Precap: abhi comes to meet nandu . The next day ….
Manik comEs after bathing .
N: Manik…..
M: what happened ?
N: my head is paining very badly .
M: suddenly what happened to u ?
N: Idk . its paining Very badly . It’s a migraine
M: do u want to go to the doctor?
N: no no . It’s ok I’ll take medicine . I’ll take rest , it’ll go
M: but who will take care of u here ? Come to office u can sit there .
N: no no . Navya agreed to come .
M: wait, what did u say ? Oh means Navya knew b4 itself that u will get headache ?
N: no I meant to say Navya will agree to come .?
M: ok ok fyn then , take care . Ik it’ll be very difficult for me without troubling u , but it’s ok by afternoon I’ll be back . Bye
N: bye
Manik goes .
N: Pheww!! Now I’ll call Navya . Aiyappa I would’ve been caught today . Thank u so much for saving me .

Nandini meets Navya outside . They go inside and talk
Na: so how’s ur life going ? Gud ?
N: ya in a way . He’s like trying to irritate me someway or the other . He’s like be an IDEAL WIFE
Na: but this is just a contract marriage .
N: but he’s like those 6 months I’ll have to be like his real wife . And btw I want him to be the way he was b4 . Ik he loves me a lot but doesn’t show it .
Na: oh ! Don’t worry act as if u r not at all bothered abt his troubling . Whatever he does , just be sweet to him . He will stop doing it then .
N: he’s not that good that he’ll stop it . But he’s not that bad either. Uk what ? Now onwards I’m supposed to sleep on the floor bcz that monkey won’t give me space here .
Na: no , don’t do that . U also sleep on the bed only .
N: with him?
Na: so what ? U sleeping apart right , not together . So it’s ok .
N: but…..
Na: areyyy try to melt his heart .
N: he doesn’t even have a thing called heart .
Na: nandu , chillll . Ok so from now on u’ll do like I said now .
N: ok anything to make him confess first that he still loves me .
Na: then I’ll make sure he does that . ?
Nandini and Navya hug each other . Just then Navya gets a call . It’s cabir .
Na: Nandini , I’m getting a call . Pls excuse me … I’ll be back soon .
N: who is it ?
Na: cabir .
N: ohhhh . Ok
Navya talks and cuts the call .
N: oh so cabir is ur priority . Now I’m not needed right ?
Na: areyyy no no . He just calls me once a day . So that time if I don’t talk , it would be rude right ? So that y .
N: ok ok . I was jk . It’s almost time . He’ll be here any moment . Tell me what to do.
Navya tells her what to do .
Navya leaves as Manik would reach any moment .

Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx———————-Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx——————–xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Manik reaches home along with Kuber . Manik goes to the room and doesn’t find Nandini .
Manik’s POV :
Where is that Girl ? Godd! She must be in washroom . That beauty queen will take an hour now . Suddenly someone placed hands on my shoulder . I turned back …. And to my surprise , she was standing behind me smiling widely . I just don’t know what happened to her . Is her screws loose or something?
End of POV
Nandini’s POV :
As soon as Manik came in , I hid behind the door . When he was searching for me , I placed my hands on his shoulder . The expression on his face showed that he was clueless about my move .I hope it works just like navya’s plan . Aiyyappa help me .
End of POV
N: how was ur day today sweetheart?
M: sweetheart ?
N: ya , sweetheart.
M: wth is wrong with u ? Y u acting so strange ?
N: what’s wrong ? U only asked me to be an ideal wife . So here I am changed into an ideal wife .
M: ohh so that’s ur smartness. Well my day wasn’t soo good as u were not there my dear honey bunch .
N: ?
M: Kya hua ? U want me to call u some other name ?
N: no . Here juice for u .
M: thanks . Btw how’s ur headache ?
N: headache ? Yaaa headache ….its gone .
M: hmmmm .
After sometime Manik comes after taking a bath.
Manik’s POV : there she is ! Full time in front of the mirror only . Now I’ll show her what I can do . What did she think of herself ? Nandu , All the best .
I stood beside the mirror and asked her to get my dress . She , obeyed me without any hesitation. Then I asked her to make me wear it , and there she stood shocked ?. ?this is what I was waiting for , nandu . Now let me see what will u do to escape this .
M: Kya hua ? U can’t do it ?
N: no , I can ?
Nandini’s POV: that monkey monster ! How can he do this ? I guess he understood my plans . Shit! what will I do ?anyways I’ll have to do this now .
End of POV
Nandini helps Manik . Manik smiles . She turns to go and Manik holds her hand . He pulls her close . He turns her and comes face to face with her . Manik pulls her even more closer .
Just then there is a knock on the door . It’s Kuber .
M: come in dad ..
K: wel sorry to disturb u . I’ve got this tickets for ur honeymoon .
N:????. M:??
M: That was so sweet of u dad . (He hugs him)
K: it’s to venice , italy
N: thank u dad (just acting)
K: ur welcome my dears . So u both can carry on I’ll leave now .
He leaves and Manik closes the door .
M: my dad is so great right ? Whatever I thought in my mind , he made it come true .
N: but I don’t have passport .
M: then how did u fly to us 2weeks before coming to work here for the first time ?
N: me ? When did I go ?
M: idk for wht crap u went , but my ducky ( dear ) , I came to know I’ve been there . So don’t try to fool me .
N: I went for my cousin’s wedding .
M: ok soo this ticket is for tomorrow . U have any problem in coming my dear ?
N: no not at all .
M: then do one thing , let’s go for a date tonight . What say ?
N: Whaaaat ! No . I’m not well .
M: but u said u are alright .
N: but it might come back so …..
M: it won’t , I’m there Na for u , so don’t worry . By 5 I need u ready . We will do some shopping and then for a romantic date .
He leaves the room and Nandini is tensed .
‘Aiyappa what will I do now ?’she thought . After some time Manik comes back and sees her getting reading . She is getting ready in a saree .
N: how am I lukin ?
M: wth is this ? Can’t u wear a gown or something ? Why a saree ?
N: what’s wrong with a saree ? I love wearing a saree . And I can’t go around the shop walking in a gown .
M(frustrated): fyn ,now come .
They leave the room . Kuber and nyonika was there downstairs. While coming downstairs, Nandini misses one step and is about to fall But Manik catches her .
N: ouch ! My leg , it hurts so badly ..
Kuber and nyonika comes there hearing Nandini and ask her the matter .
K: then don’t go out today . Let her rest
M: no dad , what if it is a sprain ? We have to go to doctor.
N: but how will she walk .
Manik lifts Nandini in his arms . Nandini looks at Manik in anger and he looks back at her and smiles .
M:(to nyonika) now happy ? Dad , we r leaving bye .
He goes with Nandini in his arms . Her hand is around his neck and He gets hurt by her long nails . She understands this and purposely hurts him more . Manik looks at her .
N: Kya hua ? U can’t lift me Na ?
Manik smiles : I can u , don’t worry .
He goes and opens the car and puts her in the front seat . He gets in and drives off .
N: why you going this way ?
M: the other way is too crowded . Won’t reach on time . So this one is better .
N: but this looks scary . It looks like more of a jungle .
M: it’s ok , I’m there Na
N: that’s my biggest fear. U are more of an animal than a human .
Manik stops the car with a sudden brake .
N: I’m sorry pls don’t kill me now . Pls continue ur driving .
Manik gets out of the car and comes to her side .
N: I’m so sorry , now pls don’t do anything . ?
M: stupid , the tyre got punctured . That’s y . Godddd , Yeh ladki…..
He opens the back trunk of the car to get a spare tyre . B4 he comes she gets out of the car and runs away .
When he comes back , he gets shocked seeing her missing . He calls her name and goes inside the jungle .

Precap: it’s getting dark and Nandini gets scared . She starts sweating and trembling .

Thank u , love u all loads

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