the person lowered the window glass. It is Manik Malhotra .
N: do u have eyes or no ? Huh ? Can’t u see and drive ?
Manik did not reply . He just gave her an attitude look.
N: I’m talking to you and ur not even listening to me .
M: I think there’s a cockroach next to ur leg .
N: what (she moves back scared)
Manik just drives away .
N: what a rude person he is. He hit me and couldn’t even say sorry ? Oh shit I’m 1o mins late to class .
Saying that she walked towards her college .


Manik enters and everyone greets him . He is angry and walks towards the conference room. Mr and Mrs. MALHOTRA were present there . The meeting got over .
Nyonika (Ny): (in an angry tone )Manik ,where were u?
He doesn’t reply
Ny: Manik I’m asking u something . Why can’t u reply ?
Kuber(k) : leave it nyonika . there must’ve been a problem due to which he couldn’t come on time .
M: I’m sorry dad for the first time I’m late . It’ll not happen again
K: it’s ok Manik . Now carry on with your work.
M: yes dad . Anant( his assistant ) , bring me those files which I asked u yesterday .
Anant: yes sir .

In Space academy

Nav: what took u so long to come ?
N: no nothing . It’s just that …(she says what happened)
Nav:you r ok now?
N: yes I’m ok let’s go

When they are in the canteen nandini gets a call from her mom

N: hi mom ! How r u and how is dad?
S:yes I’m fine . But ur dad met with an accident today .
N: what ?hows he now ? I’m coming there .
S: no don’t leave cut ur classes and come here . It’s just a fracture in the leg. Ur dad said he’s alright .
N: mom Idc I’m coming .

She cuts the phone

Nav: what happened nandu?
N: my dad is in hospital . He met with an accident and fractured his leg.
Nav: what ? How’s he now ?
N:Mom said he’s alright but Ik it’s not something small . I’m going now
Nav: ok fyn Nandu . Tell uncle to take care .
N : yea bye
Nav: bye

Nandini goes to the hospital. She gets teary eyed seeing her dad . She goes and hugs her dad .

Her dad (na):what was the need to come here leaving ur classes ?
N: bcz I love my dad so much and I wanted to see him .
Her dad smiles.the doctor comes in . He asks them to pay the bill as there is another operation to b done.

N: Doctor how much will it cost
Dr: 2 lakhs 54 thousand rupees . And pls pay as soon as u can . Atleast by next week .
N: ok Doctor
Doctor leaves

Sudha brings nandini outside the room .
S: now how are we going to pay this much amount of money ?
N: I’ll find a way mom . Don’t worry . But wait , how did this accident happen ?
S: ur dad was driving tune scooter when a car from opposite direction hit him . The car owner didn’t even stop . Ur dad didn’t allow me to complain a file in the police station .
N:why is everyone like this ?mom I’ll find a way to pay the bill.
S: how will we manage our house expenses , ur college fees and the hospital bill ?
N: mom I think I’ll do some part time jobs .
S: no nandu we will find some other way .
N: no mom I’ll do it .
They hug crying.

Nandini gets a job in HARD ROCK café as a waitress .

Precap : Manik along with his assistant enters HARD ROCK café. Nandini comes to take their order . Manik and nandini both recognize each other

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