Nandini : tum ??
Person : yes , surprised huh ?
N: y r u doing all this ? Can’t u just leave me ?
Person : not so soon ….of I’ve eyed a girl , then she will surely be in my bed …..but uk what ? U r the first one to reject it. …….so once my use is over , I’ll leave u ok ?
N: mr.gupta u r such a disgusting person. If Manik comes to know this , he will cancel the contract between ur and MALHOTRA companies .
Mr.g: but how do u think he is supposed to know where u r ?
N: Manik doesn’t need much time to find it out ……
Mr.g: well now lemme see ….
Mr.g( to the goons there ) : listen she should not escape from here and give her food ….ill have to attend a meeting .
Mr.g goes from there . Meanwhile Manik goes to Malhotra Mansion . He goes to kuber’s room and finds nyonika giving medicine to him .
Ny to Manik : where is Nandini ?
M: she is coming …
Manik goes to his room . He comes out and hears nyonika talking to someone . He listens to it carefully .
Nyonika in phone ?
Ny: r u sure ?
Ny: fyn I’m coming
Nyonika gets into her car and leaves and Manik follows her car . Nyonika sees his car and asks the driver to stop . Nyonika comes out and goes to Manik . Manik also gets out of the car .
Ny: I knew it Manik , I knew it ….
M: where the hell did u hide her ?
Ny : hide whom ?
M: Nyonika stop ur acting and say where is Nandini ?
Ny: well she must be in the place where she should be .
M: Nyonika I asked u to say ….or else….
Ny: or else ?
M: or else I’m gonna expose u infront of dad today itself and then imagine …. U will lose everything , even the car u r traveling today Is also earned by my dad , get it ?
Ny: Manik stop trying to mess with me .
M: so that why I said just say it .
Just then Nyonika gets a call ….its mr.gupta’s call . Manik asks her to put in speaker ….she finally does it .
Ny: hello
G: hey ! Thanks so much
Ny : yeah . Where is Nandini now ?
G: she is with me . Tonight is gonna be special and then I’ll return her to her dear husband tomorrow .
Manik gets really angry .
Ny: Gupta just send me the location … I want to see her and show her my hatred towards her .
G: yeah ok .
He sends the location . Manik snatches the phone and gets into his car
Ny: Manik listen just wait …..
But Manik drives offff
Ny: it’s very important to make Manik in my side , if Kuber comes to know this , I just don’t know what will happen . Anyways I’ll think of something else not kidnapping . God knows what is gonna be mr.g’s condition now !
Manik drives off to that place . He sees it’s an old home ….he sneaks in without the goons seeing him .
Meanwhile Gupta is talking to Nandini ….
G: see Nandini , I told u that ur Manik won’t be able to save u , it’s already 6 now , and after an hour , it’s gonna be so special ….
Gupta goes close to Nandini and Manik comes and hits Gupta .
Gupta gets shocked seeing Manik there .
G: how did u come here?
Manik hits Gupta and they have a fight .manik pushes Gupta and goes to untie Nandini’s hands . Gupta hits Manik ……….Manik and Gupta have a fight when cabir Dhruv ALYA and mukti comes there …..cabir and Dhruv fights with the goons and mukti and ALYA goes to untie Nandini’s hands . Nandini frees herself but is very weak as she had rejected the food and water The goons gave her .
Police comes there and Gupta gets Shocked as to how they all came to know the place.

Manik has a flashback
He gets into the car after snatching nyonika’s phone . He calls cabir and informs about Nandini being missing . Since they were supposed to have the party , mukti and Dhruv and ALYA were also with him . Manik then calls police and informs them .
Flashback ends .
M: now u see , u r going to get destroyed …… In the police station someone else will also be waiting for u – the media ppl . So all the best
G: I’ll show u what I can do to u ….
M: I’ll be waiting desperately….

He’s so taken away and Manik turns to Nandini . He goes and hugs her tight …..
M: Nandini , r u alright ?
N: yeah , as long as u r there with me , why should I get worried Manik ?
Manik hugs her again and smiles …..he also had tears in his eyes …..
C: so let’s go now , our party is still pending !
Mu: yes , let’s party for a cause – we jailed that Gupta …..
Mannan smiles …. Manik carries her in his arms as she is weak .

Thank u all …sorry if this is also short but I’ve to write according to the plot left now , so only one more chapter and then this will end ….after that I’ll start writing next story …and the next chapter only tomorrow so sorry but no tym now

Thank u and do comment

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