Manan goes for a date . Nandini runs away from the car . Manik gets worried and goes in search of her .
Nandini runs away deep into the jungle . Manik gets really worried by now . Manik calls on her mobile ( she got a new mobile) . Nandini cuts the call . He again calls and starts finding the way . She switches off her phone . Nandini is tired and due to the hurt in her leg she isn’t able to run anymore . Suddenly Nandini sees a monkey there .?
N: aiyappa ! Why a monkey ? Uk I’m scared of monkeys then y ??? ?
She tries to move the monkey away but it stars coming towards her . Nandini gets scared and tries to run . She trips on a rock and falls on mud .
N: eww
Nandini moves little to the side and sits.
N: Mr.Monkey ,pls show some mercy on me . I’m hurt , now u r happy right ? atleast now plssss.
The monkey makes sound and another monkey also comes , she gets really scared . She shouts Manik’s name . Manik hears this as they r not far away from each other but did not spot each other . Manik calls Nandini’s name and finds her . Nandini is sitting down with two monkeys beside her .???
Manik comes towards her and she sees it .
N: there one more monkey came .
M( starts laughing seeing the sight): wow ! I’ve never seen such an awesome sight till today . Uk it looks perfect? .
N: uuuu
M: what ? U want me to help u right ? Then be a Gud girl
N: I’ll be . Now pls save me .
Manik takes a stick and goes to those monkeys , they runs away after Manik scares them .
N: poor monkeys, for a Moment they thought their father is coming .
M: u leave that . Now tell me y the hell did u run away ?
N: bcz I didn’t want to come with u .
M: so u could’ve done something else . Y running into thus jungle ?
N: bcz I couldn’t find any other way.
M: and what is the problem in coming with me on a date?
N: I told u I’m not well , still u said u wanted to go . Ur ego made u do that . Same way .
M: God she went mad .
N: now help me get up
M: do it by itself .
N: pls Manik
M: ok come
He helps her get up . Nandini takes her sandals from the mud . Manik Starts laughing . She takes some mud from the ground and throws at him . Manik gets angry . Nandini starts laughing.
M ( in mind ): wait I’ll give u something in return for this . Don’t worry .
Manik and Nandini starts walking .
N: which way is it ?
M: how am I supposed to know ? U came running so I should’ve known . Idiot
N: monkey
They walk and walk and finally sees a river . Nandini gets happy and runs towards it . She sits on the edge starts washing off the mud .
M(in mind): now is my chance !
He comes and stands next to her . Slowly slowly he goes close to her and pushes her . She falls and he starts laughing.??. Nandini gets angry . Nandini then makes a puppy face and Manik forwards his hand to help her . Nandini catches his both hands and pulls him also into the river . Nandini has a hearty laugh . She mocks him and gets out from there followed by Manik . Both are all wet . It’s starts getting Dark by this time .
N: Manik pls somehow find the way back , I’m getting scared.
M: u r the one who put me also into this trouble .
N: Manik pls Manik .
M: sorry I’ve not learnt magic . We need to search for a house .
N: I don’t want to walk so long
M: U wait here if u don’t want to come .
N: no no I want to come .
M: then come
N: my leg is paining , could u pick me up?
M: ohh so that’s the thing . I can’t carry u all the way through this forest , if u want u come .
Manik smiles and goes and picks her up . Nandini gets happy .
N: I knew u would pick me …
M: I knew u were waiting for it
N: u r not that bad like a monster after all .( she pulls his cheecks)
They continue their journey. As time passes , Nandini gets even more scared ?.they finally finds a house . Manik puts her down
M: finally!
N: this house looks like a ghost house
M: so what ?
N: I’m scared
M: I mean seriously u believe in ghosts ? Which century r u living in ?
N: Idc what u think I’m not gonna come inside. I’ll find some other house .
M: Ya ya , as if someone has built a five star hotel for u here.
N: but staying here is much better then coming to that ghost house
M: ok then stay here . Im going . Beware it’s getting dark. do u think that house is scarier or the animals here ? i’m going ….bye
N: Manik
Nandini goes with Manik with an irritated face . The duo gets inside the house . As Nandini said , the house looked spooky . She got scared .
Manik’s POV: this looks like an abandoned house . But this lady won’t understand , she believes in all superstitions . Goddd…
