So this story is the continuation of what happens after Manik bids bye to Nandini outside the airport. Manik calls her but no response…….

Few days passed by and no response from Nandini . Manik is depressed. His colourful life vanished once Nandini left . He found out her house in mangalore and sent his P.A. (Anant)To check if she is there. He was waiting for Anant’s call. Suddenly his phone rung. Yes, it was Anant.
M: hello
A: hello , sir it seems Nandini didn’t reach here.
M: what ?
Manik’s heart skipped a beat. He was shocked to learn that Nandini was missing
M: how do you know ? Her parents told ?
A: no sir , when I went there they asked me where is Nandini and I told Nandini is in Mumbai as I didn’t want to make them worried.
M: ok fyn.

Manik’s POV
I cut the call . I didn’t know what to do. How could Nandini go missing ? I was there with her till she entered the airport . But wait , what if something happened after that ? God I just don’t understand anything.
End of POV

Now It’s two months since Nandini went missing. No news about her. One day when Manik is sitting in a corner of his room with the lights off , nyonika comes there switches on the light.
Ny: Manik , just look at you , you have lost all your anger and the look of a successful businessman. What if Nandini deceived you ? What if she left you and went?
M: just shut up nyonika. I trust her. She cannot do anything like that.
Ny: wow Manik , you trust that girl more than me ? I’ve been there with you since your birth and you don’t trust me ?
M: yes, you’ve been there with me from my birth with me. And as I came to know a lot about you in all these years .so just get lost.
Ny: well, I will . But just came to say that your dad has a wish. I hope you will atleast accept that.
M: what ?
Ny: he wants you to marry.
M: what ? I’m already married.
Ny: but dear, your marriage was just for 6 months and now it’s all over . So you have to.
M: but how do you know I that?
Nyonika shows him the contract.
Ny: I found it in Nandini’s cupboard.
M: why did you open her cupboard?
Ny: that’s not what we were discussing about right ? Ur dad is sad after seeing this contract. Now he wants to see you get married. Nandini is missing so we will search for a girl who can make your life colorful once again .
M: no one can take Nandini’s place in my life . No one.
Ny: well, it’s your dads wish. Had you told the truth before, you could have married her only but now she isn’t there anymore . So you have to agree . You know right ? Your dad is ill . Doctor asked to keep him happy.
M: I love her truly so I cannot marry someone else.
Ny: she also loves you truly and would always want you to be happy . You will be happy only if ur dad is happy right ? So if you marry then everyone will be happy .
M: I’ll think about it.

Nyonika smirks. She has a flashback .


Nyonika goes to Kuber .

K: why are you sad ?
Ny : I’m sad thinking about Manik
K: hmm, Nandini is missing since long . Where is she no one knows. Hope she is safe wherever she is . Manik is depressed after she went away .
Ny: that’s what I was going to say . Why don’t we get him married Again ?
K: But he is already married and then without even checking where Nandini is , how can v?
Ny: did u see this ? This was a contract signed by Manik and Nandini .(she shows the contract and tells him everything )
K: but how can he forget her ? They have true love between them so they should never get separated.
Ny: but listen , if Nandini truly loves Manik then she should be happy seeing him happy right ? Do you think Manik is happy right now ?
K: you are right but talk to him and only if he agrees then we will think about it .
Ny: yeah sure

Flashback ends

Nyonika leaves from there.

In Pune

In a small house, a girl is seen struggling to get up from her bed . She is weak and has bandage on her head and hand. A young man comes and helps her to sit down .

So guys I know it’s a short update but sorry I have to leave you thinking till tomorrow. Now what will Manik do ? Who is that girl and man ? Where did Nandini go ? Will Nyonika succeed in making Manik remarry ? Stay tuned to know this . And sorry the next update might be late cause I’ve got a lot to study. And yes I want lot of comments and votes plsss only then next chapter will get updated .


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