to worry .’, she tries to explain it to him. ‘Mom, If you want you can go ahead I don’t have a problem . But I want to know who my dad is . ‘, Ansh told and ran to his room. Yuvi comes and asks her what happened. She agrees to marry him and he gets happy.
Yuvi thanks her and leaves . Ansh comes down and says he is going to the park to play . Nandini agrees .

Ansh goes to the park . He plays with his friends. The five star hotel in which Manik stays is just Opposite to this park . Manik comes back to hotel after dropping soha in her house he gets down the car . He sees the kids playing in the park and remember his childhood. He goes inside the park. Meanwhile when Ansh is playing , some kids tease him that he doesn’t have a dad. They tell that their dad buy them lots of things and take them out everyday. They say that they love their dad so much . Ansh gets very sad and goes and sits in a bench. Manik sees Ansh sitting in the bench crying. He remembers how he used to sit and cry like this when Nyonika didn’t pay attention to him and he was left out always.
Manik goes and sits next to Ansh in the bench. Ansh looks at him . Manik smiles at Ansh .

So guys thank you so much for your love and support . Very sorry for a late update but now onwards I won’t be able to update regularly. So sorry to say that. But you can expect an update on two days. Thank you once again ?

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