Recap: manan’s first night and cute fights . They both leave for office .
They reach office and there they meet Soha , Aryaman , cabir and ALYA and even Dhruv and mukti are there .
Mukti and Dhruv hugs Manik . Mukti then hugs Nandini also and congratulates them .
They then leave the office as they have to go somewhere immediately . Aryaman and Soha also congratulates and hugs them .
Then ALYA and cabir goes to manik’s cabin along with manik and Nandini.
C: how was yesterday ?

Manik and Nandini looks at each other and Manik smiles .
M: cabir , yesterday was so so so good that …. I don’t remember anything at all . Like seriously nothing !
Nandini looks at Manik ?
C: really ? I thought u guys had some fights so….. Anyways leave it . How did nyonika react ?
M: plsss don’t spoil my mood with her name .
M: anyways u guys carry on I’ve some work here .
C: yeah right !! Ik what ur work is . When u got a wife , u don’t want us right ? Chalo ALYA lets go . Let the couple enjoyyy!!!?
ALYA : ??
Manik: ?cabirrr
C: come fast ALYA or else he’ll have us alive .
They leave the cabin
Manik looks at Nandini .
N: why u staring at me ??
M: what y ? Should I give tax to stare at u ? U r my wife now. If u don’t become an ideal wife , then trust me ur life is gonna be hell .
N: it’s already hell with u ?
M: oh then I’ll make it heaven . Do u want to go on a honeymoon ??
N: Whaaaat!!!?..? Nooo no way .
M: well , be ready to go sooon.
N: listen , u can’t do this .
M: and why not ? There is no word called impossible in my dictionary .
N: but…..
M: shhhh… Now listen be a Gud wife ok ? go do arrangements for the meeting .
N: yes …. Sir

Nandini leaves the cabin . She is on her way to the conference room and spots Navya in the canteen with cabir .
N: what is Navya doing there ? Wait cabir …
She goes to them . Navya hugs Nandini and ask how was her night yesterday . Nandini says it was Gud . Nandini tells Navya she wants to talk to her in private .cabor says then he’ll leave and goes .
N: Navya, what were u talking so much and laughing with cabir ?
Na: no nothing , its just normal talks …
N: …. Or is it …
Na: no nothing as such . Now tell me how was ur night yesterday ?
N: I don’t even want to talk abt it . It was the worst night ever . Oh shit ! I’ve to go . Bye Navya .

She hugs Navya and leaves to the conference room .
Nyonika and Kuber enter in the conference room . All others were present there .
Nyonika stares at Nandini angrily . Manik notices this . The meeting starts . Kuber talks abt Gupta . Manik gets angry hearing his name . Kuber welcomes mr. Gupta. Gupta has a seat next to Manik . Gupta and Manik stares at each other . Kuber further talks and finally the meeting gets over . They all disperse . As they leave the room Manik stops mr.g.
G: don’t think u won so easily .
M: Idc abt that . But NEVER EVER look at Nandini the way u used to .
G: why ? Is she ur gf or something ?
M: (laughs) well…well…well …. She’s my wife now
G?: what ?!
M: yes . And dare u look again like that…. U will not have that eyes anymore .
Manik goes and Nandini catches up with him .
M: do one thing , it’s 10 right now , go home and prepare food for our family .
N: I should prepare ?
M: no , I will prepare and feed u . Listen , now that u r the bahu of our house , u should do ur duty . So go fast . By 12:30 everyone will be there .
N: ok ?
She goes and meets Navya on the way . Navya accompanies her to her house .
Navya helps her wth the kitchen course . She makes tasty dishes .
Na: nandu , is cabir coming ?
N: no . Why ?

Na:no , just like that .
N: Navya , I’m noticing u r so sweet to him . Y ? Somethings cooking huh
Na: no it’s like v r very best friends and idk whether he has any feelings for me . O don’t want to break our friendship bcz of my feelings .
N: Navya it’s not like that . If ur feelings are true , then he’ll be only urs .
N: Navya it’s 12:20 they’ll be here soon .
Na: I’ll leave now . All the best .
N: thank u so much Navya .
Navya hugs Nandini and leaves .
Manik and Kuber was coming together. Nyonika reaches before them . She enters MALHOTRA mansion . Nandini, upon hearing the car’s sound comes out . But another car comes and stops infront of MALHOTRA mansion. A man comes out and Nandini hugs him happily. It’s Abhimanyu .
Abhimanyu is her cousin . Nyonika sees this .
Ny: wow Nandini, u r manning my job easier . Soon u’ll be out of this house . She takes a photo of them hugging .
Nandini talks with Abhimanyu .

