Recap: Manan in jungle . Nandini hugs Manik and sleeps .

It’s morning . The sun rays disturb their peaceful sleep. They both wake up .
N: I’m starving
M: ya so let’s start walking .
N: but how long will we keep walking ?
M: till we see someone ….. Come instead of asking ur stupid questions .
M: Ur leg was paining right ? So should I pick u up ?
N: no it’s ok . Even u must be tired . So I’ll walk by myself
M: r u serious ? No like its for the first time u r caring for me . God what a miracle !
N: It’s just that my leg was paining in the beginning and then I thought Instaed of walking so much u could pick me up so that I can save my energy …..( just then Manik interrupts )
M:….. To fight with me ….right? !!
They walk and walk and suddenly hears some sound .
N: Manik can u hear a sound ?

M: yeah ! It sounds like some scooter .

They walk more and the sound nears them . They see someone coming in scooter . Manik signs him to stop . The man stops .
M: can u pls tell me the way to the city ?
Man: city is very far from here .
N: bhaiyya can u pls show us the way to ur village atleast ?
The man guides him ….. They reach the village . They have food at a dhabba.
N: Manik , why don’t u call from the telephone-booth ? My phone is dead
M: yeah my phone is also dead . I’ll make a call to my P.A.
N: P.A.? I’m ur P.A. No ?
M: I meant anand … After all he was my ex- P.A. And was Much better than u

Manik goes there to the telephone booth And then stops .
N: Kya hua ?
M: no I was just trying to remember his number??…. Ya got it
Manik takes the phone and looks at Nandini . He keeps the phone back .
N: ab Kya hua ?
M: u need to put coin and I don’t have coins
M: if u knew y didn’t u tell me? And now u r going to say ‘ I thought u had coins’ right ?
N: aiyappa now what will we do ?
Just then Nandini turns around and sees ppl staring at them both .
N: Manik look , everyone’s staring at us
Manik also notices that and then Nandini points out at something to Manik , it’s the newspapers hanged infront of the shop. Manik’s and Nandini’s photo is there in it .
M: what are our photos doing there ?
They go and read the news and comes to know that his dad gave it bcz they were missing since yesterday .

One man comes and asks them : is this u both ?
M: yeah
Man: then come with me , I’ll drop u to the highway .
M: Thank u so much.
They both go and the man asks them To get inside the auto-rickshaw .
M: in this ?
N: Manik , then what did u think ? Someone will bring a Lamborghini for u here ? Chalo
Nandini gets inside followed by Manik . They reach city and then reaches MALHOTRA company. Manik pays the man .
M: thank u so much once again .

Man: u r wlcm . Sir , here balance .
N: u keep it bhaiyya . Bcz Manik MALHOTRA doesn’t take balances . Right manik ?
M: ? goddddd!!!
Manik gets inside and the security guard gets shocked seeing Manik coming out of rickshaw .
M: what r u staring at me for ?
Guard: nothing sir ( stammers) good morning sir
Just then anant comes and sees this .
A: sir good morning .
M: hm morning .
Manik gets inside a car and asks Nandini to also get in .
They drive off to MALHOTRA mansion .
The duo enters MALHOTRA mansion only to find a tensed Kuber and a relaxing nyonika . As they enter Kuber and nyonika see them .
K: Manik and Nandini where were both ?

He goes towards them and Manik hugs Kuber .
M: dad wo it is a long story …in short we were stuck in the jungle as our car broke down and we went in search of some help ( he looks at Nandini )…..but got lost there as it was getting dark .
K: I was really tensed for u both . Thank god u both are safe . Now go take rest and today u have ur honeymoon trip , if u r tired then we can cancel it .
N: no dad it’s ok . We will go today itself.
Manik looks at Nandini surprised as she didn’t want to go in the beginning . They go their room and nyonika gets angry .

In manan’s bedroom .
M: Nandini , what happened to u ? U changed all of a sudden ?
N: it’s not that I changed or something . It’s because uk I want to see Venice ….I’ve heard it’s a very beautiful place so…that’s y .
M: hmmm … I see ….
N: we couldn’t do shopping also .
M: all because of u right
N: now don’t fight with me .
Nandini goes to washroom and takes bath . She comes out after about half an hour later .
Nandu comes out and Manik stands behind her infront of the mirror . He gives her something .
N: what is this ?
M: open it and check .

Nandini opens it and it’s some dresses for her .
N: wow it’s really beautiful.
M: Obvio if I choose . I ordered it online . Wear this one.
She comes out wearing a white skinny jeans with grey chiffon top and dark blue coat . She was looking mesmerizing . Manik was carried away by her beauty .
N: how am I looking ?
M: stunning !
N: thanks !
Manik was dressed in a light blue shirt with dark blue coat and white jeans .
N: u r also looking gorgeous !
M: that I already am !

