Manik carries her in his arms as she is weak …..they go to Malhotra Mansion. They have a party there . Manik and Nandini comes out like a perfect couple …. Cabir and Alya jokes on them.
They pop the champagne ….and this tym for a change , even Nandini drinks . She doesn’t like it but drinks Nandini gets out of control .
C: Nandini , r u alright ?
N: yeah cabir , what will happen to me ? After all my hubby Manik is there with me right ? (She pulls manik’s cheecks )
C: looks like Manik is gonna have a tought time ! All the best Manik , we r going …it’s already 12 and tomorrow we have a meeting , don’t forget that.
M: yeah ok then u guys carry on …
C: and u carry her and go to ur room !

M: cabirrrr
They all laugh ……Manik puts Nandini on his shoulder and goes to his room . He makes her lie down on the bed and gives her water . She comes into her sense but can’t even stand properly .
M: do one thing , u sleep , I’ll just use the washroom and come ok ?
N: ok

Manik goes . Meanwhile Nandini gets up even after Manik told her to sleep . She goes and gets her sari ….she changes her dress infront of the mirror. She wears a backless blouse .. She tries to put the backside strip of her blouse but she can’t hold it properly . Manik comes out in towel and sees this .
Manik goes near her . Nandini looks at Manik from the mirror . He ties the strip . She closes her eyes . He then hugs her from back .
M: how r u now ?
N: Gud .
Manik turns her to his side . Nandini places her hand on his bare chest . They have an eye lock …… They r then interrupted by a phone call …… is cabir .
Manik takes the call .
M: Kya hua cabir ?
C: nothing . Ik u ppl must have been romancing this tym also but I just called u to tell That u’ve got a meeting .
M: so ?
C: so sleep idiot .
Manik cuts the call . He turns and finds Nandini sleeping in the bed .
He smiles and goes next to her . He switches off the light and sleeps hugging her .

It’s the next day morning and Manan gets ready to go to office . But Nandini was wearing a Kurti and a blue jeans .
M: why r u in this dress ?
N: ukw ? We had married in a register office , with not even proper rituals . It was my dad’s biggest dream to get me married just like every other dad would want . He wanted with all the functions . He wanted to see me happy throughout my life . But unfortunately it didn’t happen like that .
Manik feels bad
M: I’m sorry Nandini ….. I ……
N: it’s ok Manik , I’m not blaming u , in fact I’m happy u married me …. I’m happy God gave me wonderful gift in the form of a husband .
M: ok ok but then wait , if u finished with ur speech then can u pls tell me where r u going ?
N: I’m going to my house in mangalore .
M: but u were staying in Pune right ?
N: yeah . It was because dad got a transfer from mangalore …but me asks he is hospitalized, he lost his job . So my parents went back to mangalore .
M: so what is ur plan ?
N: I’m going and telling every truth to my parents . They will forgive me and I’m sure abt it .and then …..
M: and then ?
N: and then we will marry again in front of all our relatives and friends and family . We will marry with all those functions we missed out …. What say ?
M: grt ! But …
N: what happened ?
M: how can I stay without seeing u ?
N: don’t worry , I will be back after two days and we can video chat right? So don’t worry . And I’ll call u as soon as I reach there ok ?
Nandini gives a kiss on manik’s cheecks . Manik smiles .
Mannan hugs . After sometime they break the hug and Nandini leave To the airport with Manik .
After about two hours , manik calls Nandini But no response …..Manik again tries still no response …… Manik gets into thinking ……. What happened to Nandini ?

So I would like to sadly say that the first sequel is over …….what happened to Nandini , will Manan be brought back by destiny or will destiny have some other plans? All ur questions will be answered in the next sequel …..thank u all for ur great support …..

One day Monday went to Tuesday to see Wednesday n ask Thursday whether Friday has told Saturday that “Sunday” is FRIENDSHIP DAY… Happy Frndship Day to all my lovely readers ….I case this gets updated late then sorry but I’m updating it on 7 August…….so goodbye everyone ….will return soon with the next story soon

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