N: abhi , it’s so long since I saw u . Come inside .
Ab: no Nandini , I’ve some important work . I called in ur office and came to know u r here .
N: who told u I’m here ?
Ab: I called on this number .
N: oh this …. Ya this is cabir’s number .
Ab: so how’s ur new life .
N: it’s going good only . And tell me any urs . How was us ?
Ab: awesome ! I just enjoyed there … (He gets a call, he talks to that person and disconnects it) well so… U carry on , I’ll come some other time . Bye Tc
N: bye .
She goes inside and abhi leaves . Nyonika smirks thinking of some evil plan in her Mind.
Kuber and Manik reaches there. They go inside . Manik goes to his room and doesn’t find Nandini . He comes down and finds . They sit down to eat and Nandini serves them . Kuber likes the dishes very much . He appreciates her . Manik tries to ignore the comments and Nandini looks at him with pride .
M: it’s bit salty . Right dad?

K: no it’s perfect . It’s really tasty . Nandini beta u also sit down .
Nandini sits down . She sits opposite to Manik .
After they have food . Kuber leaves to office and Manik goes to his room . Nandini Goes to kitchen . Nyonika goes to manik’s room .
Ny:Manik I want to tell u something .
Ny: r u aware of ur wife’s extra affairs ?
M: what ?? R u in ur senses ? I’m aware of ur extra affairs btw .
Ny: well, if u don’t believe me check this photo and tell me . Ur wife is Hugging a stranger and u don’t have any problem ?
Manik gets shocked seeing it .
M: how dare she cheat me .
Manik storms out of the room .nyonika smirks and Goes to her room . Manik comes back and smiles .
Manika POV : what did u think ms.nyonika ? I will shout at her ? Well I guess all ur plannings are gonna be flop as I have trust in her .

Just then Nandini comes .
N: Manik what happened ? Y r u standing outside ?
M: y ? I need ur permission for everything ?
N: ok then stand there only .
She goes inside . Manik comes inside
M: The rest of the day passes . It’s night time .
Nandini puts a mat on the floor to sleep .
M: why u doing that ?

N: cause I want to sleep here .
M: ok sleep .
Just then someone knocks on the door . Nandini opens it and it’s the servant
Servant : maam , this is for baba( he gives a glass of milk )
N: ok .
He leaves and Nandini looks the door .
M: now bring it here fast . Does it taste Gud ?
N: wait let me check . ( she drinks the whole thing ) hmm …. Very tasty ??
M: ? uuuu?
N: now sleep tight my dear hubby . Gn
She lays down to sleep . As soon as she closes her eyes Manik snores so loudly . ???
Nandini gets disturbed . Nandini isn’t able to sleep . She covers her ears with the pillow and turns to the other side and sleep .

It’s morning …. Manik had kept an alarm as he wanted to use the washroom first . He gets up at 7. He looks at Nandini and sees she is still asleep . He snoozes the alarm and dozes off to sleep . Water droplets fall on his face and he gets up . I
t’s Nandini , she came after having a bath . Manik Gets shocked .
M: how come u took a bath ?
N: all thanx to u my sweet hubby ( she pulls his cheecks ) , at 7 the alarm rung so I woke up . Now it’s 8 . U can go .
M: but u were ther sleeping right ?
Nandini laughs and removes the blanket . It’s pillows arranged in a line.
N: u thought this was me ????
Manik gets up from bed . He goes close to Nandini . She gets scared and moves back . He goes close to her and says : laugh laugh . Cause this happiness won’t last long .
He smiles and goes to bath .

Precap : Manik and Nandini are going somewhere and Nandini gets out of the car and runs away .

Guys I’m sorry for late update . I was busy with my studies . So sorry . Hope u liked the update , and pls do comment .
Thank u , Tc bye

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