N: ?
M: acha fyn now let’s go or else we will be late for flight .
The come downstairs . Kuber and nyonika was present there . They both take blessings from Kuber . Nyonika fumes seeing Nandini happy .
They leave . They reach airport and board EMIRATES FLIGHT which takes off at 4pm . It goes via Dubai . They reach Venice at 4:35 Am …
They take a cab and reaches a five star hotel .
They go to their room and nandu changes her dress and comes . She wears a knee- length night gown and comes .manik looks surprised at this .

N: what r u staring at me for ? Come and sleep if u want .
M: u seriously thought I was adoring ur beautiful face? Stupid u r …
N: when did I say like that ? Hmmmphhh!!!
Manik lies down on the bed looking at Nandini . Nandini turns to the other side and sleeps . She smiles thinking that soon Manik will say that he still loves her

After about 4 Hrs ……. They wake up and as usual Nandini goes to washroom first. Manik orders for two coffee. Nandini comes out .
N: Manik where will we go today ?
M: hmmmm.?…..lets go for a ‘ gondola ride ‘ {The gondola is a traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat, well suited to the conditions of the Venetian lagoon. }
N: ya ?
M: yes …happy ??

N: yup ! Soooo happy ….. ( she hugs Manik in excitement)
Manik smiles and hugs her back . She then breaks the hug . Manik gets into the washroom and freshens up . They have their coffee ….and goes for a gondola ride . They then go and have food and then they tour the whole city …. It’s night time and a Nandini is tired by now .
N: Manik lets go back to the hotel now .
M:oh ya u have spectrophobia right ?
N: but I don’t Any problem if ppl are there around , now don’t make me remember about any scary stuff , let’s go …
M: acha fyn …
They walk and is about to reach the hotel . Nandini trips and falls . She hurt her elbow . It starts bleeding over there . Manik cares for her . He picks her up and rushes to the hotel . He asks them for first aid . They do it and Manan goes to their room .
M: is it hurting ?
N: not much .
Manik gives her a glass of water .
N: Manik can I ask u something?
M: yeah .

N: u said u married me only to take revenge and make me suffer . But ur actions doesn’t prove what u said . I mean u took me here also and gave me so much of happiness . Why did u do like that If u still don’t love me ?
M: ? listen I cared for u doesn’t mean whatever I said b4 was wrong . I cared for u because once I loved u so much . And it’s always difficult to forget first love .
N’s POV : whatever u say Manik , Ik deep inside ur heart u still love me .
Nandini lie down to sleep and even Manik also .
M’s POV : she started have suspicions. Godddd she is really multitalented .
It’s next day …..Manik and Nandini is having a peaceful sleep . Just then Manik gets a call from his office ( Anant calls )

M: hello
A: hello sir
M: yeah what happened ?
A: sir Kuber sir is in hospital .
M: what ?
A: yes sir
M: ok I’ll come in the next flight possible .
He cuts the call.
N: kya hua Manik?
M: dad is in hospital
N: what ? Why ?
M: idk now just go freshen up I’ll books ticket ASAP .
N: yeah .

They get ready and reach the airport and they fly back to Mumbai !

It’s night time in Mumbai . Manik calls Anant and he informs that Kuber is in MALHOTRA mansion . Manan goes to MALHOTRA mansion . They reach and Manik rushes in . The duo finds nyonika and Kuber in the room . When Manan comes nyonika comes out of the room . She gets a call .
M: dad what happened ?
K: nothing much . My blood sugar level increased that’s it . But y did u come back fast? U should’ve come back after few days I’m alright now .
M: no dad , if something happens to u then how can I be in peace ? But why didn’t u take the medicines ?

N: actually nyonika wasn’t there here at that time and I didn’t know where she kept my medicines . Everyday she gives me .
M: dad u take rest .
Manik gets angry and comes out of the room and turns to nyonika . Nyonika is busy talking and does not mind Manik . Manik snatches the phone and throws it down . Nyonika and Nandini gets shocked .
Ny: wth Manik do u know whom I was talking to ?
M ( screams at nyonika ) :I just don’t care who the hell it was . Why didn’t u give dad the medicines ?
Ny: I wasn’t there at home .
M: ya right! When do u be at home ? U r always busy outside with some strangers .
Ny: Manik mind ur language .
M: shut up !

Manik goes to his room frustrated . Nandini was about To go when nyonika stops her .
Ny: so how was ur honeymoon Nandini ? Hope u enjoyed a lot
N: what do u mean ?
Ny: simple! I purposely hid the medicines and went out so that u’ll come back .
N: how can u stoop so low ? Just because u wanted to spoil our honeymoon, u hid dad’s medicines ?
Ny: well Idc abt it . So gn !
Nyonika goes
N’s POV : if Manik comes to know abt this then he will have a fight with her . This time u escaped mom , but next tym I won’t let u …..

Precap : Nandini meets with an accident … Manik gets heartbroken seeing her condition ……

Thank u all for reading …..hope u enjoyed this epi …. Will come back after few days with another but sorry for the lagging of days to update but it’s only because I don’t have tym …… Pls do comment now for reading the next update …sorry if I’m being rude but I’m helpless other than asking for this small thing …..thank u all once again……

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