End of POV .
Manik removes his shirt and puts it on a chair for drying .
M: r u feeling cold ?
N: then what do u think ? Do something
M: so I’m thinking what to do .
N: Manik go break some branches of the tree and come . Collect some twigs also if u can .
M: do I look like a woodcutter for u ?
N: Manik plsss we don’t have any other option .
M: we had an option . We could have gone and stayed in some five star hotel . All because of u .
N: ther was another option also . We could have been sleeping peacefully at home At this time . All because of ur stubbornness .
M: godd ! I mean like where do u get this much energy everyday to fight with me from morning till evening ? Anyways I’m going
He goes out to break some branches of tree. While Nandini checked for something to light the fire. She finds some matchsticks . She gets scared hearing sounds of animals .
Her heart was pumping faster …She starts sweating and trembling ….she was Just frightened by every little noise that reached her ears . She was feeling dizzy ….just then Manik comes . He gets shocked seeing Nandini in that state . He was worried for her . He went and patted on her face . ‘Nandini…..’ Manik kept calling her she finally opens her eyes. Manik hugs her tight .
N: Manik …. I was scared of…..
M: don’t worry now that I’ve come , nothing will happen to u . Don’t worry
He again hugs her she feels better .He makes the fire and both sit around it .
M: what happened to u ? I mean I’m seeing this for the first time in u .
N: as if u knew everything about me! I have spectrophobia .
M: u mean fear of ghosts ??
N: yeah
Manik starts laughing .
N: y r u laughing for that ?
M: no actually I just thought that …. u look at yourself in the mirror everyday right ? then how come u don’t get scared seeing the reflection ?
Nandini gets angry .
M: acha fyn lets talk abt something else. Wait yesterday did someone come to meet u ?
N: yeah it was Abhimanyu . He’s my cousin bro .
M: oh ok .
Nandini puts her hand just above the Fire to get more heat . Manik gets shocked seeing what she is doing . He moves away her hand .
M: pagal hogayi Kya ? Then do one thing put ur hand inside the fire why only above it .
N: u mind ur business , I’m not interested in talking to you. I’m feeling so cold .
Manik held Nandini’s both hands . She looked at him surprised. He kissed her hands . Manik went closer to her …so close that their lips were gonna touch each other’s . But Nandini stopped him and got up from there . Manik smiled
N: I don’t want u to make me feel better by doing this . (She actually liked it but was feeling too shy )
Just then it’s started raining outside .nandini went near the door and stood there watching the rain .
N: I love rain . It’s so nice . It’s so beautiful to watch it .
Manik got up and stood behind her .
M: but not as beautiful as u … ( he whispered in her ears)
Nandini started blushing .
Nandini’s POV : So many emotions and thoughts are running through my mind . Aiyappa what is this ? No Nandini u can’t do this , ur parentS doesn’t know abt this . So no . Manik should come and tell me that he still loves me and he is not playing around with me .
End of POV
Nandini turns back and pushes Manik ( lightly ) . Just then they both hear a thunder and Nandini gets scared .she hugs Manik tightly . Manik smiles and hugs her making her feel better .
She moves away smiling . They both sit down holding hands .
N: I’m so hungry
M: sorry this time I don’t have any option but to sleep with an empty stomach. I’m feeling sleepy .
Manik and Nandini lie down to sleep . thoughts abt ghosts come into Nandini’s mind. She gets scared hearing every single sound that reaches her ears .
She Tightly hugs Manik and sleeps . Manik smiles and sleeps hugging Nandini.

Precap: Manan honeymoon trip ( this tym they will go for a honeymoon to Venice )

Thank u all for reading . Pls do comment I beg u all . Ik I’ve not updated on tym but it was due to some reasons I had to go to hospital . But I tried my best to find out tym to write this epi for u all … I wrote in my level best . Sorry if was not up to ur expectations. And for the precap …. Don’t worry they will reach Venice and have a good tym and will start coming closer like b4 . So pls do comment what is ur opinion abt today’s epi and Tomorrow’s precap . I expect my silent readers also comment ….
Thank u all for loving my ff so much

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